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1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Basic Info
3.1. Characters
3.2. Gameplay
3.3. Battle System
4. Walkthrough

4.1. Chapter 1: Flashman (The Story Begins)
4.2. Chapter 2: Beastman (Trouble In The Zoo)
4.3. Chapter 3: Bubbleman (Dangerous Appliances)
4.4. Chapter 4: Desertman (The N1 Grand Prix)
4.5. Chapter 5: Plantman (Mamoru's Disease) 1, 2
4.6. Chapter 6: Flamman (Hot! Hot! Hot!)
4.7. Chapter 7: Drillman (Climbing The Under-Ranks)
4.8. Chapter 8: Alpha (Running Out Of Time)
4.9. Epilogue: Serenade (The Adventure Ends)
5. Stars
5.1. Easy Stars
5.2. Light-Blue Star: Serenade Time Trials
5.3. Red Star: Omega Navis 1, 2
5.4. 7 Stars: Final Battle
6.  Chip List
6.1. Standard Chips 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
6.2. Mega Chips
6.3. Giga Chips
6.4. Program Advances
7. Viruses
7.1. Virus List 1, 2
7.2. Virus Breeding
7.2.1. Basics
7.2.2. Virus Family Locations
8. Miscellaneous
8.1. Folders
8.2. Alpha and Beta Navis
8.3. Jobs
9.  Frequently Asked Questions
10. Thanks To...
11. Legal Info
12. Other FAQs By ME!

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Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue FAQ/Walkthrough

By Jim Avery

5. Stars

5.3 - Red Star: Omega Navis (1)

Ok, you've gotten the first five stars. Go to the main menu, highlight Continue, hold left and press R, R, L, R, L, R, L, L. The stars will move closer together, and the Omega Navis will appear in Cyberworld. You have to find and defeat them all, but each time, before you fight, you'll fight some Omega viruses.

-- Gutsman --
Go to ACDC 1 and take the warp to Dex's HP. Search along the bottom of this platform.

[Virus Battle: Mettaur Omega, Mettaur Omega]
[Virus Battle: Mettaur Omega, HardHed Omega, HardHed Omega]
[Virus Battle: Fishy Omega, Fishy Omega]
[Navi Battle: Gutsman Omega]
HP: 2000
Attacks: Sends a shockwave at you. 200 Damage.
Breaks all of your panels. 200 Damage if you're hit.
Punches you. 300 Damage.
Uses Z-Punch, during which he is invisible and punches many times.
Strategy: Get the AirShoes NC block from the Numberman machine in Higsby's shop (number: 23415891). I cannot overemphasize how much it helps, especially when he breaks all your panels and then uses Z-Punch.

You'll get a GutsManV5 G.

-- Protoman --
Jack into Hades Isle and go down the stairs. Get on the wires and follow them to a square with two rocks. Go near the right one.

[Virus Battle: Twins Omega, Twins Omega]
[Virus Battle: Swordy Omega, Swordy Omega]
[Virus Battle: Fishy Omega, Fishy Omega]
[Navi Battle: Protoman Omega]
HP: 2000
Attacks: Uses a HeroSwrd. 300 Damage
Appears in front of you and uses WideSwrd. 300 Damage
Appears behind you and uses WideSwrd. 300 Damage
Uses an AirSwrd. 300 Damage
Attacks three times, creating a triangle. 300 Damage per swipe, total of 900 Damage
Strategy: Stay in the center to easily dodge the AirSwrd. When he moves forward for WideSwrd, move forward (or bavkward if he's behind you). If he uses HeroSwrd, go down one space.

You'll get a ProtoMnV5 B.

-- Flashman --
Go to Prncp's PC 2, to the area where the #7 Navi was. Run along the right edge.

[Virus Battle: Bunny Omega, Bunny Omega, Eleball Omega]
[Virus Battle: Eleball Omega, Eleball Omega]
[Virus Battle: Elebee Omega, Elebee Omega, Elebee Omega]
[Navi Battle: Flashman Omega]
HP: 700
Electric Element
Attacks: Goes to the leftmost row and uses an electric attack that strikes a panel and each panel touching it non-diagonally. 100 Damage.
Sends a string of colored lightbulbs at you. 100 Damage.
Creates two lightbulbs. A few seconds later, if they haven't been destroyed, he lights them, paralyzing you temporarily. Uses AreaGrab.
Strategy: Whenever he moves, he'll move two spaces, then pause. Attack during the pause. When the lightbulbs appear, try to destroy them.

You'll get a FlashMnV5 F.

-- Beastman --
Go to Zoo Comp 3. Go to the first cage, then left.

[Virus Battle: Ratty Omega, Ratty Omega]
[Virus Battle: Spikey Omega, Ratty Omega, Ratty Omega]
[Virus Battle: Beetle Omega, Momogra Omega]
[Navi Battle: Beastman]
HP: 1600
Attacks: Drops in front of you and swipes the square in front, as well as one up and one down. 120 Damage
Pauses, then dives at you diagonally. 120 Damage
Disappears, then each claw attacks you, then his head. 120 Damage
Strategy: I do not know a foolproof way to dodge the first attack. To dodge the second attack, move one square up. To dodge the third, go to the back, then alternate between the top and bottom rows to dodge.

You'll get a BeastMnV5 B.

