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1) Introduction
2) Updates
3) Characters
4) Controls
5) Story
6) Bosses
7) Worlds
8) Special Abilities
9) Enemy List
10) Items
11) Walkthrough (Worlds 123456 )
12) Electoon Cages
13) Codes/Secrets
14) FAQ
15) Credits

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Rayman Advance FAQ/Walkthrough

By Hylianhero

14) FAQ

Q: Your FAQ said I get the magical seed ability for the Swamps of Forgetfulness....but after the first stage, it's gone?!!??!?
A: You only get the super helicopter, firefly, and magical seed ability for the stage it is needed on.

Q: I'm in the Pink Plant Woods, but when I press start to save, it asks me to quit!
A: You need to complete the first level to access the the save point. There are also many other save points throughout the game.

Q: There's a pink hoop, but I can't swing from it! Help!
A: You need to acquire the grappling ability, found by beating Moskito in Moskit's Nest.

Q: Is there a 2-player mode?
A: There is no 2-player mode, single or multipak, in this game.

Q: How do I kill this red-lipped thing that spits out green enemies?
A: You can't beat it, just punch it in the mouth so it stops, and jump over it.

Q: What is that hat I see in levels? And how do I reach it?
A: The hat will become a magician if you walk close to it with at least 10 tings. Pay him 10 tings to compete in a mini-game for an extra life.

Q: I've completed the first level, Pink Plant Woods, but when I go back to the world Map screen, I can't save or go to other levels!
A: Wait a few seconds. Two paths will appear: one to a save point, and the other to Anguish Lagoon.

15) Credits

I would like to thank many people in this section:

Ubi Soft, for making this graphically stunning game.

Nintendo, for making the ultimate study hall system.

CJayC, for maintaining a great site, and also for posting this FAQ.

Hyncer for the enemy list

Mommorpher for Electoon Cage Help and Walkthrough help.

LiNkIn for the continue code.

NeoPV for finding 5 extra codes.

This Walkthrough/FAQ is Copyright 2001-2002 Hylianhero. All rights reserved. All characters are registered trademarks of Ubi Soft Entertainment. You may directly link to this FAQ, but you must give me credit. You cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT take anything from this FAQ without asking permission. If you are caught, legal action will be taken. If you find any bugs, errors, or typos in this FAQ, please email me and I will fix them immediately.

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