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1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Basic Info
3.1. Characters
3.2. Gameplay
3.3. Battle System
4. Walkthrough

4.1. Chapter 1: Flashman (The Story Begins)
4.2. Chapter 2: Beastman (Trouble In The Zoo)
4.3. Chapter 3: Bubbleman (Dangerous Appliances)
4.4. Chapter 4: Desertman (The N1 Grand Prix)
4.5. Chapter 5: Plantman (Mamoru's Disease) 1, 2
4.6. Chapter 6: Flamman (Hot! Hot! Hot!)
4.7. Chapter 7: Drillman (Climbing The Under-Ranks)
4.8. Chapter 8: Alpha (Running Out Of Time)
4.9. Epilogue: Serenade (The Adventure Ends)
5. Stars
5.1. Easy Stars
5.2. Light-Blue Star: Serenade Time Trials
5.3. Red Star: Omega Navis 1, 2
5.4. 7 Stars: Final Battle
6.  Chip List
6.1. Standard Chips 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
6.2. Mega Chips
6.3. Giga Chips
6.4. Program Advances
7. Viruses
7.1. Virus List 1, 2
7.2. Virus Breeding
7.2.1. Basics
7.2.2. Virus Family Locations
8. Miscellaneous
8.1. Folders
8.2. Alpha and Beta Navis
8.3. Jobs
9.  Frequently Asked Questions
10. Thanks To...
11. Legal Info
12. Other FAQs By ME!

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Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue FAQ/Walkthrough

By Jim Avery

4. Walkthrough

4.8 - Chapter 8: Alpha (Running Out Of Time)

(Wily is in his lab staring at Alpha.)
Wily: Hee, hee, hee...gwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!! We did it, Bass! Alpha is mine at last! How I have dreamed of this day! The end of the Net society is finally at hand!! Gather to me once more, my WWW operators! Hee, hee, hee...gwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

- Red Alert -

Lan is having a dream that he's in Cyberworld, and Megaman will come up to him and say goodbye. You'll start running after him, but you won't move. Megaman will wake you up. The army has come in, and Electopia is under martial law! Megaman will tell you to go to school, so do that to find it closed. Talk to Dex, then talk to Mayl in the park to receive RollV3 R. Go to the Metro Station and talk to Yai, then read the mail from SciLab. Go to SciLab Square, then talk to Protoman to receive OfclPass.

- The Story Of Alpha -

Jack out and go into the Metroline, then go to SciLab and enter Lan's dad's laboratory. Talk to Chaud to start the meeting. The head guy will start by explaining what Alpha is - an earlier version of the Internet. One day, everything that was connected to Alpha started to malfunction, and it was blamed on the scientist creating the AutoNavi. He was taken by police, and the AutoNavi was deleted. Soon after, all devices connected to Alpha were destroyed. Alpha was bugged from head to toe, and developed instincts. It crept into everything connected to it, and absorbed everything inside. A week later, once it devoured everything, the SciLab scientists captured it, and Net society stopped for six months; this event was known as the Alpha Rebellion. If Alpha is released, everything would come to an end. You'll get an alert that the tanks are going nuts.

- No Control -

Go to ACDC and head to the end of the street to find Dex, Mayl and Yai facing a tank. You'll tell them to run, and the tank will start firing at you. You'll run up and jack in. Go left and inspect the alien to fight it.

[Virus Battle: ????, ????, ????]
Beware, their health goes up fast, and they jump on you and take yours.

You'll jack out, and a scientist and Chaud will show up. The other tanks are under control, but they were being controlled by AlphaBug, which means Wily has started to decode Alpha! Not only that, but you'll find that AlphaBugs are taking over military systems worldwide! They'll leave, and you'll get a phone call from Lan's mom. Lan's dad has left the hospital.

- The Story Of Alpha, Continued -

Head to the hospital, then go into Lan's dad's room and talk to Lan's mom. She'll ask you to find him and give you Aspirin. Inspect the bed to find DadsNote and CardKey. He's gone to try and stop Alpha. Go to Lan's dad's lab in SciLab and use CardKey to go through the door. Lan's dad will be there. He'll say that he has to delete Alpha himself because his father created him. He put a Guardian program in Alpha so he can't be revived unless it's destroyed. His computer will find the location of the WWW base, and he'll collapse. You'll give him his medicine, and he'll get back up. The WWW base is in the Demon Waters, an area with insane water currents that create whirlpools. You need a boat with a huge engine.

