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1. Controls
2. Walkthrough

  2.1. Getting your ZLicense
  2.2. Save Yai!
  2.3. Getting the BLicense
  2.4. Camping and Bombs... Not a good mix
  2.5. Yumland and the ALicense
  2.6. Scissors and Navis
  2.7. Chng.bat and Thievery
  2.8. Mother Computer
  2.9. Netopia, Where your Purse/Wallet is NOT Safe
  2.10. Dungeons and Dragons... But w/o the Dragons!
  2.11. Magnetic Fields and Crashing Planes
  2.12. My Computer turned into a Freezer!!
  2.13. The End is Near
  2.14. The World 3 is back!! (Non-story)
3. Styles
4. Trade List
5. Jobs
6. Shop List
7. Quizzes Location
8. Hide and Seek
9. RegUp Locations (Help)
10. SubMem Locations
11. HPMemory Locations
12. Power Ups Locations
13. Bug Frags Locations (Help)
14. Items
15. Navi List (No strategies)
1, 2, 3, 4
16. Program Advance (P.A.) List
17. Battle Obstacles and Terrains
18. Extras
19. Chip List
20. Chip Locations
21. Mini Strategies
22. Thanks/Copyright

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MegaMan Battle Network 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Alan Quirino

2. Walkthrough

2.11.-Magnetic Fields and Crashing Planes

HPMemory (Behind Curtains in Business Class NAL Plane)
SilvFist E (Man in business class)
Repair L (Man in economy class)
800 Z (BMD in Air Comp1)
3000 Z (BMD in Air Comp3)
GrassLne N (BMD in Air Comp3)
900 Z (Air Comp4)
Regup2 (Air Comp4)
LilBomb * (Air Comp4)
HPMemory (Air Comp4)
Barrier L (Air Comp5)
1800 Z (Air Comp5)
1000 Z (Air Comp5)
Recov120 S (Air Comp5)
RockCube * (Air Comp1)
2000 Z (Air Comp1)
RegUp1 (Air Comp1)
Spice2 N (Air Comp1)
1500 Z (Air Comp2)
HPMemory (Air Comp2)
HiCannon E (Air Comp2)
500 Z (Air Comp2)

Key Items: BugFrag (NAL Economic Class TV)
PilotCap \
Chopstck \_ NAL airplane
Thread /
Whiskey /
BugFrag (Air Comp2)

SubChips: FullEnrg (Air Comp3)

Then you will be back with your friends...NOT! You're still in the plane... You will then control Lan after some talk, go down and search the curtains for "HPMemory". Go down again, and down once again and you will be at the cockpit, talk to the guy on the right and then some turbulence, I hope you saw it coming on the title of this section... Anyway, you will go back to your seat, and you will then control Lan again, jack in the TV here to find a "BugFrag", then talk to some people around, in Business Class talk to the man on the upper-right seat for a "SilvFist E", then go back to Economy class and talk some more, talk to the guy left of your seat for a "Repair L", when you talk to everyone, Megaman willa alert you is Lunch time. You will then go back to your seat... Then your stomach will hurt, so go up and into the bathroom, and a scene involving a spider will occur.

You must find someone who knows about bugs, go to Business class and talk to the man on the middle-right seat, the spider you heard about is the "Red-eye wooly spider", and it's lethaly poison!! You will then hear a scream go all the way up to where the bathroom is, you will see a guy in the floor, you must now find a doctor, I assume you remember, if not read about the SilvFist above, once you talk to him you go back to wher the guy was, and now you must catch the spider...

Go back to the guy that told you about the spider, you will tell him and you will start to make a trap, but you need: A box, a stick, string and whiskey.

-Box: Go to the cockpit and grab the pilot''s hat.
-Stick: Talk to the old lady besides a scieentist just right of your seat.
-String: Talk to the lady near the bathroomm.
-Whiskey: Talk to the black guy in 1st classs and answer: Hellz ya! then select:
-Chicky-chick BABY!
-Make me go KABOOM!
-Can ya digit LADY!
-Oh my Lovefire!
-Comin' to ra SOON!

