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1B. Lichen Missions
1C. Ravine Missions
1D. Scorch Missions
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Mech Platoon GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Shaun William McGurn

1. Walkthrough

1D. Scorch Missions

This is the hardest of the three planets. You will be fighting against the Leons here. Mostly just large clashes of battle mechs against battle mechs. Minos and
Tramplers play on this planet.

Mission 1
Winning Conditions: Eliminate the enemy units before the railroad is complete.
Losing Conditions: Railroad is completed or allied base is destroyed.

First get your labor units gathering resources. Get a factory built right away and get ready to start mass producing units. Send your starter units north and take out those three up there. You have some breathing room now. Build a warehouse now up there and start mining for more resources. Get those battle units produced and head out to take out the enemy. Make sure to send a labor unit with you to salvage there metal corpses. Just whatever you do don't take too long. You can lose this level if you take your time. The only real trick to winning is being quick.

Mission 2
Winning Conditions: Destroy all enemy labor units!
Losing Conditions: Enemy labor unit reaches the target.

I haven't been able to come up with a really good strat for this level. Just get your starter Units and start busting ass. Slaughter the labor units as fast as you can.

Mission 3
Winning Conditions: Eliminate the enemy units!
Losing Conditions: Lava dam destroyed or allied base destroyed.

First build a base and start mining. Get your Tech and Military Levels up so you can build the laser towers and good mech units. Get your starter units to the dam and build some lasers towers over there. Should be safe from attacks now. Get a factory built and start pumping out the mechs. When you feel you have enough go take care of the remaining enemy units. The ones standing by the laser towers you need to lure away from those towers or you will slaughtered.

Mission 4
Winning Conditions: Lead five neutral units to the target!
Losing Conditions: Less than four neutral units survive.

This mission is extememly hard. Pick your strongest and fastest units as your starters. Just go along and grab the labor units as fast as you can and get to the target. All you have to do to get the labor units is walk by them to gain control of them.

Mission 5
Winning Conditions: Collect 500 Lasercrystals!*Not total. Must have it say 500
Losing Conditions: Allied based destroyed.

Impossible? Close to it. You need to get your tech level up and have a tower guarding your base up as soon as possible. Make a factory to make some extra battle units as well. The enemy is going to raid your base and take it out as fast as they can. Just defend your area until there are no more enemies. This will cause two enemy reinforcements to come out at a time. Have your labor units run to teh crystals then run back to the base. As you do this build more towers. Eventualy you will have mined the 500 needed. Remember to do repairs on your towers as well. To the bottom right you will find more Materialrock and Energysand. You may want to build a warehouse when you have the resources and the time somewhere close to the Lasercrystal. Lastly, watch your mechs. They get hung up on edges, corners, nothing... and even go the wrong way at random. You have to keep a close eye on them all the time. Even watch the enemy mechs. They get stuck sometimes too and they can get unstuck and come around a side you are not watching.

Mission 6
Winning Conditions: Eliminate the enemy units!
Losing Conditions: Allied base is destroyed.

This is the hardest of all the missions in the game. At least for me anyways... The enemy gives you no time to build up defenses or anything. You want to start with your strongest mechs. Start your labor units workign and get your tech level up as fast as possible and build laser towers. Eventualy the enemy raids will taper off and give you time to build an attack squad. Once you do storm the enemy.

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