- A Boat -

Go to Beach Street and try to get in the ferry. The boat doesn't have a good enough engine, so you need to find a new one. Go to Yai's house and talk to her, and she'll eventually agree to get a new engine for the boat. Go home and get to sleep.

- WWW Scene -

(Wily is in his lab with the operator of Flashman, Sunayama, Anetta and Mr. Match.)
Wily: Welcome, my elites of the WWW! Thanks to your efforts, Alpha is now under our control!
Flashman Operator: And now, Lord Wily, we may proceed with our plan?
Wily: Precisely!! We shall now free Alpha from SciLab's imprisonment!
Sunayama: Ha ha ha!! This will be the event of the century! This was definitely worth breaking out of prison for!
Anetta: So, Net society will finally come to an end!?
Mr. Match: This will be the end of the world...heh heh heh...I'm getting hot! Just burnin' baby!
Flashman Operator: Lord Wily, I can't seem to find Inukai, Beastman's operator...
Wily: Inukai? He failed his mission. So I deleted him.
Sunayama: .........Hail to Lord Wily! The evilest of all! The perfect king for our new world of chaos!!
Wily: Muwahahaha! Your new mission, my followers, is to protect Alpha...protect it from those Net society fools! A new world awaits us! And it will stand upon the ashes of Net society!! It is time to crush Net society with an iron fist of wrath!! Delete it!!
Flashman Operator: Delete it!!
Sunayama: Deleeeete itttt!!
Anetta: Delete it!!
Mr. Match: De! Lete! It!
Wily: Muwahahahahaha!!
(Wily turns to his screen.)
Wily: Ah, ahem...attention, fools who depend upon Net society! I am Wily! Leader of the WWW!! Very shortly, we will conduct an assault on the Net! Our assault will destroy all Net society functions! Army systems will start wars around the globe! This is a declaration of war!! There is nothing you can do to stop us! The only thing in your future is...destruction!! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!

- Into The Fray -

When you wake up, read the mail from Lan's dad to receive the NC program Alpha, which lets you see his parts in Cyberworld. Return to the boat, and Dex, Mayl, Yai and Chaud will show up. Dex and Chaud will come along, and Tora will show up and come along as well. You'll all get in the boat.

- WWW Base -

When you get out, you'll marvel, then everyone will go ahead. Go along the path to the door, then go in. Inspect Tora's console for a RegUP2, then talk to the three guys and inspect the elevator, which is operative. There's no place to jack in, either. The bearded scientist will show up, and introduce himself as Dr. Cossak, the scientist who was working on the AutoNavi project. He'll explain that the chair is a Pulse Transmission System, which uses human brainwaves to send them into the Cyberworld. He'll pulse in and unlock the elevator, but Bass will show up. He'll reveal how he survived and show his scar from the battle with the Officials. Cossak will try to self-destruct, but Bass will delete Cossak. Dex will take him out for medical assistance, so go into the elevator and then down the ramp. A tank will jump down and try to use Flashman's Hypno Flash on you. Tora will distract it, and you'll jack in.

- Flash Tank -

As a heads up - if you are caught by cranes or run into a piece of Alpha, you go to the junkyard. That said, go past the first crane, then take a right to get an HPMemory. Go back and past the second crane, then go to the next set of cranes. Wait until the crane goes up past you, then run down and to the right. Run to the small nook, then wait for the crane to pass, then run past. Run to the next set of cranes, then go with the flow to get to the other side. Go up and into the teleporter, then go down. Wait for the cranes to pass going up, then go in between two, then follow them down and take the second left. Get the Recov150 P, then go out the way you came and go down, then take another left to get the ID-DataA. Return to the door and unlock it, then go forward to find Flashman and his operator. They'll use Full Synchro to join together, and then you'll fight.

[Navi Battle: Flashman Alpha]
HP: 500
Electric Element
Attacks: Goes to the leftmost row and uses an electric attack that strikes a panel and each panel touching it non-diagonally. 45 Damage.
Sends a string of colored lightbulbs at you. 30 Damage.
Creates two lightbulbs. A few seconds later, if they haven't been destroyed, he lights them, paralyzing you temporarily. Uses AreaGrab.
Strategy: Whenever he moves, he'll move two spaces, then pause. Attack during the pause. When the lightbulbs appear, destroy them with your buster.

