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I: Introduction
II: Characters
III: Controls
IV: Items
V: Levels
VI: Mini Bosses
VII: Big Bosses
VIII: Legal Stuff

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Justice League: Injustice for All FAQ/Walkthrough.


I: Introduction

The proud legacy of action/ adventure side scrollers lives on! Once the role was held by such games as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Double Dragon, Final Fight, Mario, Megaman, and many others. In this day and age, you can only find such games on the Game Boy Advance (and the occasional Playstation game, such as Megaman X 4-6).

Now, Midway has brought the Justice League back into the 2-D side- scrolling genre for the Game Boy Advance. And they have done a terrific job. But the challenge can run high. And that is why this guide exists.

The story begins when Superman and Wonder Woman head to Metropolis to fight off an attack initiated by a legion of robots. But that is only the beginning...

  Justice League: Injustice for All


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