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1. Controls
2. Walkthrough

  2.1. Getting your ZLicense
  2.2. Save Yai!
  2.3. Getting the BLicense
  2.4. Camping and Bombs... Not a good mix
  2.5. Yumland and the ALicense
  2.6. Scissors and Navis
  2.7. Chng.bat and Thievery
  2.8. Mother Computer
  2.9. Netopia, Where your Purse/Wallet is NOT Safe
  2.10. Dungeons and Dragons... But w/o the Dragons!
  2.11. Magnetic Fields and Crashing Planes
  2.12. My Computer turned into a Freezer!!
  2.13. The End is Near
  2.14. The World 3 is back!! (Non-story)
3. Styles
4. Trade List
5. Jobs
6. Shop List
7. Quizzes Location
8. Hide and Seek
9. RegUp Locations (Help)
10. SubMem Locations
11. HPMemory Locations
12. Power Ups Locations
13. Bug Frags Locations (Help)
14. Items
15. Navi List (No strategies)
1, 2, 3, 4
16. Program Advance (P.A.) List
17. Battle Obstacles and Terrains
18. Extras
19. Chip List
20. Chip Locations
21. Mini Strategies
22. Thanks/Copyright

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MegaMan Battle Network 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Alan Quirino

2. Walkthrough

2.7.-Chng.bat and Thievery

Items: PowerUp (Dad's labsuit)

Key Items: Battery (Guy in ACDC Park)
                  NoteData (Lady in Camp)
                  YumKey (Navi in KotoSquare)
                  Chng.bat (YumSquare)

You will instantly receive Mail from your Dad, go to Official Center and use the elevator to go with him... In your dad's office, check his labsuit for a "PowerUp", then, talk to your dad.

You must locate the "Chng.bat" file, go down and jack in, go to the boards in the Square, go to the Street Board where you will post a message about the "Chng.bat", jack out, and do some jobs.

Well, do 3 or 2 jobs, then check the board, new info should be there, but is now what you want... Go talk to people in Koto and Den Squares, do jobs... Until info appears...

...Go to ACDC Park and talk to the guy there. Apparently, she (the programmer) is at the Campgrounds in Okuden, you will get the "Battery", go to Okuden and to the campgrounds, and talk to the lady on the left-most tent, you will give her the battery and she'll say "Chng.bat" a friend of her knows it, you must go to KotoSquare and you will get "NoteData". Go to Official Center and jack in and go to KotoSquare, in there, talk to a purple navi, he will give you the "YumKey", go to Yumland Square and head to the boards, go all the way back and open the lock, grab the "Chng.bat", try to go back but an alarm will sound, and you can't jack out, go back but you will be attacked several times:

-Mashy, Mashy, Puffball (ALL grass)
-Sparky, Ratty, Ratty (Middle square of middle/right row and their middle/left row are Magnet)
-Dominerd, Dominerd, Spooky2 (HALF is broken)
-FullFire, Spikey2, Mettaur3 (ALL frozen, but middles are lava)

Jack out and go to your dad. Then some more thingies will happen... Another alarm will then sound, it's Yumland, and they are after you!!!... Nah, just kidding, they inflitrated the Square (Gospel) and you must go delete them...

2.8.-Mother Computer

800 Z (BMD in Mother Comp1)
HPMemory (BMD in Mother Comp1)
Recov30 * (BMD in Mother Comp1)
Spreader P (BMD in Mother Comp2)
RegUp1 (BMD in Mother Comp2)
600 Z (BMD in Mother Comp2)
Wrecker Q (BMD in Mother Comp2)
Shotgun * (BMD in Mother Comp3)
PanlOut3 * (BMD in Mother Comp3)
Recov80 F (BMD in Mother Comp3)
1000 Z (BMD in Mother Comp4)
WideSwrd L (BMD in Mother Comp4)
Hammer T (BMD in Mother Comp4)
1400 Z (BMD in Mother Comp5)
RegUp2 (BMD in Mother Comp5)

Key Items: BugFrag (BMD in Mother Comp3)

SubChips: FullEnrg (BMD in Mother Comp5)

Go down the elevator and jack in. Talk to the purple navi and you will fight, a boss fight even though they are viruses...

-Goofball, HardHead2, HardHead2

Jack out and go up and talk to your dad, then follow the path left of the elevator to reach the Mother Computer room, talk to the officials there, after some... Weird talk, the laser door will open, go through, but this time you will help... Jack in...

Talk to the program for some clues and info

-What are the 3 missing letters? Curiosity killed the ___.
--Answer: CAT

Input it and go through, the path is pretty straight, enter the blue square which is a teleporter, keep going staright to find a BMD with "800 Z", go back and down and talk to the Navi if you like and go back and down again to reach another password thing:

-I lie in a bed, but never sleep. What am II?
--Answer: RIVER

Go through, go down when you see the program and go straight down for a BMD with "HPMemory", go back and left, grab the BMD for a "Recov30 *", then go back and up.

