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1) Introduction
2) Updates
3) Characters
4) Controls
5) Story
6) Bosses
7) Worlds
8) Special Abilities
9) Enemy List
10) Items
11) Walkthrough (Worlds 123456 )
12) Electoon Cages
13) Codes/Secrets
14) FAQ
15) Credits

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Rayman Advance FAQ/Walkthrough

By Hylianhero

11) Walkthrough

Picture City, 4th World

Eraser Plains, Picture City

Stage 1-Walk to the right, then jump across the pencils that move up and down. Run across the shifting pencil bridge. Jump across some more moving pencils until you reach another eraser, then take a running jump to the green, blue and yellow pencils. Now wind up your fist and punch the spiked ying-yangs out of the way. Now just crawl and walk right and get your picture taken.

Now continue right, and cross more pencils while jumping to the next pencil while it's low, sicne they are spikes overhead. When you reach the last pencil, take a running jump to the ying-yang, then fall off and walk right to reach the stage exit sign.

Stage 2-At the start of the stage, run right so the pencils don't hit you. Keep going right, and you'll run under more pencils, bounce off erasers, and swing on a pink hoop. You'll finally reach a seeminglu dead-end. Swing from the pink hoop above onto the ying-yang, then jump up to the pencil eraser, then over it to continue. Now just continue running right and jumping over bobbing pencils until you reach a dead-end. Fall down and you'll reach the stage exit sign.

Stage 3-Head right, dodging enemies and jumping over gaps. When you reach a spot where two ying-yangs are bouncing, fall down and get shrunk by the fairy. Now go right and kill the anti-toons. Get unshrunk by another fairy, then shrunk by the third one. Now go climb up with the help of the ying-yangs, then slide on the erasers. You have to jump off and hover at a gap where you can get big air(like the second one) to reach the fourth eraser at this size. Then go right(in the little space) and kill the anti- toons while going up. Now go down the other side, and take a running jump to reach the fairy and return to normal. Punch the ying-yangs out of the way, then go up to the next paltform. After the bobbing pencils, go right until you hit a spark, then go left again. Dodge the pirate, thenjump and swing on the pink hoop to the fairy. Once shrunk go right and jump up to hit another spark. A fairy will appear, and return you to normal. Now jump up to the stage exit sign.

Stage 4-Wait for the ship to center in the screen, then a pirate will jump down. The trick is to hit him just before he throws the disc. 3 Hits and he's gone. Now look up, and jump up to hit the barrel that bomb-throwing pirate is in. He'll throw 4 bombs then, dodge them. Do this three times and he'll come down to challenge you. Defeat him, grab the health ball, then get ready to face Opera Mama. Dodge the knives she shoots, then use them to bounce up and hit her in the noggin. Repeat as many times as necessary to defeat her. Make sure to dodge the four knives she shoots in the air by running. When you beat her, you'll exit the level.

Pencil Pentathlon, Picture City

Stage 1-Hop across the erasers in front of you until you reach the cloud. Now hop to the next cloud, then across the pens. Once you reach the erasers, jump up, head right, and fall down the gap. Now jump up to the platform right above, and squeeze in there to get the 1 Up trophy, making a cloud appear. Drop down and head left, and jump to that cloud with the help of a pencil. Now backtrack to those dirty erasers at the beginning, and jump up to reach a clean erasers. head left, then while bouncing on an eraser, swing from the pink hoop. Now head all the way right until you fall down with a bunch of spiked ying-yangs. Punch the normal one in the corner, then hit it over to the opposite corner and use it to climb up. Go up on the above platform, kill the hunter, and then drop down. After you land on stable ground, jump to the platform on the right and get your picture taken.

Take a running jump and bounce off the pens. After helicoptering through the spikes to the right of the pens, then once on stable ground, swing on the pink hoops all the way to the left. Now swing back and jump on the concrete block. Let it take you to some bouncy erasers with a ying-yang on them. Now stand on one side of the ying-yang, run to the other, and jump and helicopter to reach the other side. Follow the eraser down ,then navigate the concrete blocks by jumping on them and letting them take you up. Now use the dirty eraser as a slide until you reach the pink hoops. Swing from them until you reach the stage exit sign.

