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I: Introduction
II: Characters
III: Controls
IV: Items
V: Levels
VI: Mini Bosses
VII: Big Bosses
VIII: Legal Stuff

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Justice League: Injustice for All FAQ/Walkthrough.


VI: Mini Bosses

ALIEN WALKER: Use jumping B attacks on its "head."

THE CHEETAH: Just go in close and pound away, but be ready to receive some minor damage.

ALIEN POD: Keep your distance, nailing it with heat vision and batarangs. Time your attacks well, as it is momentarily invincible after a hit.

VII: Big Bosses

MECH: For a first boss, it can be a pain in the neck to beat it. Your best bet is to start the fight as Superman and fire heat vision from afar. You'll run out, but the mech won't be able to dish out enough damage to knock out both Superman and Wonder Woman when you go hand-to- hand with it. To avoid its attacks if absolutely necessary, take to the air until it is safe to land and attack once more.

ESCAPE CRAFT: Lex's escape craft is an easy boss. Just stay close to it and pound away with punches and kicks. Being close will also force any missiles you dodge to hit the craft.

FELIX FAUST: Thanks to his magic powers, Faust can move around the screen on many levels, forcing you into flight. You should start off with Hawkgirl and use your L button mace to soften Faust up for normal B attacks.

THE JOKER: The Joker is no laughing matter. He's rather quick and has some nasty bombs. To prevent that, I suggest using Flash's charged up B attack to your fullest advantage or at least stay up close and personal with your B attacks.

STAR SAPPHIRE: Another flyer, you'll also have to take flight to get her. No matter whom you start with, activate your L button super power to be temporarily invulnerable. You can take out at least two-thirds of her health before you are vulnerable again.

THE SHADE: The Shade doesn't do much physical damage, but he can teleport around the room's platforms, making the screen go pitch black each time. You'll have to be on your toes to catch him. Martian Manhunter's flight makes it easier to get to the higher platforms. B attacks when in close are the best bet in this fight. Martian Manhunter's L power is also quite useful here.

SPACE CRAFT: Take flight as Martian Manhunter and activate your L power to be invulnerable. Wail away on the ship with the B button, charged or normal. If you have lost the Manhunter by this point, jumping B attacks from Batman are also effective.

SOLOMON GRUNDY: A big brute, you'd be better to keep your distance. Use Green Lantern's charged B attack when afar and jump over Grundy when he comes close, taking a B attack shot from behind. As Green Lantern, activate your L power as soon as the fight starts to get some cheap close shots in. Look out for falling stalactites.

THE CHEETAH: Just go in close and pound away, but be ready to receive some damage. Once more, Green Lantern's L power comes in handy. As does Flash's charged B attack.

THE ULTRA HUMANITE: Start off as Hawkgirl and use your L attack while the Ultra Humanite wanders on the right side platform. When he comes down, back off and use Batman's L batarangs and only use close combat when necessary.

AIR CRAFT: Very easy boss. Just use heat vision from afar, and finish it off with Hawkgirl's L attack.

UBERMECH: You'd think having all five League members would make this easy, but not really. You can dodge most of the lethal attacks by staying down and just punching away. You wouldn't really need Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter's L powers while doing this.

LEX LUTHOR: Start off with Green Lantern and move back and fly. When Lex flies, use your charged B attack to blast him. This should lower his health considerably. You can also use Superman's heat vision here as well. Go in with either Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter and use your L powers to avoid damage, as Lex's electricity attack is an instant kill for a Leaguer. You can also use Superman if you want, as he appears to do more damage with normal B attacks against Lex.

  Justice League: Injustice for All


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