-- Bubbleman --
Go to Yoka 2 and follow the blue path. Get onto the first set of wires you can and follow it.

[Virus Battle: Shrimpy Omega, Shrimpy Omega, Shrimpy Omega]
[Virus Battle: Slimer Omega, Slimer Omega, Pengi Omega]
[Virus Battle: Slimer Omega, Jelly Omega, Jelly Omega]
[Navi Battle: Bubbleman Omega]
HP: 1800
Aqua Element
Attacks: Throws a moving fish thing like a Ratton1. 200 Damage
When his health drops below 450, he conjures a bubble and shoots spears. 300 Damage
Environment: There's a hole in the center, and bubbles come out of it. Touching a bubble causes 200 damage, but they are popped with a single buster shot. In some bubbles are planes, which fly at you once the bubbles pop, also causing 200 damage. Lastly, some bubbles are mines that blow up when you are next to them, and blow up the squares touching them.
Strategy: If you have a Guts style, the machine gun fire can shoot through the bubble hole and attack Bubbleman. When he grows a bubble, shoot with the buster, then use a powerful chip.

You'll get a BubblMnV5 B.

-- Desertman --
Go to Beach Street and jack into the DNN Center van. Go to the right corner.

[Virus Battle: Quaker Omega, Quaker Omega, Quaker Omega]
[Virus Battle: Momogra Omega, Momogra Omega, Quaker Omega]
[Virus Battle: Momogra Omega, SnowBlow Omega]
[Navi Battle: Desertman Omega]
HP: 1600
Attacks: His hands turn into lions and charge you. 200 Damage
Sand pools appear on your panels. 200 Damage
His hands turn into blocks and fall on you. 300 Damage
Environment: All Desertman's panels are sand, and Desertman's head is frequently guarded by small barriers.
Strategy: You need to shoot the barriers out, then use a chip on Desertman's head. Remember that the first hit to his head makes it disappear. If you use a water chip, his head will stay for a second.

You'll get a DesrtMnV5 D.

-- Plantman --
Go to Hosp Comp 3. Use two teleporters, then go up at the intersection, then left.

[Virus Battle: Puffball Omega]
[Virus Battle: Viney Omega]
[Virus Battle: Puffball Omega, Boomer Omega]
[Navi Battle: Plantman Omega]
HP: 2100
Wood Element
Attacks: Places vines in your area that try to grab you. 40 Damage + 30 for each additional hit Shoots spikes at you. 200 Damage
Plants pink and yellow roses that spread powder on squares horizontal and vertical to them. The pink confuses Megaman, and the yellow paralyzes him. Creates a leaf shield that absorbs the next attack to heal Plantman.
Strategy: I cannot overemphasize the usefulness of fire chips. Use them to destroy Plantman quickly. When his shield goes up, use your buster on it.

You'll get a PlantMnV5 P.

-- Flamman --
Go to where you fought Flamman originally and go to the square above the left torch.

[Virus Battle: Spikey Omega, Spikey Omega, Spikey Omega]
[Virus Battle: Basher Omega, Spikey Omega, Volcano Omega]
[Virus Battle: Volacno Omega, Metrod Omega, Spikey Omega]
[Navi Battle: Flamman Omega]
HP: 2400
Heat Element
Attacks: Blows a string of fire at you. 150 Damage
Blows a wide range of fire at you. 150 Damage
Environment: Behind Flamman are two candles; if one is green, Flamman is invincible; if one is red, Flamman slowly regains health; if one is orange; two enemies appear on your side. If you shoot the candle enough, the flame dies.
Strategy: Aqua chips work well, and the fire attacks are easy to avoid.

You'll get a FlamManV5 F.

-- Drillman --
Go to where you fought Drillman and walk along the back panels.

[Virus Battle: Mettaur Omega, Mettaur Omega, Mettaur Omega]
[Virus Battle: Momogra Omega, Momogra Omega, Mettaur Omega]
[Virus Battle: Needler Omega, Mettaur Omega]
[Navi Battle: Drillman Omega]
HP: 1800
Attacks: He and two other drills attack you. 200 Damage
40 drills attack you. 200 Damage
Drillman and two other drills pop out of panels in your area, making holes. Rocks then fall. 200 Damage
Strategy: The trick here is damaging him. He always has a drill one square in front of him, so make your folder accordingly. Fill it with things that hit a square behind, like HeatShot, Bubbler, Shotgun, etc. Slow attacks definitely will not work. The most useful things you can use are WideSwords.

You'll get a DrillMnV5 D.

-- Metalman --
Jack into Tamako's cart and take the second left. Stand on the glowing tile.

[Virus Battle: Canodum Omega, Canodum Omega, Canodum Omega]
[Virus Battle: Yort Omega, Wind Omega]
[Virus Battle: Yort Omega, Yort Omega]
[Navi Battle: Metalman Omega]
HP: 1700
Attacks: Fires missiles at you. 120 Damage
Throws his blade and it goes around the outside edges. 120 Damage
Punches you and cracks a panel. 240 Damage
Environment: There are two gears that travel along the center rows.
Strategy: The missiles are easily dodged, but to dodge his blade attack, you need to get to the safe center square. The punch can get annoying when it breaks panels and you're trying to escape the blade. Be careful.

You'll get a MetalMnV5 M.

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