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1. Walkthrough
1A. Tutorial Missions
1B. Lichen Missions
1C. Ravine Missions
1D. Scorch Missions
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Mech Platoon GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Shaun William McGurn

1. Walkthrough

1C. Ravine Missions

The minos are on this planet. You will battle them here as either the Leons or Tramplers. This is the easiest of all the planets.

Mission 1
Winning Conditions: Destroy the enemy warehouses in less than 15 minutes.
Losing Conditions: Time expires.

I usually like to start with 3 close range units and one long range. You will have only 15 minutes to do all of this but you should have plenty of time left over. First you need to do two things. Get a base built and send your battle units off to destroy the warehouse and its gaurd that are to the direct right of the starting point. Once the base is built make a couple more labor units and have all them start bringing in resources. I wouldn't bother with the Energycrystal unless your long range unit gets destroyed. Just get the Eneregysand and the Materialrock. Once you have enough build a factory so you can make more military units. While doing this send your battle units to the next ware house to the right and destroy it then move north to the next one and take it out. You might be low on units now so regroup with the ones you made and take out the last warehouse at the top.

Mission 2
Winning Conditions: Lead five allied units to the target destination.
Losing Conditions: Less than 4 allied units survive.

Pick all Abyss units for this level. They will be able to pick off the monsters before they get a chance to fight back. First head down to where the labor units are. Take out any monster that are in your path. Once you reach them send two off to where the destination is to clear a path. Once that is done Move the labor units to the destination with the two other battle units.

Mission 3
Winning Conditions: Destroy the Train.
Losing Conditions: Enemy Train survives or allied base is destroyed.

Start with four close range battle units. You don't really need the long range ones in this mission. Get your labor units going right away gathering materials and get a factory built to make more close range units. Send the ones you got now out into battle. Make sure to send one labor unit with them to pick up the wreckage of the enemy mechs to get a new piece of equipment. Bust up all the enemy mechs and then go after the train. Send in reenforcements as needed.

Mission 4
Winning Conditions: Lead new parts transport to the allied base.
Losing Conditions: New parts transport unit lostor allied base destroyed.

First you need to get those transport trucks moving. They are sitting ducks right now and they have a bunch of enemy units headed there way. Go down. You want to get them below where the monsters are. Not that the monsters will battle the enemy units(lame...) but its the safest spot for now. Meanwhile have your labor units build a factory and start gathering resources. Make some close range units and clear out the enemy units that are to the left of the base. Take out the ones on top first. Get your transport trucks though there and to the base. You may want to salvage some of the enemy units for parts as well.

Mission 5
Winning Conditions: Protect the Materialrock mining site.
Losing Conditions: Enemy reaches Materialrock mining site or allied base is destroyed.

This mission is incredibly difficult. They key to winning is laser towers. Put three starter units to guard the left valley and two to guard the north valley. Now go and mine the lasercrystal and the energysand that is below the base. While doing this get your Technology Level up. As soon as that level is up build a Laser Tower in front of the material rock. This should hold off the intruders but you still will want to build more. Soon after all the enemy units will be destroyed.

Mission 6
Winning Conditions: Eliminate the enemy units!
Losing Conditions: Allied base destroyed.

First get your Tech Level up so you can build laser towers. Next start gathering resources and build a warehouse for the Lasercrystal and Energysand to the left. Once you have your tech up start building a wall of laser towers. Also set up a couple labor units to do repairs on the towers and salvage teh enemy remains. Then just sit tight and let the enemy come to you for laser tower death.

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