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1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Basic Info
3.1. Characters
3.2. Gameplay
3.3. Battle System
4. Walkthrough

4.1. Chapter 1: Flashman (The Story Begins)
4.2. Chapter 2: Beastman (Trouble In The Zoo)
4.3. Chapter 3: Bubbleman (Dangerous Appliances)
4.4. Chapter 4: Desertman (The N1 Grand Prix)
4.5. Chapter 5: Plantman (Mamoru's Disease) 1, 2
4.6. Chapter 6: Flamman (Hot! Hot! Hot!)
4.7. Chapter 7: Drillman (Climbing The Under-Ranks)
4.8. Chapter 8: Alpha (Running Out Of Time)
4.9. Epilogue: Serenade (The Adventure Ends)
5. Stars
5.1. Easy Stars
5.2. Light-Blue Star: Serenade Time Trials
5.3. Red Star: Omega Navis 1, 2
5.4. 7 Stars: Final Battle
6.  Chip List
6.1. Standard Chips 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
6.2. Mega Chips
6.3. Giga Chips
6.4. Program Advances
7. Viruses
7.1. Virus List 1, 2
7.2. Virus Breeding
7.2.1. Basics
7.2.2. Virus Family Locations
8. Miscellaneous
8.1. Folders
8.2. Alpha and Beta Navis
8.3. Jobs
9.  Frequently Asked Questions
10. Thanks To...
11. Legal Info
12. Other FAQs By ME!

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Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue FAQ/Walkthrough

By Jim Avery

6. Chip List

6.3 - Giga Chips

FoldrBak *****
0 Damage
GD: Restores all chips & folders
MD: All the chips that you have used return to your folder, including FoldrBak.
Found: Trade 200 BugFrags to the Undernet 2 BugFrag Trader.

Bass+ *****
550 Damage
GD: Dark chip Smashes panels!
MD: You need to have a hole fully open to use Bass+. Bass appears and smashes a row of panels, breaking them.
Found: Obtained from defeating BassGS.

6.4 - Program Advances

120 Damage
GD: Unlimited Cannon for 5 sec
MD: For 5 seconds, you can fire the cannon as much as you want, and each shot does double damage.
Combinations: Cannon A/Cannon B/Cannon C
Cannon B/Cannon C/Cannon D
Cannon C/Cannon D/Cannon E

300 Damage
GD: Attks w/ spreading bubbles!
MD: If the BubSprd hits an enemy, all touching panels are damaged.
Combinations: Bubbler C/Bubbler D/Bubbler E
Bub-V D/Bub-V E/Bub-V F
BublSide E/BublSide F/BublSide G
Bubbler E/Bub-V E/BublSide E

300 Damage
GD: Attks w/ spreading fireball!
MD: If the HeatSprd hits an enemy, all touching panels are damaged.
Combinations: HeatShot H/HestShot I/HeatShot J
Heat-V I/Heat-V J/Heat-V K
HeatSide J/HeatSide K/HeatSide L
HeatShot J/Heat-V J/ HeatSide J

100 Damage
GD: Creates a giant explosion
MD: The enemy and surrounding enemies are attacked several times in cross patterns.
Combinations: Spreader M/Spreader N/Spreader O
Spreader N/Spreader O/Spreader P
Spreader O/Spreader P/Spreader Q

400 Damage
GD: Swings a huge 2x3 sword!
MD: You swing a giant sword like a WideSwrd, but attacks the two rows in front instead of one.
Combinations: Sword E/WideSwrd E/LongSwrd E
Sword L/WideSwrd L/LongSwrd L
Sword Y/WideSwrd Y/LongSwrd Y

150 Damage
GD: Gel steals squares
MD: Many Slimer viruses fall from the sky, stealing squares.
Combinations: MetaGel1 B/MetaGel1 C/MetaGel1 D
MetaGel2 E/MetaGel2 F/MetaGel2 G
MetaGel3 S/MetaGel3 T/MetaGel3 U

100 Damage
GD: Megaman unleashes his power
MD: Eight Megamans appear in four styles, interestingly, the four styles from Megaman NT Warrior. Each one attacks for 100 damage, and then the normal Megaman does a 100 damage blast to all enemies.
Combinations: Salamander/Fountain/Bolt/GaiaBlad *

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