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1. Controls
2. Walkthrough

  2.1. Getting your ZLicense
  2.2. Save Yai!
  2.3. Getting the BLicense
  2.4. Camping and Bombs... Not a good mix
  2.5. Yumland and the ALicense
  2.6. Scissors and Navis
  2.7. Chng.bat and Thievery
  2.8. Mother Computer
  2.9. Netopia, Where your Purse/Wallet is NOT Safe
  2.10. Dungeons and Dragons... But w/o the Dragons!
  2.11. Magnetic Fields and Crashing Planes
  2.12. My Computer turned into a Freezer!!
  2.13. The End is Near
  2.14. The World 3 is back!! (Non-story)
3. Styles
4. Trade List
5. Jobs
6. Shop List
7. Quizzes Location
8. Hide and Seek
9. RegUp Locations (Help)
10. SubMem Locations
11. HPMemory Locations
12. Power Ups Locations
13. Bug Frags Locations (Help)
14. Items
15. Navi List (No strategies)
1, 2, 3, 4
16. Program Advance (P.A.) List
17. Battle Obstacles and Terrains
18. Extras
19. Chip List
20. Chip Locations
21. Mini Strategies
22. Thanks/Copyright

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MegaMan Battle Network 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Alan Quirino

2. Walkthrough

2.13.-The End is Near...

RegUp3 (Kotobuki vending machine)
Recov150 T (Apart Comp1)
HPMemory (Apart Comp?)
RegUp (Apart Comp1)
HiCannon * (Apart Comp2)
3000 Z (Apart Comp2)
1200 Z (Apart Comp1)
2000 Z (Apart Comp3)
2000 Z (Apart Comp4)
PowerUp (Apart Comp3)
HPMemory (Apartment9F)
RegUp1 (Gosp Server1)
Recov150 T (Gosp Server1)
10000 Z (Gosp Server1)

Key Items:
KotoPass (Dad)
MagSuit (Dad)
BugFrag (Console in Apartment1F)
BugFrag (Apart Comp3)

SubChip: FullEnerg (Apart Comp4)

Go to KotoSquare and where you destroyed FreezeMan for some weird events... Megaman suggests to go to Kotobuki City, but you don't know how, so go to your dad and ask him. After some talk and cool music, you will go to Kotobuki to end this... He will give you the "KotoPass" and the "MagSuit".

So go to the metroline and use the KotoPass, you will see a scene and a cool town Kotobuki is, jack in the Soda-pop vending machine on the Koto-Mart for a "RegUp3".

Enter the building and jack in the console thing for "BugFrag", then head to the elevator, then Dex, Mayl and Yai will come out! Then go to the 2nd floor and into the left-most door and jack in!

As Megaman, follow tha path and warp on the northern warp and get "Recov150 T", go back and into the left warp, talk to the programs for info... Go down and get "ElBit082" go back up and keep going up for an "HPMemory", go back down and fix this (Inspect the purple thing), you will be back where you 1st warped, go in again, this time you will be sent to the correct location, go down and left then up and right to be blown away, follow the path for "ElBit232", go back and fix this, re-enter and go down for a "RegUp1", go back and re-warp, head left and up...

You will be in Apart Comp2, here go up and up again and warp, go up then right and warp again, go right for "HiCannon *", go back and up for "3000 Z", warp back and go up then right and be blown away to Apart Comp1, follow the path and go left for "1200 Z", go back down and right now for a warp, take the further-most down for "ElBitEV" go back and follow the path and warp again to a normal place, go left and down all the way and warp again, go left, down and right and follow to reach Apart Comp3.

Here go up and warp, go down and warp again, go right and warp once again, follow the path for "ElBit243", go back and use the bit, warp in normally, follow the path and go down for "ElBit253", go back through the warp and up then use the bit, warp in normally and go down for "2000 Z", go back and up and warp to be blown away, here go right and warp, here go right and warp and go right then down for "2000 Z", then go up and right for "ElBit042" go back to the warp and follow the path, blow away and go down, blow away and go down and warp then go down and back to Apart Comp2.

Here go down and then up and warp, go up again and warp, here fix the program, re-warp and follow the path for "ElBit271", go back and go down all the way and warp, go left, down and right back to Apart Comp3.

Go up and warp then go up and warp and go right and up and warp again, fix the program, re-warp and go left and get "ElBit093" warp back and fix the program, re-warp and go left for "PowerUp" then go back and up to Apart Comp4.

Here go up and warp, go down and right for a "FullEnrg", go back and down and warp/blow, go down and left the up for "BugFrag", go down and warp left of here, follow the path for "ElBit201", go back and fix the program, re-warp and SAVE! You will confront:


One after the another, well, they are pretty easy though... Then insert the "ElBitEv" to make the elevator work, jack out and go to floor 9 and search the left-most door for "HPMemory", now go to floor 30 to see a scene, enter the door on the left, and after a scene, jack in the server there...

As Megaman go up then left and up the stairs for "AreaGrab *" (Yey!) go back down and head right from the start then up the normal path for "RegUp1", go back and up the stairs then go left and then up for "Recov150 T" go back left and down then right to where you started, head right and down for "10000 Z", go back up and then right and down a stairs the left then down, in the corner SAVE then left for a scene, this time you will be attacked by:


After you delete them you will destroy a program, when Lan, SAVE! This is your last chance to do so... Anyway, go in the door and after a scene you will jack in. The path is pretty straight forward, when you reach a platform your friends will appear to... DELETE YOU!!! After the scene I will not state here, your friends will be there, Chaud included, after another scene you will then continue, at the end you will meet the "SuperNavi" after a scene, yes, you guessed right:

-HP 1000
-Shots an energy ball at you.
-Charges and shoots a hell lot of energy balls.

Then another scene and then the real final boss of the game!!

-HP 2000
-Sends a shockwave out of his mouth.
-Charges the breaks all the panels.
-Turns head into a drill and flies at you, only when on same line.
-Stuff appears and fly at you, ala MagnetMan's magnets.
-Head turn into a Gospel Navi (Air, Quick, Cut, Shadow, Knight, Magnet) and does an attack.
-Wind blows against you, making you stay on your right-most row.
-Shoots a giant green fire. GO to your back row to be safe.

This will then trigger the end... But you are not done yet, you must now conquer the real Bass and the WWW internet...

Once you beat Gospel a Yellow Star should appear right before Continue on the Main Screen, when you select Continue you will appear just right before the last room where the Gospel Leader is, go down the Apartment Complex and ride the Metroline back to Marine Harbor.

There jack in wherever you want and make your way to the Undernet 4, in the middle platform, the one that has 3 warps and 1 off those 1-way paths, there is a "Firewall" (The purple barrier thing), you should be able to clear it, if not, try doing any or all of these options:

- Defeat All Ghost Navis (V2 or V3, your choice, WWW Navis not included)
- Try getting the S License (Look in Section 18- Extras, for more info)
- Try reaching Level 70 or above.
- Try getting 130 or more chips.
- Try doing 10 or more different P.A.
- Do all the 18 jobs at Official Center.

If none of the above works, then you have really bad luck, anyway after that you should be able to open the "Firewall", and then you should be able to enter the WWW...

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