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1. Controls
2. Walkthrough

  2.1. Getting your ZLicense
  2.2. Save Yai!
  2.3. Getting the BLicense
  2.4. Camping and Bombs... Not a good mix
  2.5. Yumland and the ALicense
  2.6. Scissors and Navis
  2.7. Chng.bat and Thievery
  2.8. Mother Computer
  2.9. Netopia, Where your Purse/Wallet is NOT Safe
  2.10. Dungeons and Dragons... But w/o the Dragons!
  2.11. Magnetic Fields and Crashing Planes
  2.12. My Computer turned into a Freezer!!
  2.13. The End is Near
  2.14. The World 3 is back!! (Non-story)
3. Styles
4. Trade List
5. Jobs
6. Shop List
7. Quizzes Location
8. Hide and Seek
9. RegUp Locations (Help)
10. SubMem Locations
11. HPMemory Locations
12. Power Ups Locations
13. Bug Frags Locations (Help)
14. Items
15. Navi List (No strategies)
1, 2, 3, 4
16. Program Advance (P.A.) List
17. Battle Obstacles and Terrains
18. Extras
19. Chip List
20. Chip Locations
21. Mini Strategies
22. Thanks/Copyright

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MegaMan Battle Network 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Alan Quirino

17. Battle Obstacles and Terrains

List of all Panels and Obstacles:


Normal: Normal, no Dis/Advantages.

Cracked: When something steps on it then moves away becames an Broken panel.

Broken: Nothing can happen on top on it. Recovers after about 10 Secs or using the Repair chip.

Magnet: These will drag you in if you are on an adjacent line.

Empty: This panel CAN'T be changed, it starts like it, it ends like it.

Fire: This will burn you the moment you step on it and then disappear.

Frozen: You will slip past this on the same dir you stepped it from.

Grass: This will heal all Wood elements. Using a Fire attack will change it into a Normal.

Poison: This will slowly drain your HP when you are on it.

Holy: Halves damage received by the one who stands on it.

Every obstacle can be destroyed, but some are harder that others, I will list an aprox. of their HP in difficulties:

*: 10-50 HP
**: 50-100 HP
***: 100-200 HP
****: 200+ HP

Rock: Common rock. ****
Ice Cube: Common Ice Block or generated by viruses. ***
Bomb: Attacks all panels on the side it is, ignited with Fire attacks. ***
TimeBmb: Bomb made by the Handys or the TimeBmb chips. **
TimeBmb+: Bomb made by the TimeBmb+ PA. ****
Staff: Generated by the Meteo chips. *
Candle: Paired with Candle viruses or made with the Candle chip. **
Stone Block: Generated by the RockCube chip. ***
Sensor Bomb: Generated by the Frnt/Dbl Snsr chips. **
Prism: Made with the Prism chip. Fades in 10 secs. ****
Windbox: Generated with the Wind chip. *
Vacuum Fan: Generated with the Fan chip. **
Anubis: Generated with the Anubis chip. ***
Pharaoh Statue: Generated with the PoisPhar PA. ****

18. Extras


#1: Start with.
#2: Beat Mr. Famous for the first time to get it.
#3: Trade a BigBomb* to a black lady at the Mother Comp room.


Yellow: Delete Gospel and see the ending.
Green: Defeat the hidden Navis, Pharaoh, Napalm, Planet and Bass.
Red: Get all 250 Chips.
Purple: Get the 10 Secret chips. (251-260)
Blue: Have 31 P.A. (Darkness (32) not required).

---S-SS-SSS License:
You will need these licenses if you want to reach far in the WWW areas.

S: -You must beat 10 Hard battles in a row with no recovery between each.

SS: -You must find the ArmyData, to get it, you must go to the WWW 1 area, and find a warp that takes you to the middle of Den Area 1, get the ArmyData and jack out, then in again and talk to the navi again to keep going with the test.
-You must beat 4 "black" Navis, in THIS order, in Yumland 2, then Netopia 3, Undernet 6, UnderKoto.
-Then 20 battles in a row!!

SSS: -You must find the Master Navi... You must search some places to get clues to keep going...
-Search the cafe sign in Marine Harbor.
-In the dam, all the way back in some "woods", the is a scientist.
-Then go to the airplane in display and search the purple thingy in the cockpit.
-Go to the Netopia Castle Dungeons, and at the top, talk to the girl.
-Then go to the alley and search the 2nd dumpster from left to right.
-Then search around the Yumland Square.
-Search Mayl's piano, talk to the purple Navi there.
-Go with your dad but save before you talk to him. In short, he's the Navi Master, and you will have to fight an endurance battle but with Navis...
-GutsMan V2
-ToadMan V2
-GateMan V2
-ThunderMan V2
-SnakeMan V2
-HeatMan V2
-ProtoMan V2
-Then go back to the exam Navi and have an endurance battle of 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

---Hard Game:
After you have all 5 stars, in the main screen, highlight "New Game" and press:
- <- <- -> <- -> <- -> -> or Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right -

You will start normally, or from ZERO!
You can't trade, nor even access the Network command. Enemies are more powerful and have about 50% extra HP.

The Hard Mode save will appear below your normal file... (Corrected by: Richard Huang) When you/if finish the Hard mode, you will get the "Snctuary" or "Sanctuary" chip in your normal file...

---Get chips 251-260:
You must have a friend with MBN2.

Anyway, you and your friend must have at least 3 of the 5 stars, the you must battle him/her, defeat his Megaman in S busting level, you better convince him/her to lose on purpose then backwards, after a couple (17+) of wins you might get a chip from the 251-260.

---Chips 261-265:
You can only get GateMan SP, Fire/Aqua/Elec/Wood Gospel chips if you live in Japan or you own a Gameshark or the like.

---8 Navi Chips when only 5 are allowed (Naader Jawad, [email protected]) This trick will alow you to have 8 Navi Chips with any style other than ????-Team or Hub, first, equip a Team style, element doesn't matter, then equip your favorite 8 chips, wait until you get another style and overwrite the Team you have and currently using, you will have 8 Navi Chips with the style you have, BUT, you WON'T BE ABLE to change any Navi chip...

  MegaMan Battle Network 2

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