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I. Introduction
II. Updates/Revisions
III. Game Basics
   A. Game Menu
   B. Game Controls
   C. Monsters
   D. Traits
   E. Battle Systems
IV. Walkthrough
Event 1-5, 6-1213-2223-29
V. Raising Guide  1, 2, 3, 4
VI. Story Events Event 1-8,   9-1718-30
VIII. Credits

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Monster Rancher Advance 2 FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: Mad Monarch Gyl


As the game start. Just press your way through the conversation till you're on the town menu. You're supposedly to get a monster so proceed to the Shrine. Bolzoi will greet you and explain the basic stuffs about it. Just choose the Tablet option and guess anything. I suggest saving before attempting the Tablet Regeneration since it's a long conversation and time pressing the [A] button till that part. Okay now that you've saved your game go back to the Shrine and regenerate through the Tablet choice. Okay, Now just enter any word, letter, character whatever as long as it'll produce a monster in the end. It's up to you to choose any monster you like I say check their stats afterwards to get a grasp of them. If they're cool enough now Holly will be asking you to drop by AGIMA about a short intro about coaches and stuffs. Do that.

After the conversation choose Holly's monster to coach any type of training you got in mind. Max it out so place her monster to coach as many as it could. A coaching monster would boost the stat acquisition of the trainee a bit so it's a good thing. Now, you're free to visit any place in the town. Once ready proceed to your ranch. You'll start at the first week of month 1 you won't be spending anything for food so you should start training. It's up to you to choose what kind of training.

* - check out the Raising Guide for more strategy about training your monster.

Anyway give your monster a rest during the 3rd or 4th week since it'll be tired by then, if you started training it with drills that is. The next month you should feed your monster with the food it liked. Check the orange bars for it. Just pick anything and read through the short info about it since it's actually affecting your monster. As the month opens there should be a trainer to visit you and this time they'll teach you about counter-attacking. Afterwards you'll be battling their monster to try it out. Nothing will happen if you win or lose even if you've knocked him down but I doubt it since they'll cut off a lot from your stats and that fact that you'll barely attack him without doing a foolery. Anyway just keep on trying the counter attack they taught you Anyway you're not required to win the bout though so after that just keep on training your monster and once you think he's ready enter him into official tourneys.

Here are the list I've gotten so far. They are the events you might have met as you progress through the ranking and as your fame go up. I'll run more tests later on to see how certain events were triggered.

Event # 1
You'll get this the next month you start playing.
+ Tutorial for Counter attacking

Event # 2
I got this during Sept. week 3 after winning 2 tourneys already still in class E. Popularity: 22
+ Mardoc will visit the ranch and will warn you about a lot of good ranches were being attacked by roving thugs recently. Holly then will just act cool about it.

Event # 3
Oct. Week 1
+ Francesca will visit the ranch, she's the lady behind the counter of AGIMA. She'll just explain to you the basics about super coaches.

Event # 4
After winning the Official E CUP Tourney Current Fame:54
+ An unknown trainer will visit you and he'll criticize Holly for quickly being so happy after just winning one official cup. He'll then challenge you for a monster battle.

You'll battle his monster Aphram(Durahan-Type)
Pow 257
Int 210
Acc 213
Spd 200
Def 294
Lif 355
You'll barely scratch him. And whether you win(which is rather tough if you're not expecting him) or loose the result will be the same. He'll then commend you for such battling and leaves you with his most precious Flare Orb waiting for a rematch someday then left finally leaving his name to be the infamous Canute.

Event # 5
A week after meeting Canute.
+ A freelance trainer will visit the farm. He'll be asking you a favor to rest in your farm for a bit. He'll be allowed then just train your monster with a hard drill or the one that has a monster coach training. The next morning he'll be talking about your training yesterday and offer you his help as his sign of gratitude for letting them settle down a bit. You can now use his monster coach 'Strong' (Golem-type) that has it's Pow, Def and life to be reckoned with.

  Monster Rancher Advance 2


Monster Rancher Advance 2

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