Flashman will try to self-destruct, but Kingman will drop in and finish him off. You'll jack out, so go through the door. Inspect Wily's desk for a Magnum V, then inspect the left statue, then the right. You'll knock it out of the way, so go behind the desk to the elevator. Go across the grate to find another tank, which will spit bubbles and keep you from going ahead. Chaud will go ahead, and Dex will stop the tank. You'll jack in.

- Bubble Tank -

In here, go forward, then up. Go with the flow to get past the cranes, then run to the nook when the next crane goes up. Run up further at the chance, then take the first left. Here, there will be two cranes circling at lightning speed; you need to go clockwise. Wait until the long pause to run to each nook, until you get to the teleporter. Go forward to find Bubbleman.

[Navi Battle: Bubbleman Alpha]
HP: 800
Aqua Element
Attacks: Throws a moving fish thing like a Ratton1. 80 Damage
When his health drops below 200, he conjures a bubble and shoots spears. 100 Damage
Environment: There's a hole in the center, and bubbles come out of it. Touching a bubble causes 80 damage, but they are popped with a single buster shot. In some bubbles are planes, which fly at you once the bubbles pop, also causing 80 damage. Lastly, some bubbles are mines that blow up when you are next to them, and blow up the squares touching them.
Strategy: If you have a Guts style, the machine gun fire can shoot through the bubble hole and attack Bubbleman. When he grows a bubble, shoot with the buster, then use a powerful chip.

When you defeat Bubbleman, the tank won't stop, so someone else must be operating it. Go forward to the teleporter, then go down. Go in between the two right cranes, then go down once the crane has passed (don't go right) and hid ein the nook. Go get ID-DataB when the crane passes again, then go back to the blue floor area. Wait for both cranes to pass going up, then go down and unlock the door. In the next area, alternate going between cranes to get to the end, where you'll find Desertman. Sunayama and Desertman will use Full Synchro, and Desertman will try to swallow you in digisand. Gutsman will draw him out, then you'll fight.

[Navi Battle: Desertman Alpha]
HP: 1000
His hands turn into lions and charge you.
Sand pools appear on your panels.
His hands turn into blocks and fall on you.
Environment: All Desertman's panels are sand, and Desertman's head is frequently guarded by small barriers.
Strategy: You need to use lots of chips that can get behind the barriers at Desertman. Remember that the first hit to his head makes it disappear. If you use a water chip, his head will stay for a second.

Desertman will be destroyed, and you'll jack out. Run down the slope, then a boulder will fall and chase you. You'll find Chaud encased in flames created by another tank. You'll jack in.

- Flame Tank -

Go left and run past the cranes, but remember that right to the left of the other side is a piece of Alpha. Go with the flow for three squares of cranes, then go down to get the Jungle NC block, which presets a stage with grass panels. Go back and get past a fourth square of cranes, then go the long way around the next square to avoid Alpha. Make your way past a larger square (a piece of Alpha is at the far left), then go in between the next two cranes until you can get the ID- DataC. Go back to the door and unlock it, then go down the stairs. Make your way past a final set of cranes to find Anetta, Plantman, Mr. Match and Flamman. The two pairs will use Full Synchro, then you'll fight both.

[Navi Battle: Plantman]
HP: 1000
Wood Element
Attacks: Places vines in your area that try to grab you. 40 Damage
Shoots spikes at you. 50 Damage
Plants pink and yellow roses that spread powder on squares horizontal and vertical to them. The pink confuses Megaman, and the yellow paralyzes him.
Strategy: I cannot overemphasize the usefulness of fire chips. Use them to destroy Plantman quickly.

[Navi Battle: Flamman]
HP: 1000
Heat Element
Attacks: Blows a string of fire at you. 60 Damage
Blows a wide range of fire at you. 60 Damage
Environment: Behind Flamman are two candles; if one is green, Flamman is invincible; if one is red, Flamman slowly regains health; if one is orange; two enemies appear on your side. If you shoot the candle enough, the flame dies.
Strategy: Aqua chips work well, and the fire attacks are easy to avoid.

With Plantman and Flamman destroyed, you'll jack out. Go through the green doors and inspect the wires on the far wall to find a path. Approach the doors and you'll be attacked by another tank. You'll jack in.

- Drill Tank -

While avoiding the crane to the right, go into the first and second nooks, then go to the fourth, then the sixth. For the next crane, go into the left nook, then forward to the right. Take the left path up and get the 1400 Zennys. Going past the next crane, don't go in the left nook. Once you're past the two cranes, go left, then quickly run past the cranes. Run past them again to go up, then hide in the upper nook from the crane. Run past the next crane, then get ID-DataD. Return to the teleporter, then use it and unlock the door. Going up this last stretch, you can stand between sets of cranes that move together if you stay to the extreme left or right; try standing on the gray strip. Once you get to the end, you'll face Drillman.

