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1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Basic Info
3.1. Characters
3.2. Gameplay
3.3. Battle System
4. Walkthrough

4.1. Chapter 1: Flashman (The Story Begins)
4.2. Chapter 2: Beastman (Trouble In The Zoo)
4.3. Chapter 3: Bubbleman (Dangerous Appliances)
4.4. Chapter 4: Desertman (The N1 Grand Prix)
4.5. Chapter 5: Plantman (Mamoru's Disease) 1, 2
4.6. Chapter 6: Flamman (Hot! Hot! Hot!)
4.7. Chapter 7: Drillman (Climbing The Under-Ranks)
4.8. Chapter 8: Alpha (Running Out Of Time)
4.9. Epilogue: Serenade (The Adventure Ends)
5. Stars
5.1. Easy Stars
5.2. Light-Blue Star: Serenade Time Trials
5.3. Red Star: Omega Navis 1, 2
5.4. 7 Stars: Final Battle
6.  Chip List
6.1. Standard Chips 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
6.2. Mega Chips
6.3. Giga Chips
6.4. Program Advances
7. Viruses
7.1. Virus List 1, 2
7.2. Virus Breeding
7.2.1. Basics
7.2.2. Virus Family Locations
8. Miscellaneous
8.1. Folders
8.2. Alpha and Beta Navis
8.3. Jobs
9.  Frequently Asked Questions
10. Thanks To...
11. Legal Info
12. Other FAQs By ME!

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Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue FAQ/Walkthrough

By Jim Avery

4. Walkthrough

4.5 - Chapter 5: Plantman (Mamoru's Disease)-1

(We see Dr. Wily in his lab.)
Dr. Wily: Grr! That good-for-nothing Sunayama! ...............Bah! No matter! I already have two of the TetraCodes. Once I get ahold of the remaining two, I'll be able to resurrect the beast! Then I'll be able to delete all traces of the Net society! Mwahahahahaha!
(A young girl in a nurse outfit enters.)
Girl: Laughing by yourself again? You're growing kooky, old man!
Dr. Wily: "Old Man"? You will refer to me as "Lord Wily"! Young 'uns these days have no, what did you do today?
Girl: I put a stop to 3 filthy factories polluting our air!
Dr. Wily: Very good, my dear. These steady operations will help save our planet's environment. If we don't delete the Net society, Mother Nature will perish!
Girl: We can't let that happen! I'll do anything to protect our environment, or my name isn't Anetta! So, where should I hit next?
Dr. Wily: Your next target is... (whisper whisper) Anetta: ...............What? What good will hitting there do?
Dr. Wily: That building holds a piece of data called a TetraCode. We
must acquire the TetraCode to preserve nature. All you need to do is deliver it to me.
Anetta: So you only need me to steal it and bring it to you? No problem!
Dr. Wily: You're a good girl. Just keep doing as I say. If you follow my orders, we can save this planet. Now off with you, Anetta! Go get that TetraCode!

- Visiting Hours -

Since the whole thing was a setup, the N1 Grand Prix was cancelled. One week later, you're talking in class with Dex and Mayl about Yai, and you'll decide to go see her. You have to stay behind to clean up, so once you're done, read the mail from ACDC News and go to Beach Street. Go down and left to get to the hospital. Talk to the receptionist, then get in the elevator and go to the second floor. Go to the room at the end of the hall and talk to Yai. You'll talk about various things, including the Tree of Life, and Yai will ask you to buy her some tea. Go down to the first floor vending machine and get Tea, and a nurse will ask you to find a boy in a wheelchair.

- Enter Mamoru -

Go outside and turn left. Go down the slope and head right to find Mamoru. You'll talk to him for a spell, then he'll leave. Go back to Yai's room and you'll talk, then Dex will leave suddenly. You'll also leave. Go home and you'll talk to your mom; apparently someone's here to see you. Go to your room to find Tora. You'll talk, then eat, then talk some more. Tora knows how Chaud is so strong, but doesn't want to say. You'll go to sleep.

- Now We'll Never Know -

The next morning, you'll get mail from Dex. Go to the park and talk to him. Tora will come out to talk as well, and Dex will leave before saying what he wanted to say. Read the mail from Tamako, then go to SciLab and talk to Tora. Look at the Job BBS and do jobs 10-13.

- Job 10: Look For Friends -

Accept Job 10 and go to ACDC Park. Talk to the guy there and he'll ask you to find his friend, and give you TickStub. Go to Yoka 2 and take the blue path to Yoka 1; continue along the blue path to a green Navi. Talk to him, then jack out and go to the zoo. Talk to the scientist, then go back to the park and talk to the man there. He'll give Tora the money and give you a RegUP3.