-Waht are the 2 missing letters? _et_attlerr

Follow the path and you will release the door program, go through as Lan, and jack in the next server. ProtoMan will suddenly appear, after some talk follow the path, first go all the way right and down for a BMD with "Spreader P", go back, talk to all programs if you like... After, follow the path and talk to the program:

-Program A is more honst than Program B. Prrogram B is more honest than Program C. Program D is
more honest than Program A.
-Program D: AFBECD
-Program C: ACEBDF
-Program B: FEDCBA
-Program A: URTGOK
--Answer: AFBECD

After imputting the answer, go through the path left of the "C" to reach a BMD with "RegUp1", go back and through the NE path. And go right for a clue. Go back and left and another clue, then input the answer:

-2 hands, no arms. 1 face, no nose. On yourr arm.
-What do you call a chronometer you can weaar?
--Answer: WATCH

Then grab the BMD for "600 Z", go down then SE and get the clues, and the BMD "Wrecker Q"

-2nd letter is L. 5th letter is S. 10th lettter is R.
-First letter is A. 4th letter is O. 8th leetter is H.
-3rd letter is M. 7th letter is T. Last lettter os E.
-Make 2 words from: " ere last moth"

You will then reach the door release program where ShadowMan and ProtoMan are... You will then jack out, enter the Mother Computer... Follow the path up and talk to the program and grab the BMD "BugFrag", then go back and follow the path but go down for a BMD "Shotgun *", keep going and take the NW path to another clue, thwn go back to where all the panels are and get another clue.

-Connect the words, last letters to first, for this key.
--Answer: Put them in this order:
On the SW input WIG.
On the SE input GEM.
On the NW input MASK.
On the NE input KNIFE.

You will reach something that says:


Continue the path, to get a clue:

Continue right for another panel:


Then up to a BMD "PanlOut3 *" and another panel and another clue:


-Read the letter on the panels
-Read the 3rd letter, top to bottom.
--Answer: UCA then the _RIGHT_ NCO

Then go through the upper left path for a BMD "Recov80 F" then go back and follow the pretty much straight path to another puzzle:

-A quick brown fox... something
--Answer: JUMPS

Go through to reach Mother Comp4 (Yes, there's still more)... Get a clue right starting, and go on, talk to the programs if you like

-8 legs
-Muffet foe
-Spins webs
--Answer: SPIDER (Duh!) (Use the left S)

Go through and keep going straight and left to another puzzle BUT take the upper path and left for a BMD "1000 Z", go back and solve the puzzle:

-What did William Tell hit with his arrow?
--Answer: APPLE

Go through and get another clue:

-What insect starts bathing, and ends up drrab?
--Answer: B

Weird... Anyway, follow the path and go left when you can and keep going for a clue, go back, right and up for a BMD "WideSwrd L" and get another clue, then go back and all the way right

-Program 1: DNGVU
-Program 2: OTIEP
-Rearrange the programs' hints to find the message. The message is the password. Program 1, Program 2, Program 1, Program 2, Program 1, Program 2, Program 1, Program 2...
--Answer: DONTGIVEUP (Don't give up)

Then grab the BMD "Hammer T" then change screens... Getting tired of this...

Just starting are 2 clues...

-I'm an animal.
-I wear a mask.
--Answer: RACCOON

Then continue through the path, go right when you can and down for another BMD "1400 Z", then go up for another clue, go left and solve the puzzle:

-A-C-E... What are the next 10 letters?
--Answer: GIKMOQSUWY (2 by 2, G-"h"-I...)

Follow the path and go left for a clue if you like, go all the way back and up to the puzzle:

-Hint: 21, 18, 21, 16, 26, 25, 12, 16, 14, 23, 11
--SYSTEMAHEAD (System Ahead)

First go up and back for a teleporter with a BMD "RegUp2", and a clue, go back

-... ..... ABBABBAABAB ...
-Program A: STCLS
-Program B: YSEMOE
--Answer: SYSTEMCLOSE (System Close)

Almost there, right for another clue then up for a hint on ShadowMan, a BMD "FullEnrg" and 2 clues:

-Find the one that doesn't belong. Everyonee else is a bird.
-Black bird, cold bird, water bird. Do you understand now?
--Answer: VIRUS

SAVE! just ahead is ShadowMan, after some talk you'll fight

-HP 800 (Battle field is covered with grass)
-Creates fakes around to confuse you, hit the real to destroy the fakes.
-Uses a Fire Jutsu that burns the whole line. Destroy a fake.
-Throws 3 shurikens at you. Move away of the blinking panel.
-Creates 2 copies of him when low on HP that move in your area and slashes you.

Then some usual scenes... And another "dark" scene...

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