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1) Introduction
2) Updates
3) Characters
4) Controls
5) Story
6) Bosses
7) Worlds
8) Special Abilities
9) Enemy List
10) Items
11) Walkthrough (Worlds 123456 )
12) Electoon Cages
13) Codes/Secrets
14) FAQ
15) Credits

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Rayman Advance FAQ/Walkthrough

By Hylianhero

11) Walkthrough

Dream Forest-1st World
Pink Plant Woods, Dream Forest

Stage 1-Jump around and collect some tings, then head to the right side of the screen and jump onto the hand. Continue jumping on platforms until you reach the stage exit sign.

Stage 2-Jump across the water, and take the lower path. Avoid the enemies, and climb up the little multi-colored vine sticking up from the ground to nab a Health Ball. Continue through the level until you reach the photographer. Continue going right, and jump from vine to vine avoiding the fishes. Now jump onto the platform to exit the stage.

Fairy Stage

Talk to Betilla to get the telescopic fist ability. Punch the plum, then stand on it, and jump up to the platform to reach the stage exit sign.

Stage 3-Practice your punching ability on some enemies, then climb the vines, hitting an electoon cage on the way. Continue going right until hammers start flying at you from behind, then turn around and whack the shooter. Now continue on. Continue on the top set of platforms until you reach a plum. Now drop down to the central platforms and continue right. Punch the shooter, then free the electoon, and exit this level.

Anguish Lagoon, Dream Forest

Stage 1-Keep going right until you reach floating platforms, which you should quickly climb on to get to the next platform. Now go left, and kill the shooter and free the electoons. Now exit the stage.

Stage 2(A)-Head right. Jump down the long drop and you'll battle....


Moskito, for the first time, is very easy. Just duck and jump to avoid his attacks, and then punch him on the noggin.

Stage 2(B)- Now avoid the obstacles and spikes, and ride Moskito to the stage exit.

Fairy Stage
Now talk to Betilla to be given the hanging ability. Hang on the platform with tings, then head to the stage and level exit.

Swamps of Forgetfulness, Dream Forest

Stage 1-Jump up and punch the clothes hanging from the tree. Tarayzan will be grateful and give you the magical seed power. You can now press R to plant a seed. Plant one, and jump on it, then jump to the platform on the right. Now plant another one, then jump on the floating platform on the left, then jump on the other platform on the left. Plant another seed, then jump on the swinging grape, and jump to the platform to the right. Plant one more seed and use it to jump to the platform above you. Defeat the shooter, then plant another seed, and jump to the platform to the right. Punch the cage, then plant another seed to reach the platform above you. Now walk to the left and plant a seed there, jump up, plant a seed, and use it to cross the floating platforms to the one-up trophy. Plant yet another seed, and jump on the swinging grape. Plant another one, and jump on another swinging grape. Jump to the platform to the right, then to the one above you. Kill the shooter, then jump up to the next platform, and walk right to the stage exit.

Stage 2-Grab the speed power-up, then punch the grapes so they land on the heads of the enemies, then use them to cross. Punch the last grape, and use it to climb to the next platform. Punch the next grape, and jump on the guy's head, and then to the moving floating platform. Now jump to the next platform, and fall to the land below you. Kill the enemies, then jump to the floating platforms, and finally, the swinging grape. Use it to get the top right strip of land, then walk over to the exit sign.

Stage 3-Punch the grape, then ride it down over the spikes. Then use it to cross the water, and jump to the next platform. Defeat the shooter and exit the stage and level.

Moskito's Nest, Dream Forest
Stage 1- Walk right until you ge to the water. Knock down the plum and ride to the right dodging the spikes. When you arrive on land there'll be one small blue enemy and 3 spikes. Walk right avoiding them. When you get to the water knock the plum in and ride to the right. Dont get hit by the fish, and when you see the photographer keep riding until you stop. Get the P and ride back left and get the photographer. Walk right and when you see the plum knock it down and right down the hill. Follow it down and jump on it when it gets in the water. Ride to the right and when you see the small platform kill the enemy and then jump on. Kill the enemies you see on the platform and keep going right. Knock the plum down the hill (ride it down) and when it stops be careful not to get hit by the small enemies. Go right and then you'll eventualy see a giant lip enemy and hit it in the lip and kill the enemy that pops out. Keep going right because you cant kill it. Jump on the flower and ride it up to the large platform and go right until you make it to the sign.

Stage 2- Go right and jump on the flower, then while on the flower kill the tall enemy and jump on the platform. Jump to the flower, and then to the next flower. Then jump on to a small island marked my tree leaves. From the island jump across 3 flowers and when you get to the 4th stay on it as it goes to the right. Jump off onto the platform then go up the next 2 platform to get the photographer. From there jump on a flower, then to a falling flower and 3 more after that. Jump onto land and go right across the land dodging the spikes. Then jump across the sliding flowers and onto the land. Then jump onto the higher ledgeto get the photographer. Then go back to the bottom and go right. Jump on the swing plum then to the falling flower. From there jump on a big flower. Then jump across more big flowers not getting hit by the spikes. Then you'll jump on a falling flower and then to a small platform. After that jump to the bigger one and run right. Jump over the enemy and touch the sign.

Stage 3- Go right and jump on the falling flower and then to the log. Jump up 2 falling flowers and to a platform. Dodge the spike then jump right following the tings and you'll land on a log. Go right then jump to the small platform and then to the big one. Go up the hill then jump off the edge and land on the sign.

Now use the boss section of this FAQ to fight Moskito. When you win, you'll come to a...

Fairy Stage

Talk to Betilla, and she'll grant you the grappling ability. Now just grappel the hoop, then swing to the exit.


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