Stage 2-In this stage, you have regained the super helicopter power. Fly upwards, avoiding the spikes. Now just follow the path of the erasers, dodging the obstacles. I can't help you much here, since it's all timing and skill. You'll eventually reach a photographer-get your picture taken.

Fly across the erasers, then head down at a seemingly dead-end. You'll reach a second photographer (that quickly?) let him snap your picture. Fly up slowly, down slowly, then up slowly again. Bounce on the erasers between spikes. Continue right using those two methods, then fly up to the exit.

Stage 3-Bounce up to the top using erasers. Head right. Now navigate a path down through the bouncy erasers by hanging and falling until you reach a photographer. Now go down the dirty eraser, and use bouncy erasers and concrete blocks to cross. Eventually, you'll reach three disappearing clouds; hop across them, and you'll make a concrete block appear. Let it take you upwards. Jump off onto the eraser, slide down, and then helicopter at the jump. You'll make the lower of the two platforms. At the gap at the right, fall down, swing from the hoop, then jump to the stage and level exit sign.

Space Mama's Crater, Picture City

Stage 1-Run right, and bounce off the eraser to higher ground. Bounce off that eraser to reach another platform. Now just jump onto a higher place. Now jump left and you'll reach more ground. Now jump on the moving concrete block, and when it's at the top, jump off and swing from the pink hoop. Jump to the cloud, and then the pencil eraser. Use the eraser to reach a second hoop, then swing on it until you can reach another pencil erasers. Head right and crawl through the space. Go up, killing the antitoons and crawling until you jump to a concrete block. Now jump to a pencil eraser, and swing on a pink hoop. Now head down and right, down and right on the pink hoops until you reach the photographer. get your picture taken.

Take a running jump over the spikes, then continue right until you reach a bouncy eraser. Now go right, and when u reach a section with concrete blocks, fall down the gap and head left. On top of a group of tings, there will be a spark that will make a pink hoop appear. Follow that path of tings downward and you'll land on a bunch of erasers. Now swing fro mthe pink hoops, and take running jumps over the spikes while continuing left. When you reach the pens, bounce off them to another set of erasers. Then, when you reach a slanted eraser that leads to spikes, go to the top of it, run for a bit, then jump and hover to the left to the eraser with the stage exit sign on it. It may take a few tries, but you'll get it.

Stage 2-Swing from the pink hoops, then land on the concrete block. It will take you back to the left and more hoops. Swing on those, then ride the concrete blocks to temporary hoops. Swing to the right using them to reach the photographer. Get your picture taken.

Now head right, jumping across the clouds, then sliding down erasers. When you reach a dead-end, slide off the eraser to the platform with a health ball. Then, fall down right under that platform and you'll reach the stage exit sign.

Stage 3-Jump to the concrete block on the right, then jump off at the end of it's trail. Now jump o nthe next one and duck. Jump to a small indention in the erasers at the end of it's path, then jump to another one. Now from that block, jump to another and duck under the spikes. Once pass them, jump to the bouncy erasers, then ride another block. Duck under two spikes, then jump over one, then jump to the pencil eraser. Bounce off that to reach the photographer. Get your picture taken.

Hop from cloud to cloud, over the spikes using your helicopter. Then ride some more conrete blocks(dodging the spikes) until you reach a second photographer. Let him snap your picture. Now head left, then go to the concrete block on the bottom. This part is very hard. During your ride, you'll have to duck under spikes, then stand up and punch two ying-yangs out of the way. Practice makes perfect. After this you'll reach a third photographer. Let him snap your picture. Now jump onto the concrete block. The trick here is to jump over and duck under spikes until you can safely land on the block again, or land on a new one. After 3 blocks worth of this, you'll reach an exit sign.

Stage 4-The Space Mama fight! Duck under her laser blasts, then when she's recharging, hit her noggin. After a while, she'll spin around, and shoot many tin cans at you. Dodge them, then repeat. She'll eventually hide behind her washing machine. If that happens, just keep punching it while avoiding her blasts. Eventually, you'll send her blasting off again.


But oh no! Mr. Dark has kidnapped Betilla the Fairy! Quickly, finish the rest of your quest so you can save her!

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