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Lego Island 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Jöhñbôb

4. Walkthrough (3)

Information Center
Give the Infomaniac his letter.

Ferry Pier
Talk to the guy to go to Castle Island.

Castle Island
Play Fan Fling to get a Toll Bridge Coin.
Play Brick Dive to get the Jail Page near the bottom and passage to the other part.
Play Joust to get a Toll Bridge Coin.
Talk to the wizard to go back to LEGO Island.

Toll Booth
Talk to Red Greenbase to go across the bridge. Go south to get the Pizzeria Page.

Talk to Papa to do a mini game: Deliver the Pizza. Follow the arrows to where you need to deliver. Then you get the Skate Park Page.

Skate Park
Rebuild it, but you still need the key.

Beach 2
Go north of Snap Lockitt's place to get the Skate Park Key. Then talk to Snap. Go find his squid by going far west. Get it and bring it back. Play the game to get the Radio Station Page.

Radio Station
Rebuild it. You need to find the 4 Antenna Pieces.

1. Beach near Johhny Thunder
2. Woods west of Bridge from middle Island to North Island.
3. North of the Information Center
4. Near the 3 houses on the west side of North Island by a house by the lake

Spanners are in these places:
1. Man Fixing Car
2. Res-Q, go north, and cross the Zebra crossing
3. Across the street from Fire Station.
4. Radio Station when you have all 4 RAPs

Skate Park
Play the game to get a trophy.

Give him the trophy. You get the Police Station Page.

Police Station
Time for your driving test. Stay under the limit by tapping L when you get there. Be careful and you will get your license!

Radio Station
Talk to the DJ.

Talk to Nubby and get the gas.

  Lego Island 2


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