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Medabots AX: Metabee/Rokusho FAQ
General Info
1. Story
2. Battle Controls
3. Metabee Version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
4. Rokusho Version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
5. Thanks, The List & The Warning!

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Medabots AX: Metabee / Rokusho FAQ / Walkthrough

By Averman

4. Rokusho version (3)

The seashore is filled with rocky ledges to move about on. You'll be chased and do doing a lot of chasing in this stage. At least there is no water to deal with. :-)

* Fight One *
For your leader, equip your leader with two ranged weapons or one ranged weapon and a grappling weapon. If you choose the second option, make sure the ranged weapon is your main weapon. For your partner, equip her with one healing item and two ranged weapons. The leader, you'll be facing, has the Cover-Up head equipped. This means he can set a trap for your grappling weapons and they will be destroyed when you use them. His partner heals most of the time but watch for her Flop though.

* Fight Two *
Equip your leader with one or two long ranged medaparts. Equip your partner with a Flop, AllRepair head and the PateriVulcan. The leader is a grappling machine. If you get too close to him, he'll torch you will his BlastGun head. As for his partner, she will be using weapons at random but she is very slow. The partner will not be much of a factor so hit the leader with everything you have. You might have to use the MEDAFORCE in this fight.

* Third Fight *
Equip your leader with its most powerful weapons and your partner with the Flop. The leader uses a mighty weapon known as the Helmight. It sacrifices the arm part to do massive damage to the poor medabot in its way. To make it worse, his partner has the Helmet head equipped to bring back the Helmight. Also, to make things worse, they have a weapon that can make your medabot confused and temporarily lose the ability to block. This fight is one of the hardest in the game. Keep them both busy and prevent the leader from receiving the revive missile by attacking the partner constantly. It will be best if you take out the partner first thus leaving his leader without a way to attack you. Well except for his Rifle. ^_^' The MEDAFORCE will be a must in this fight.

|| Tournament ||
After completing the 7 stages, a star will appear next to the tournament. Here you'll face random robattlers and some from the TV shows. I'm pretty sure the line up, listed below, is the same for everyone with the Metabee version. You could have also fought them at the newly transformed gray stars. (You might to revisit some of these to get your stats up before entering the tournament.)

TIP: By now you should've leveled up enough to get "panels". Panels are used to give your partner orders. May it be "Use MEDAFORCE", "Heal Leader" or "Run Away" these will be crucial in the battles to ahead. After every successful robattle, you should save and then comeback to the tournament. Don't worry, you will continue where you left off.

Equip your leader with two grappling weapons and your partner with at least a healing medapart. Kathy's leader is a powerhouse using two MegaLasers and a head that can set traps for your grappling weapons. Kathy's partner is a healing machine. Dodge the leader and attack the partner. She'll be easy since she has no weapons. It'll make it easier to destroy the leader too. To beat him, get close, attack then run. If his partner is gone, you'll have nothing to worry about plus the MegaLaser takes a while to fire.

Equip your best grappling weapons and your partner with the AllRepair head, and two grappling weapons (Flop/LightBlow). Both of Charlie's medabots are missile crazy. Both of their arms and heads can fire missiles. On top of that, they have weapons that can confuse your medabot. Fortunately for you, they are extremely slow. This will make it easier for you to use your grappling weapons. Be sure to surprise them with the MEDAFORCE.

NOTE: After winning, receiving experience and a part, you have an option of leaving the tournament. Don't worry, you can leave, save, and return right where you left off.

  Medabots AX: Metabee / Rokusho

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