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Medabots AX: Metabee/Rokusho FAQ
General Info
1. Story
2. Battle Controls
3. Metabee Version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
4. Rokusho Version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
5. Thanks, The List & The Warning!

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Medabots AX: Metabee / Rokusho FAQ / Walkthrough

By Averman

3. Metabee version (1)

This is a strategy guide to the Metabee version. It is broken down into three sections: the first 7 stages, the tournament, and the encounter with the Rubberobo gang.

|| 7 Stages ||
In order to enter the tournament, Ikky and Metabee must complete 7 stages. It's up to you to lead them to victory. After a stage is completed, you'll get a medapart to add to your medabot, loads of experience, and sometimes a medal. Medals are the "soul" of the medabot. They determine its stats and its special MEDAFORCE attack.

NOTE: I just listed the stages in ABC order. It really isn't a walkthrough 'cause a lot of people like to take their own path. The easiest stage, in my opinion, is the Ancient Ruin.

Ancient Ruins
The Ancient Ruins is a great place to start your robattling journey. This is arguably the easiest of all the stages. There are no annoying ledges to hop, it's not a very big level, and there is no water to deal with. This is also a good place to practice robattling to get some experience.

* First Fight *
In this battle, the leader likes to run around and hide in corners, while gathering MEDAFORCE and giving defense bonuses to his partner. Once you get close to him, he will try to run from you. Hit him with a grappling weapon (NinjaDagger) when you get the chance and when you start to lose him, hit him with a ranged weapon (SubmachineGun). His partner likes to stun you with its electrical attacks, which can get very annoying after the third or fourth time. Dodge his partner and put all of your attention on the leader and this will be a short fight. For your partner, equip her with AllRepair head, and two ranged weapons or one ranged weapon and the Flop.

* Second Fight *
Both the leader and his partner are very fast and like to raise each other's defense. It can get so bad, that even your strongest attacks will do little damage. You can tell when they have this when you see a gray shield over them. The best way to defeat them is to attack from afar. Make sure you give your partner the Flop. It will be very effective in stopping the leader in its

* Third Fight *
This is the hardest of the three fights because you'll be facing two medabots that can heal in some way. The leader has healing parts while the partner's MEDAFORCE is an attack that can steal health from you and add to hers. Be quick to attack the leader and don't let the leader leave your sight, if that doesn't work, destroy the partner than the leader. Chances are you'll need to use the MEDAFORCE in this fight. Equip your leader with grappling weapon (Ninja Dagger) and a ranged weapon (Submachine Gun) and your partner with AllRepair head, and two ranged weapons.

TIP: If you ever get the chance, during a fight, hold the down button and you'll gather the MEDAFORCE!!! Then hit Select and your medabot will unleash a powerful attack based on their medal.

  Medabots AX: Metabee / Rokusho

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