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I. Introduction
II. Updates/Revisions
III. Game Basics
   A. Game Menu
   B. Game Controls
   C. Monsters
   D. Traits
   E. Battle Systems
IV. Walkthrough
Event 1-5, 6-1213-2223-29
V. Raising Guide  1, 2, 3, 4
VI. Story Events Event 1-8,   9-1718-30
VIII. Credits

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Monster Rancher Advance 2 FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: Mad Monarch Gyl


June 04, 2003 (06.4.03) Version 1
- It's basically what the FAQ is composed of. Started most of what a basic FAQs and Guides should hold.

June 07, 2003 (06.07.03) Version 1.9
- Added a couple more on the list of monsters.
- FAQs Section updated
- Changed some terms like Nut Oil and stuffs. Don't blame me! I'm more use to the PSX version >.<
- Walkthrough Updated
- Completely changed the Raising Guide.
- Story Events Updated

June 08, 2003 (06.08.03) Version 2.4
- Walkthrough Completed! With almost all possible events to be triggered.
- FAQs section added with a couple more basic questions and some tips.
- The Game Basics Monsters Sub topic is changed and supports only basic monsters not the list of them.
- Story Events section complete! All possibilties of triggering events are still accepted and/or those that I missed.

July 22, 2003 (06.22.03) Version 2.6
- Added some minor spoilers
- Corrected a few wrong terms
- Added some submissions.

August 05, 2003 (08.05.03) Version 3
- Added some submissions
- FAQs list added

August 06, 2003 (08.06.03) Version 3.2
- Added some more submissions
- FAQs list added
- Check the FAQs list for the orb infos

Game Basics

A. Game Menu

Title Menu
New Game - Start a new game.

Continue - Continue or Load saved game.

Link - Battle against fellow monster trainer via a Link cable.

Town Menu
Shrine - This is where you regenerate monsters. You can select either Tablet Regeneration or Book Regeneration.

AGIMA - AGIMA's where you can register coaches or retire a monster from acive duty.

Studio - At the studie, monster can be combined or put in deep freeze. It's a very important place for breeders!

Hospital - Take your monster here to cure it from illness or get surgery to remove unwanted traits.

Square - Use this command to go to the town square.

System - Use this command to save and load games.

Ranch - Use this command to go to the ranch.

Shrine Menu
Tablet - Regenerate Monster through Tablet Regeneration

Book - Choose from the list you've already regenerated.

Data Menu
Monster - View current status of your Monster.

Breeder - View your status as a breeder.

Book - View the list of regenerated monsters.

Assign - Assign a monster to be a coach.

Coach - Turn your monster to be a coach.

Retire - Put a monster into retirement.

Explore - Go into an expedition trip.

  Monster Rancher Advance 2


Monster Rancher Advance 2

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