Then go back to the bug guy. And you will have to go to 1st class to set the trap, you will then catch it. You will go back to your seats... After an advice some more turbulence, the captain says there is a problem with the right wing... And then you must go to the cockpit, and talk to the captain. You will then jack in, and beleive me, you WILL hate this place altough the music is not so bad...

As Megaman you will be attacked by some electromagnetic field, anyway, go down and through the blue then continue and through the blue again, then right and down then left all the way and up for "800 Z", go down and take the blue, then down to the plane symbol, you will then be in Air Comp2.

Here go down and then teleport to the Air Comp3. Follow the path and take the blue down then right and down then right through the first red and up for "3000 Z", then go left and take the blue and down to where the red are, but now take the right-most, and go right and down through the first path you see and then follow the path to reach the blue de-magnetizer. Then go left and down for a "FullEnrg", then up through the red, and left all the way, and then through a red field, go down and then right for a "GrassLne N", go back up and take the left path and go down and take the red and follow the path, to reach the red de-magnetizer. Go up all the way and left to a tire place and fix the right-wing program... But the piloting program will now fail!!!

Megaman again, go down and teleport to Air Comp2 and teleport to Air Comp4, go down and take the right red and down, then go right and up for "900 Z", go down and take the blue then follow the path up for "RegUp2", then go back and left to go back where you started, take the left blue, and go down for a "LilBomb *", go up and take the red and go down but take a left for a blue field follow the path all the way down and you will reach the red de-magnetizer go back up and right for "HPMemory", go left and up then go to where you started but take the right path, where the red field was and then up for the blue de-magnetizer. Then go to where you started and go left then up ro fix this... Now is the cabin pressure...

Once again, Megaman, go up to be at Air Comp2 again, but you will go to the Air Comp5, go up and then right for "Barrier L", then take the red in front of you for "1800 Z" and go down, take the left path wiht no field in it and use the red there, go down the stairs and go right and take the right-most blue field to reach the blue de-magnetizer. Go back and take the middle path up then take the red and go up the stairs, go right to reach the red de-magnetizer. Then go up and left all the way until you see a BMD wiht "1000 Z", go right and down and left and left and then down then left for a "Recov120 S", go right and down all the way until you reach the first area, go through where the program is and take a right twice to reach the program, fix it... And now is the throttle (Starting to hate this...)...

Again Megaman, go up to be in Air Comp2 but switch back to Air Comp1, go up and take the red for "RockCube *", go down the blue and then right and down the stairs, then right, up and left then up again and left the up all the way and left for "2000 Z", then go down and take the red, to reach the red de-magnetizer, then take the blue back and go left until you can go down, do so all the way down and left to reach the blue de-magnetizer go back and right to where the stairs are and take the SW path, go down and left then down for "RegUp1" then all the way up for "Spice2 N", then down and left to fix this bug... But we are not done yet... Now is the landing gear program... (Don't worry, this is the last one)...

Megaman... You will finally reach the under part of Air Comp2, go down and take the blue, again, then go left and take the blue, below the bridge is a "BugFrag", then keep go up, take the red and go right all the way and down for "1500 Z", go back and take the first blue from right to left, and go right to reach the blue de-magnetizer. Go left all the way for "HPMemory", then go right and up and left and down and left all the way and up again to reach where we started. Go left and take the red, then another one, then right and down then go through the 2nd path you see to the left and down all the way, then right all the way and up for "HiCannon E", go back down a litle left and up/right for a red, tak it and go left and take another red and reach the red de-magnetizer, go back down and left for "500 Z", then go left all the way and up and left again, then down, more left to where a program (not machine, this time the green guys) is, SAVE and go up, where you'll fight MagnetMan.

-HP 1000
-Creates 2 magnets, 1 in the top line and the other in the bottom line which homes at you.
-Creates a Magnet ball which homes slowly at you, and will paralyze you if it touches you.
-Uses MagLine.
-When low on HP, he will clone himself when on your same line and both ram at you.
-This attack is usually paired with the magnets...

After you delete him, the bug guy will catch the one behind it and the program will be fixed automatically... You will go back to your seat where you will finally arrive... Head to the door on the left to exit, go on and talk to the guy behind the desk, you will then see the owner of MagnetMan being arrested... Go down and to ACDC town, talk to Dex, Yai, Mayl and then go to your house... And to sleep...

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