- Job 11: Stuntmen Wanted! -

Accept Job 11 and go near the Beach 1 teleporter. Talk to the orange Navi to start five virus battles in a row.

[Virus Battle: Yort, HardHead] (all panels are grass)
[Virus Battle: Spikey2, Mettaur2] (all panels are ice)
[Virus Battle: Fishy, Spikey2, Shrimpy] (all panels are sand)
[Virus Battle: Beetle, Beetle] (all corners are lava)
[Virus Battle: Shrimpy, Shrimpy, Boomer] (all panels are cracked)

Once you're done, they'll pay Tora and give you an HPMemory.

- Job 12: Riot Stopped -

Accept Job 12 and go to Beach Street Talk to the Netopian to buy ModTools, which are really useful. Go to the DNN Center lobby and talk to the scientist; three Navis are causing havoc, and you need to stop them. Go to the stage and jack in to the console to find the first Navi.

[Virus Battle: Swordy2, Swordy, Momogro]

Leave and go to the elevator. Go to the door and jack in to the panel next to it. Talk to the Navi to fight.

[Virus Battle: Fishy, Fishy, Momogro]

Leave the DNN Center and jack into the truck outside. Talk to the last Navi to fight.

[Virus Battle: Slimer, Slimer, Momogro]

Once you're done, talk to the scientist. He'll pay Tora and give you a Tally, which will be important later.

- Job 13: Gathering Data -

Accept Job 13 and go to the teacher's lounge in your school. Talk to the man in the back to find a Navi lost InsrData, which has students' health information. Go to SciLab 1 and talk to the program near the WWW door. Go to ACDC 2, where the school lock was, and talk to the Navi. He wants a Yo-Yo1 G, so go to Beach 2 and get one. Give it to him and he'll give you InsrData. Bring it back to the man who gave you the job, and he'll pay Tora and give you a SloGauge *.

- Chauds' Secret -

Go back to SciLab and talk to Tora to learn Chaud's secret - he trains for 10 hours every day! Tora will also give you Fldr2. Go home and go to sleep.

- Dex's Secret -

Megaman will wake you up, so get to class. Talk to everyone, then Ms. Mari will arrive. After some instigation, Ms. Mari will reveal that Dex is moving to another school. You'll jump up and leave. Run to Dex's house to find the door locked, but Dex will come out. You'll be joined by the entire class, and you'll all see Dex off. Later, in your room, you'll get mail from Mamoru asking for a visit.

- Hemoglobin D -

Go to the Beach Street hospital, and go to the beach to find Mamoru. You'll find that Mamoru has HBD, and he's been hospitalized since he was three. He also wants an IceBall M. He'll suddenly get sick, and Megaman will tell Lan what to do, and that he died of HBD. Run inside and alert the doctor on the third floor, then run back and talk to Mamoru. The doctors will come and take Mamoru to the ER.

- Friendship Chip -

The nurse will tell you of a new surgery that helps HBD, but Mamoru refuses to have it. Megaman will say that you should get an IceBall M. Go to Beach Square and buy a Fish NC block from the merchant, then go to Hades Isle and jack into where you got the VictData. Equip Fish to draw water enemies out, and you'll eventually get an IceBall M from a ColdHead enemy. Go back and go to the second floor, then enter the first door. Talk to Mamoru and give him the IceBall M. Go home and go to sleep.

- Emergency Room -

When you wake up, you'll get mail from the hospital; Mamoru's gotten worse, and he'll have an operation today. Go to Mamoru's room in the hospital and talk to him. After the nurse takes him, go to the third floor operating room. They're operating, so you can't go in. You'll hang around for a while, then decide to go outside for some air. Try to take the elevator down, but it'll break down. When you get to the lobby, there'll be vines everywhere. The computer taking care of the Tree of Life malfunctioned! Head to the third floor and inspect the vines, and a nurse will tell you that Mamoru's surgery equipment is still working, but not for long! Jack into the panel next to the door.

- Hospital System -

Go forward and left, then get the BMD to get OilBody, which draws fire enemies to you. Put it in your NC, then go on the conveyor belt. Go around and talk to the program to get EnrgChng, which lets you change fire chips into fire. Equip it, then use a fire chip to burn the tree. Go to the entrance and burn the tree near there, then use the teleporter. Burn the tree to the right, then go up to the machine and inspect it to fight a virus.

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