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Medabots AX: Metabee/Rokusho FAQ
General Info
1. Story
2. Battle Controls
3. Metabee Version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
4. Rokusho Version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
5. Thanks, The List & The Warning!

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Medabots AX: Metabee / Rokusho FAQ / Walkthrough

By Averman

3. Metabee version (5)

This fight is probably the simplest fight in the whole game. Attack the leader, NeutraNurse. She has no attack weapons but she likes to run around a lot and heal her partner. Her partner is fast but you easily out run him if you equip some faster legs. Just attack NutraNurse and this fight will be over soon.

Grappling weapons are very effective if manage to get close enough. Spyke's leader, KrosserDog, can take you out before you can even get to him. Try to get behind him or if you get knocked down, roll toward him and get some hits in with you grappling weapons. Keep your distance from his partner who has two NinjaSwords. You might have to use the MEDAFORCE on this one.

Equip your leader with a grappling weapon and equip your partner and yourself faster legs. Both of Sloan's medabots have tank legs equipped. This means that their legs have a lot of defense but are very slow. This is where your faster legs come in. Run circles around them and slash at their medaparts. Just beware of the partner, who will try to slow you down and hit you with his MegaLaser. (The leader has a pair too)

PepperCat likes to run around the stage and send jolts of electricity threw your medabot. Her partner will float threw the air shooting magnetic orbs at you. To prepare for the electrical storm known as PepperCat, you'll need to equip either shooting or grappling weapons. You can try to take her out from a far (R: Revolver/L: SubmachineGun) or go toe-to-toe with her(R: NinjaSword/L: YourChoice). Don't let them get you in a corner and you might have to use the MEDAFORCE on this one.

Erika's medabots are all about business especially the leader, Brass. She doesn't wait until your other medaparts are gone to take out your head. Her medabots heads have the ability to increase their chance of headshots so beware. You'll know that they are using this ability when they have a rock looking thing over them. Their ranged weapons can be deadly if you stand around too long. Use the MEDAFORCE if needed. You should equip a MegaLaser and have your partner equip with the Flop and a healing medapart. This will be a hard fight.

This fight isn't as hard as the one with Erika but don't expect this one to be a walk in the park either. Henry's leader is basically equipped with the equivalent of the Revolver and a SubmachineGun and his partner is equipped with two NinjaSwords. Go straight for the leader and this fight will be over soon.

This is it!! This is the final fight in the Medabots Tournament. It's you versus your archrival Koji. Koji's leader is nothing to worry about but his partner is. He wields two MegaLasers and is not afraid to use them. Stay away from him all together and you'll be all right.

  Medabots AX: Metabee / Rokusho

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