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1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Basic Info
3.1. Characters
3.2. Gameplay
3.3. Battle System
4. Walkthrough

4.1. Chapter 1: Flashman (The Story Begins)
4.2. Chapter 2: Beastman (Trouble In The Zoo)
4.3. Chapter 3: Bubbleman (Dangerous Appliances)
4.4. Chapter 4: Desertman (The N1 Grand Prix)
4.5. Chapter 5: Plantman (Mamoru's Disease) 1, 2
4.6. Chapter 6: Flamman (Hot! Hot! Hot!)
4.7. Chapter 7: Drillman (Climbing The Under-Ranks)
4.8. Chapter 8: Alpha (Running Out Of Time)
4.9. Epilogue: Serenade (The Adventure Ends)
5. Stars
5.1. Easy Stars
5.2. Light-Blue Star: Serenade Time Trials
5.3. Red Star: Omega Navis 1, 2
5.4. 7 Stars: Final Battle
6.  Chip List
6.1. Standard Chips 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
6.2. Mega Chips
6.3. Giga Chips
6.4. Program Advances
7. Viruses
7.1. Virus List 1, 2
7.2. Virus Breeding
7.2.1. Basics
7.2.2. Virus Family Locations
8. Miscellaneous
8.1. Folders
8.2. Alpha and Beta Navis
8.3. Jobs
9.  Frequently Asked Questions
10. Thanks To...
11. Legal Info
12. Other FAQs By ME!

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Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue FAQ/Walkthrough

By Jim Avery

4. Walkthrough

4.6 - Chapter 6: Flamman (Hot! Hot! Hot!)

(We see Wily at his desk.)
Wily: It's been a while.
Voice: How dare you contact me directly, human?
Wily: I see your despise of mankind has not changed. However, do you remember our little agreement? In exchange for giving you the power to terrorize will assist me in accomplishing my goal.
Voice: ......
Wily: Hee hee hee! The time has almost arrived to implement Cybergeddon! I just thought you should know.
Voice: So you will awaken Alpha...
Wily: Yes, but first I must obtain the final TetraCode. I may need to employ your services in the near future. I will contact you again when the time comes.
(Voomp! Zzhzhhhzhhhh...)
Wily: Hee hee hee! Only one more TetraCode remains, but with him at my won't matter anyway! Destruction of the Net society is nearly at hand! Muwahahahahahaha!

- NetBattler Of The Month Award -

You'll be talking in the park with Mayl and Yai about Dex. Ms. Mari shows up and tells you you're to receive a commendation for your help at the hospital, and there's a ceremony at SciLab! Head over to SciLab and talk to the bearded man in the station. He won't say much, so go into the Virus Research Lab and you'll talk to your dad. You'll receive a nice plaque, or maybe it's a piece of blank paper, I don't know, but Mamoru said thanks and to stop by sometime.

- Familiar Faces -

As you leave, you'll spot an old foe - Mr. Match! You'll talk to him, and he claims to have left the WWW a long time ago, and he's even working at SciLab now. Coincidentally, the WWW is doing bad stuff in Yoka 2.

- Enter The FlamMan (Not Misspelled) -

Head to Yoka 2 and don't go on the blue path, but go forward. Go down on the wires until you find the Navi. Talk to it to fight.

[Virus Battle: Ratty2, Ratty2, StormBox]

Go back on the wires and get on the ones going up to find another Navi.

[Virus Battle: Mettaur2, HardHead, StormBox]

You'll get mail from Mr. Match saying that the WWW is at Beach area. Go to Beach 2 and go to the entrance to Beach Square. Talk to the nearby Navi to fight.

[Virus Battle: Mettaur3, Gloomer, Metrid]

Go to Beach 1 and take the belt down, then right. Go up and fight the Navi.

[Virus Battle: Mettaur3, Quaker, Metrid]

Go to the teleporter in the lower area to find the last Navi in this area.

[Virus Battle: Slimer, Fishy, Metrid]

You'll get another mail from Mr. Match - the WWW is in SciLab 1 now. Go to the upper SciLab 1 area and talk to the Navi on the big square to fight.

[Virus Battle: Yart, Canodumb2, Canodumb2]

When you win, three more assassins will appear, but them Mr. Match's Navi, Flamman, will appear and destroy them all. You'll talk, then he'll leave. You'll get anonymous mail from a guy in front of the ACDC Square BBS.

- The Process Of Belief -

Go to ACDC Square and talk to the guy in front of the BBS. He'll tell you to be wary of Mr. Match, then leave. Jack out and go to the hospital. Go to the first room on the second floor and talk to Mamoru. He'll thank you and give you HospCode. Leave the room and Mr. Match will appear. He'll ask you to help him install a program, then leave.

- Lan Is An Idiot -

Go to the Virus Research Lab in SciLab and talk to Mr. Match. He'll give you FireData, so go to the upper SciLab 1 and turn left, then talk to the program to give him FireData. Jack out and go back and talk to Mr. Match, who'll go to the vending machine. Go talk to him again to get HeatData (hint, hint, Lan!), then jack into the vending machine. Go left and give HeatData to the program, then jack out again and talk to Mr. Match. He'll go off to Lan's dad's office. Follow him and talk to him to receive FlamData (get a CLUE Lan!), then jack into the computer. Go right and give the FlamData to the program, then jack out and talk to Mr. Match. He'll give you a LavaStge T. Go home and go to your room.

