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1) Introduction
2) Updates
3) Characters
4) Controls
5) Story
6) Bosses
7) Worlds
8) Special Abilities
9) Enemy List
10) Items
11) Walkthrough (Worlds 123456 )
12) Electoon Cages
13) Codes/Secrets
14) FAQ
15) Credits

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Rayman Advance FAQ/Walkthrough

By Hylianhero

11) Walkthrough

Band Land-2nd World

Bongo Hills, Band Land

Stage 1-Walk right, fall down on the shaker, and kill the enemy. Jump on the bongos to another platform, then walk right and collect some tings. Kill another enemy, then jump onto a cloud. Ride it downwards, then quickly jump onto another cloud. While riding, duck down and then jump up to another cloud. Now jump to the next platform and collect some more tings. Take a leap of faith and land on a shaker, then just walk across the bongo drums to another shaker, then another set of bongo drums, and finally onto a plat- form. Now jump onto the cloud and ride it down, then quickly jump to the next cloud. Ride it over, then jump to the momentarily cloud, and fall down to a platform. Then walk and jump across bongo drums and clodus to another platform. Then go up some platforms, hanging on the edges until the enemies have passed. Jump on the cloud, and then jump to the next cloud. Ride it over, then walk to the exit sign.

Stage 2-Jump on the shaker, and ride it up dodging the obstacles and collecting tings. Jump off at the photographer, get your picture taken, then jump to the cloud on the right. Bounce up to another platform on the right, and jump on another shaker and head up. Get your picture taken at the next photographer, and jump up the three clouds to the next platform. Kill the enemy, collect the health restore item, and then jump to the cloud on the left. Jump over some gaps until you reach another shaker. Dodge the flying enemies until you reach land, and the exit sign.

Stage 3-This stage is really easy. Just keep running and jumping across platforms, and eventually you'll find some platforms leading down. Follow them, and continue your land-hopping adventure. Go going until you make a cloud appear, then head down. Jump down another platform, head left, and reach the exit sign.

Stage 4-Jump on the little wheel, and let it go down while dodging the enemies. Ride it to the right, then ride it up and jump to the platform with the photographer. Now head right once more, and jump on the second wheel, and ride it the same way until you reach an exit sign.

Stage 5-Long level, isn't it? Jump on the cloud, and keep following the clouds, then take a leap of faith downwards. When you land on yet another cloud, let it take you to the right until you reach a stable platform. Jump across the clouds and keep going right until you reach another platform. Ride the cloud up, jump over the pillars, then get on the other cloud and duck as it moves under the huge enemy. Now jump and helicopter to the right and use the clouds to get over to more stable ground. Head to the left, head up until you're on top of the pillars, then head to the left until you reach the stage and level exit.

Allergo Presto, Band Land

Stage 1-Stage 1 of this level is pretty straightforward; just slide along, crawling and jumping. It's very easy, so I won't spend time telling you where all the obstacles are.

Stage 2-The trumpet stage....just let the trumpets add to your momentum and jumps by blowing you; you just have to time the jumps correctly. Once you reach the top, you'll find another slide which youll head down. Clear the huge jump and get your picture taken. Now jump to the pillar to the right, and fall down. Crawl and the trumpet will blow you through the opening. You'll fall to another trumpet, which will blow you to a large gap. Jump it, then keep crawling along and letting the trumpets blow you. When you come to a dead-end with trumpets on both sides, choose the right path and follow it right, down, and left until you reach the stage exit.

Stage 3-Jump on and over the drums, then just keeep sliding and jumping over gaps like stage 1. When you fall down to the photographer, head right. Now, keep slidin and jumping unti lyou reach a pillar with a ting on it. Now head right and avoid the enemies. The rest of the level is pretty easy until you reach the accordian guy. Now just jump on the clouds until you get to the top platform. You'll make a new cloud appear. Jump to it, then quickly jump back to the exit sign.

Fairy Stage

Here, Betilla will grant you the helicopter ability. Once you have it, just run and hover to the stage and level exit.

Gong Heights, Band Land

Stage 1-This stage is very straightforward. Just walk across the clouds, and use the drums as transportation. Near the end, you'll find some very difficult jumps with the chocolate wheels and expanding crystal holders....just keep trying and take your time, and you'll get through this one unscathed.

Stage 2-Walk to the right and follow the tings right. Then, just keep jumping and hovering over the notes and keep going to the right on clouds. When you land on a large drum, you'll fall down(follow the tings) and then do some cloud hopping until you come up the other side and reach the stage and level exit sign.

Mr. Sax's Hullaboo, Band Land

Stage 1-Another slide stage. Start sliding, then get shrunk by the fairy, returned to normal, then jump and hover. You'll reach a clarinet pillar. Now just follow the platforms running and jumping, up, down, left, right, until you reach the photographer. Then jump right and follow the platforms again until you reach a third blue fairy since the photographer. Don't let it shrink you, just head down and left on the platforms. Then just be quick on your feet and cross the drums until you reach the second photo- grapher. Then keep going right until you reach the cymbals. Walk to the right on it, making it head in that direction. Let him smash you once, then you'll reach a stable platform. Jump onto it quickly, exit the stage.

Stage 2-You'll meet up with Mr. Sax again. Punch about three notes back at him, then hightail it to the right. Keep collecting tings on your way, but don't waste too much time. Continue right on clouds until you reach a dead end. Then follow the tings down and face the music.....err, Mr. Sax. See the boss section for a way to beat him.


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