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I. Introduction
II. Updates/Revisions
III. Game Basics
   A. Game Menu
   B. Game Controls
   C. Monsters
   D. Traits
   E. Battle Systems
IV. Walkthrough
Event 1-5, 6-1213-2223-29
V. Raising Guide  1, 2, 3, 4
VI. Story Events Event 1-8,   9-1718-30
VIII. Credits

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Monster Rancher Advance 2 FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: Mad Monarch Gyl

Raising Guide

Scoring: 12 to 17 on HD
A youth or a slightly grown up monster should start preparing for a hard drills. So a week or two should be reserved for it. To differentiate a youth monster from a baby is to save and make you monster go on a hard drill. The drill to be taken should be based on their strong points. Example, A Golem=Power, Tiger=Speed
something like that so the drill differs. Again the use of Oily Oils is now a must to avoid wearing yor monster down.

Food to be taken - Anything your monster likes. It's still young and should be taking food that is needs for training like fish or something.

Little to No Budget Training: (A 2 month-long plan)
Month 1
1st week - Light Drills.

2nd week - Hard Drills.

3rd week - Rest.

4th week - Hard Drills.

Month 2
1st week - Rest.

2nd week - Light Drills.

3rd week - Hard Drills.

4th week - Rest

Explanation: This 2 month-long plan is perhaps the best way for those who're starting out. Since Rest is one of the best way to greatly reduce Fatigue and Stress in this plan the 3 perfectly planned Resting week is just perfect to keep you running without getting any message that you're monster is stressed out. This method could get you just as much as one Big Budget Training and a little more than the Med budget Training though the time expired is twice as much. You'll be earning 30+/20+ on stats focused on respectively.

Medium Budget Training:
1st week - Hard Drills. Oily Oil *optional-should alternate*

2nd week - Light Drills.

3rd week - Rest. Use Oily Oil here to allow your monster to recover a lot more energy. Holly should be commenting like he's energetic or looking lively the next week.

4th week - Light Drills.

Explanation: Again just a patern. The rest is placed there so you could instantly prepare them for Official Cups or just follow the pattern if you're aiming on something else. The Oily Oil placed after the 1st week should be given alternately (e.i. Month 1 Week 1 - No Oily Oil, Month 2 Week 1 - Oily Oil) Something like that since the Fatigue and stress would build up though to lessen this take a stress relieving Item on the Rest Week this way you no longer need to use Oily Oil on the Hard Drill.

Big Budget Training:
1st week - Hard Drills. Oily Oil

2nd week - Hard Drills. Oily Oil

3rd week - Rest. Use Oily Oil here to allow your monster to recover a lot more energy. Holly should be commenting like he's energetic or looking lively the next week. Or take any stress relieving item.

4th week - Light Drills. Stress Relieving Item *Optional*

Explanation: Oily Oil only differs now. Since you'll be earning 11 to 17 points on Hard Drills you'll be doubling the speed but at the same time accumulating a lot of stress. The Stress relieving Item should be taken twice or once a month now so to keep up with supressing the stress and fatigue. In a month you'll be earning 20 to 30 points on the primary stats and 7 to 15 points on the sub stats you're focusing. The Light Drills should be enough to maintain the original stats that decreases as you do Hard Drills.

  Monster Rancher Advance 2


Monster Rancher Advance 2

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