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1) Introduction
2) Updates
3) Characters
4) Controls
5) Story
6) Bosses
7) Worlds
8) Special Abilities
9) Enemy List
10) Items
11) Walkthrough (Worlds 123456 )
12) Electoon Cages
13) Codes/Secrets
14) FAQ
15) Credits

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Rayman Advance FAQ/Walkthrough

By Hylianhero

13) Codes/Secrets

Infinite Continues Code

As posted by LiNkIn:

"When you lose all your lives and are at the continue screen, press up, down, right, left and start and you will see that you didn't lose a single continue."

-Contributed by LiNkIn

99 Lives

Pause the game and press Left, Right, Down, Right, left, and R.

Have Every Power

Pause the game and press Down, Left, Right, Left, Up, L

Unlock All Levels

Pause the game and press Up, Left, Right, Down, Right, L. The levels will be invisible.

Restore Life

Pause the game and press L, down, left, up, down, R.

Soft Reset Code

Hold the A, B, Start, and Select Buttons to quickly restart your game.

-Contributed by Momorpher.

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