[Navi Boss Battle: Drillman]
HP: 600
Attacks: He and two other drills attack you. 80 Damage
14 drills attack you. 80 Damage
Drillman and two other drills pop out of panels in your area, making holes. Rocks then fall. 80 Damage
Strategy: All of his attacks are easy to avoid; the trick is damaging him. He always has a drill one square in front of him, so make your folder accordingly. Fill it with things that hit a square behind, like heatShot, Bubbler, Shotgun, etc. Slow attacks definitely will not work. The most useful things you can use are WideSwords.

Upon his defeat, Drillman will attempt to self-destruct, but Protoman will arrive and finish him. You'll jack out. SAVE before going through those doors, because this is your last chance.

- Alpha -

You'll walk in, and Wily will be there with the other four operators, all pulsed in and unconscious. Wily will pulse into Alpha, and you'll use the empty chair to pulse in and send Megaman in as well. Once inside Alpha, you'll use Full Synchro to fuse with Megaman. Run up to find Bass and Wily. Bass will absorb the Guardian program inside Alpha, and you'll fight him.

[Navi Battle: Bass]
HP: 1000
Aura: 100
Attacks: Shoots an energy ball. 100 Damage
Shoots several energy balls. 100 Damage
Shoots a ton of energy balls. 100 Damage
Pounds a row of your panels, breaking them. 100 Damage
Strategy: You need an attack that does at least 100 damage to break the aura, but if you stun him while he's doing any attack other than the first, he won't put his aura back up. If you're good enough, you'll only need to break the aura once.

After you defeat Bass, Alpha will reawaken and absorb Bass, then Wily. His brain will then appear, and it's up to you to destroy it.

HP: 2000
Attacks: Swipes its claws at you. 50 Damage
Shoots a machine gun at you. 20 Damage
Fires a plasma beam at you that cracks the farthest right, center panel and the panels above, below, and left of it. 90 Damage
Uses an electric attack. 100 Damage per hit
Strategy: Before you can damage Alpha, you need to expose its core.
Shoot at it until it's exposed, then use a powerful chip, preferably a P.A. like MstrStyl. If you have a Wood style and feel cheap, you can equip UnderSht and use a GrassStg, then stay on the back panel. Whenever you get damaged mortally, your health will go down to one, then instantly go back up. You'll be invincible, and can stay on the back center panel and shoot Alpha to your heart's content.

Alpha's brain will explode, and a door will appear in its place 0_o. You'll go through to find a laboratory, and after investigation, you'll decipher that it's SciLab. A voice will tell you that the room was meant to imprison Alpha, and Lan's grandfather will appear. He will lament the loss of Wily, but will rejoice that Alpha has been destroyed. He'll give you GramNote to give to Lan's father, and Alpha will start to fall apart. You'll fuse again, and try to get back to the real world. Run back to the entrance, but before you get there, Alpha will absorb you. Megaman will overload and blow a hole in Alpha, and Lan will wake up outside the WWW base. You'll mourn, then the island will begin to collapse, and everyone will escape.

When you get back to Beach Street, you'll be greeted by Yai and Mayl. Yai will tell you that people are waiting for you at the DNN Center, and Dex will run off to see Chisao. Tora will get back on the boat, and everyone else will go to the DNN Center. Chisao and Dex will greet each other, and Chaud's father will praise Chaud, then leave. You and Chaud will make amends, then you'll talk with Mayl and Yai, and Tora will jump in, then leave. You'll then tell Lan's dad about what happened, and he'll talk a bit about Navis and Lan's grandfather. You'll give him GramNote, then leave to get some air. You'll lament, but Mayl, Dex, Yai, Chaud, Mamoru and Sean will come to cheer you up.

Months later, Lan is about to start the sixth grade, and tells Megaman (?) that he's about to get a new Navi, since it's required. Credits and weird scenes. A voice will wonder if its alive, and a growling something will help it. Cut to Lan's room, where Lan is getting ready for school. He'll go to bed, and Lan's dad will come home. He decoded GramNote, which talked about the processings of Alpha, and while exploring, he found something very interesting inside. The next morning, Lan will be awoken by...Megaman

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