- I Told You Lan Is An Idiot -

All of a sudden, SciLab is boiling hot, and your dad and his team will be moving as fast as they can to back up all the data. As Lan, you'll receive a mail about this. Go to SciLab Station and talk to the man at the top of the stairs, then you'll get a phone call from Mr. Match. Naturally, he's still evil, and Flamman is going to set the net on fire. If you can put them all out, you can face Flamman. Equip EnrgChng and Fish, then go home, jack in and go to ACDC 1.

- The Great Electopia Fire -

ACDC 1 Fires:
1: Turn right after entering from your PC.
2: Blocking your path.
ACDC 2 Fires:
1: Turn right after entering ACDC 2. (Contains enemies.)
2: Near the entrance to Yai's HP. (Contains 2 BublSide F.)
3: Go down before the entrance to ACDC 3.
ACDC 3 Fires:
1: Keep going down after entering.
2: Go down the stairs to ACDC Square and go up.
3: Go past the squirrel, then go up, right and down. (Contains 3 BublSide F.)
ACDC 1 Fires:
1: Blocking your path. (Contains BublSide F.)

You've cleared all the ACDC fires. Now take the Cyberline to SciLab.

SciLab 1 Fires (Lower):
1: In the middle of the large area.
SciLab 2 Fires:
1: Go left after going up the stairs. (Contains 200 Zennys.)
2: Go to the big area, then go right and down.
3: Before going to SciLab 1, go left.
SciLab 1 Fires (Upper):
1: Go along the path, then take the first up. (Contains enemies.)
2: Follow the path, and you'll see it. (Contains 200 Zennys.)

On to Yoka, where you can replenish your water chips.

Yoka 2 Fires:
1: Go forward from the entrance and take the lower wires. (Contains 2 BublSide F.)
Yoka 1 Fires (Lower):
1: Blocking your path. (Contains enemies.)
Yoka 2 Fires:
2: Take the wires opposite the ones you already took. (Contains 400 Zennys.)
3: Right before the entrance to Yoka 1 (Upper).
Yoka 1 Fires (Upper):
1: Take the top path after entering and follow it. (Contains enemies.)
2: Where you battled Bubbleman. (Contains 2 BublSide F.)

Last is Beach area.

Beach 1 Fires:
1: Take the right conveyor belt upon entering. (Contains viruses.)
2: Go down after taking the stairs.
3: Take the teleporter. (Contains 3 BublSide F.)
Beach 2 Fires:
1: Go left after going down the stairs.
2: Go forward, then down after the stairs.
3: Blocking your path to the Beach Square teleporter. (Contains enemies.)
4: Next to the Beach Square teleporter.

You've put out all the fires! Mr. Match will call you and challenge you to a NetBattle. Go talk to the Navi near Beach 2 Fire 2 and he'll move aside as you now have Tally. Go through the warp to Hades Isle, then cross the wires and go to Undernet 1.

- Into The Unknown -

In Undernet 1, go down the fourth set of stairs, then take the left conveyor belt. Go around and up, then along the big conveyor belt to Undernet 2. Go forward, then right, then right again. Take the second teleporter, then go down the stairs back to Undernet 1. Go around back to Undernet 2, then go up to Undernet 3.

- Technical Difficulties -

As you arrive in Undernet 3, things will go fuzzy, but you'll go on. Go right, down, left and around, then right again. An earthquake will occur, and your way will be gone. Go back to the Navi and talk to him, then choose to fight.

[Virus Battle: Spikey3, Spikey3, Basher]

Go up and take the first conveyor belt up. Go right and down and around, and Megaman will sense someone is watching him. You'll keep going, so continue along the path to Flamman.

[Navi Boss Battle: Flamman]
HP: 1000
Heat Element
Attacks: Blows a string of fire at you. 60 Damage
Blows a wide range of fire at you. 60 Damage
Environment: Behind Flamman are two candles; if one is green, Flamman is invincible; if one is red, Flamman slowly regains health; if one is orange; two enemies appear on your side. If you shoot the candle enough, the flame dies.
Strategy: Aqua chips work well, and the fire attacks are easy to avoid.

When you defeat him, you haven't really defeated him 0_o. He's about to burn you, when the Internet goes fuzzy again, and a black, cloaked Navi appears. The Navi will destroy Flamman in a single blast, and then you'll do battle.

[Navi Battle: Bass]
HP: 1000
Strategy: Let him defeat you. His aura won't let him be defeated.

He'll be about to delete you, when an Official Navi arrives. He'll swear to defeat Bass, and he'll use DarkAura. Bass will try to destroy the aura, but will fail. He'll be about to do that again, but Wily will call Bass, saying that he has all four TetraCodes. Bass will leave, and so will the Official Navi. You'll also jack out. Run to SciLab and take the elevator to Lan's dad's lab. You'll talk to Lan's dad, then he'll collapse. Later, you'll be in the hospital, and your mom will arrive. She'll tell you to go home, so do so. Go to sleep.

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