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1) Introduction
2) Updates
3) Characters
4) Controls
5) Story
6) Bosses
7) Worlds
8) Special Abilities
9) Enemy List
10) Items
11) Walkthrough (Worlds 123456 )
12) Electoon Cages
13) Codes/Secrets
14) FAQ
15) Credits

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Rayman Advance FAQ/Walkthrough

By Hylianhero

11) Walkthrough

Blue Mountains-3rd World

Twilight Gulch, Blue Mountains

Stage 1-A very easy stage. Walk right, then jump and swing across the hoops. When you reach land, you'll want to cotinue right until you meet a robot. Dodge his boulder and give him a taste of your fist. Now keep heading right, swinging on hoops, jumping, and defeating another robot until you reach the stage exit sign. As I said, a very easy stage-it's just to make sure you have the grappling ability.

Stage 2-Head right, killing the stonedogs and collecting tings. You'll eventually reach a boulder. Destroy it, then quickly head across the clouds as Mr. Stone is following you. Destroy the boulders, hop over the spikes, amd swing across the hoops-quickly. eventually you'll reach the photographer. Get your picture taken, then collect all the tings near the have to to make the cloud appear. Go up, jump on it, then swing on the pink hoops. You'll finally reach land. Jump over the spike, and head right, jumping on the land and clouds until you reach a hunter. Dispose of him, then hit the stage and level exit sign.

The Hard Rocks, Blue Mountains

Stage 1-Jump on the cloud and ride it to the right. Punch the spike to make it go around, then jump on the next cloud and ride it up. Dodge the swinging spike while staying on the cloud, then jump on yet another cloud. Punch the spike in front of you, then punch another one and jump down to the next cloud. Duck while it goes under the mini spikes, then collect the tings, then duck under some more spikes, and hop down to the next cloud. Duck under a second row of spikes, then punch the big spike to continue. Let it go up, and then jump to the right to another cloud. Fall down to the next one, then quickly punch the big spike.

Now just keep boarding more clouds, and dodging the spikes until you make a row of four little spikes appear. Then, jump into the gap between the two platforms and
you'll reach the stage exit sign.

Stage 2- Jump down onto the paltform with the stonedogs, then jump over the gaps with spikes in them. You'll reach a cloud, which will give you the bounce you need to reach the next platform. Now carefully dodge the moving spike and cross that platform, then do some cloud hopping until you reach more land. Crawl under some spikes, then destroy a boulder and keep going right. After a couple of spikes, another boulder, and a small drop, you'll find a photographer. Let him snap your picture, then go down and to the right. Time your jumps, and you'll make it to safe ground. Now keep heading up and avoiding spikes, making sure not to collect sparks-they'll send boulders down at you. Once you reach the top, go right, then down, and cross the clouds until you reach a life replenisher.

Hop to the next platform, then quickly kill the hunter. Now jump up a platform, and crawl under the spikes. You'll find a hunter and an exit sign. Kill the hunter, and exit the stage.

Stage 3-Head right, crossing over the gap. Now just follow the paths, heading up and either left or right until you reach a photographer. Now, head left and time your jumps to clear the swinging spike. Now, just like the beginning of the stage, head up and either left or right. Just take your time and you'll eventually reach the stage and level exit.

Mr. Stone's Peaks, Blue Mountains

Stage 1-Keep punching the boulder until the guitar flies out. The muscician will now give you the Super Helicopter ability-the ability to fly. Now just fly, collect tings and dodge enemies and spikes until you reach the photographer. Get your picture taken. Now jsut navigate the paths until you reach a second photographer, then just fly around some more until you reach the stage exit sign.

Stage 2-Activate your helicopter and fly to the ropes. See the frayed parts? Hover right at them, and eventually you'll cut the rope in two, dropping the ball into the water. Once you drop both into the water, justwait til the water goes down and walk to the right side to reach the stage exit sign.

Stage 3-Navigate the platforms(you lost your flying ability) until you reach the top. Now go to the left, and jump on the clouds that keep appearing. Collect the distance power-up, then jump on the appearing clouds to the right until you reach a stable one. Ride itto the right, then once again, keep jumping up the small platforms. When you reach the torch at the top, do some cloud hopping to the right until you reach ground and an exit sign.

Stage 4-Never stop heading right. When it's a dead end, go up, then continue right. Do this until you reach a photographer, and get your picture taken. Now carefully cross the platforms with enemies on them, then keep going right and upwards like the beginning of the level. Crawl under some spikes at the topmost point, then head right and fall down to reach the stage exit sign.

Stage 5-Now you'll battle Mr. Stone. See the boss section for a way to beat him.

Fairy Stage

Talk to Betilla the fairy. She will now grant you the final power of the game, the running ability. Run to the right, then cross the gap using your previous abilities to reach the stage exit sign.


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