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3. Items
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Lego Island 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Jöhñbôb

4. Walkthrough (2)

Old Man
Take his glasses to him and he will give you the orchard Page. Go to the orchard on North Island.

Rebuild the house, then you will get a space shuttle piece. Go to the area called "Flashlight".

Go there and get it. Then go to "Manhole"

Go there and you will be taken to another area. Go over to the lady and you will play the Sub-Game called "Apple Grapple". After that, you will get a ladder.

Walk up to a tree to put the ladder up. Get the page, which is Bill Ding's House Page. Go there to rebuild it. it is on the middle island.

Bill Ding's House
After you rebuild it, he will give you a hardhat. Go to the tunnel on the middle island.

Talk to the guy and go to south island. On the beach near Johnny Thunder, you can find a Radio Antenna Piece.

Go there and it will be rebuilt.

Toll Booth
Go across the street and through the hole in the wall. Go over to find Laura Brick's Radio.

Police Station
Give Laura her radio and you'll get a Bill Ding trading card.

Darren's House
Go in his backyard and get the Hospital Page.

As you go down the bridge to the middle island, go through a hole in the fence. There is a Radio Antenna Piece there. Go back to the bridge and further south. Go on a walkway and go talk to the dude. He will give you the Infomaniac's Letter.

Rebuild it and the ambulance comes. Talk to the guy and he gives you a Ferry Ticket.

  Lego Island 2


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