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1. Controls
2. Walkthrough

  2.1. Getting your ZLicense
  2.2. Save Yai!
  2.3. Getting the BLicense
  2.4. Camping and Bombs... Not a good mix
  2.5. Yumland and the ALicense
  2.6. Scissors and Navis
  2.7. Chng.bat and Thievery
  2.8. Mother Computer
  2.9. Netopia, Where your Purse/Wallet is NOT Safe
  2.10. Dungeons and Dragons... But w/o the Dragons!
  2.11. Magnetic Fields and Crashing Planes
  2.12. My Computer turned into a Freezer!!
  2.13. The End is Near
  2.14. The World 3 is back!! (Non-story)
3. Styles
4. Trade List
5. Jobs
6. Shop List
7. Quizzes Location
8. Hide and Seek
9. RegUp Locations (Help)
10. SubMem Locations
11. HPMemory Locations
12. Power Ups Locations
13. Bug Frags Locations (Help)
14. Items
15. Navi List (No strategies)
1, 2, 3, 4
16. Program Advance (P.A.) List
17. Battle Obstacles and Terrains
18. Extras
19. Chip List
20. Chip Locations
21. Mini Strategies
22. Thanks/Copyright

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MegaMan Battle Network 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Alan Quirino

21. Mini Strategies

Double Aura: (Contributed by [email protected])

Pretty simple, but anyway.
Start by getting any Life Aura chip, better if it's 2 or 3, fight the Brushmans until you get a Holy Panel chip, use the chip in battle, and while standing on it, use your Aura chip, this should grant you a double shield:

-Life Aura 1 = 200
-Life Aura 2 = 300
-Life Aura 3 = 400

By using the Life Aura 2 you will be invincible against BassDelux, unless you move out of the Holy Panel, for best results use with a Sanctuary Chip.

Protecto and MagnetMan easy kills: (Contributed by KyleW, [email protected])

1. Get a elecball, heatball chip.
2. Make sure you have over 700 HP and a full life subchip.(reccomended)
3. Make sure you set your ball chip as your main chip.
4. Initiate battle with protecto.
5. Get in the back row of your field and line up with the farthest protecto.
6. Right before the protecto use their blast attack, use the ball chip and fire as fast as you can with your buster.
7. If you got over the HP limit for the protecto than congratulations you beat the protecto.
8. Use the full life sub chip and save.(reccomended)

You can also use this technique on Magnetman.
Just use the ball on his gravity ball attack and you'll instantly have a 999 damage ball. Use twice.

Navi Strategies: (Contributed by Gilliam 3, [email protected])

ProtoMan: Use Geddon 3, and then IMMEDIATELY use repair. This way ProtoMan will be poisoned and you won't.

ShadowMan: Use Anti Fire ASAP. Since the battleground is all grass, he might take double the damage after activating the trap w/ his fire jutsu.

QuickMan: Use Time Bombs, but don't set them until 2 sec. before he moves, so as to assure a hit.

GateMan: Use the Heat Guts style. Once he pulls up the Remo Gate, you can still use the flamethrower to get past the Obstacle, and right into GateMan.

ToadMan: Use Anti Elec ASAP. ToadMan is a water element navi, so once he uses his paralyzing melody, the trap will activate, dealing double damage to him.

FreezeMan: Use Repair so as to reduce mishaps from sliding around, but DON'T do anything to the panels on his side. Doing that will automatically cause him to use the Ice Stage chip.

ThunderMan: Use Tree Bombs, they will bypass the clouds (and destroying the seed just sets it off) and strike ThunderMan for double damage.

GutsMan: STAY on your rightmost row. Dodge his attacks and make your attacks whenever possible. If you stay on the rightmost row, he won't use Area Grab, nor will he break all of your panels and start Rocket Punching.

MagnetMan: Repair Immediately. Do anything to get rid of the Magnet line. Then try to use Guardian or Lance chips to attack. If you can, USE the GATER Advance.

PlanetMan: No real tactic, but remember that whatever elements the planets orbiting him are, he is always a WOOD element navi.

NapalmMan: No real tactic. If you don't want a long and difficult fight, then stock up on Repairs.

Other Note- I noticed that when using any of the shadow chips your charged buster shot is similar to a Step Sword.

Getting More Chips: (Contributed by G-Zero, [email protected])

Start by getting a lot of bad chips you don't need.
Then, once you think you have enough then you can go to the (Special) Chip Trader. Sometimes for the Special Chip Trader you can get NAVI Chips.

  MegaMan Battle Network 2

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