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1. Layin' down da LAW!
2. About JP3
3. The Main menus
4. Basic management tips
5. Contruction Tips
6. Advanced management tips
7. Dinosaur List + Locations  1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80, 81-100, 101-120, 121-140
8. FAQ and CODES
9. Contact me
10. Questions NOT to ask me please
11. Credits + Mutants List
12. The Final Farewell

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Jurassic Park 3: Park Builder FAQ/Walkthrough

By David Kamikaze

10. Questions NOT to ask me please

I am forced into doing this to save me valuable inbox space. I get asked some of the most stupid questions, and unfortunately I have stopped finding them amusing! No offence meant to anybody, but I try to reply to every e-mail and I am getting tired...

* DON'T ASK if Park Builder will appear on any other console. Truth is, I DO NOT KNOW AT ALL! If it does I will note it down here, but for now it seems like it's a GBA exclusive. Lucky!

* DON'T ASK me for any reference to emulated copies or save files. I am partial to SNES and Genesis emulatiomn, but nothing after that. It's illegal, wrong and it's killing the games industry.

* DON'T ASK me to do detailed step-by-step guides for individuals anymore. It takes up valuable time, and since I am a web designer, I need to start making time for myself.

* DON'T ASK for cheats. They are up now. See? I have tested them. They work. And they work amazingly well as well! The Loadsa Money cheat works amazingly well! Maybe too well...

* DON'T ASK me ever again why you are losing money. First up, unless you can be more accurate I can't help. And secondly, all your facilities cost money every month. Learn from this.

* DON'T ASK for where you can find Dinos. This has been the main focus, I have updated with a bigger Dinos list with more detail. Please do not ask for this ever again, you have it.

* DON'T ASK me to help you with a Park Builder fansite. I do not do freebies anymore. I am a web designer, freebies are killing me and I cannot afford to do them anymore. Sorry!

* DON'T ASK ever again if you can upload this onto your website. I am finding it hard to keep track of it now... unless you are a qualified cheats site you may NOT use this on your site. A thousand apologies...

* DON'T ASK me a question and proceed with flames (you know who you are! Yes... you're in my mutants list!) as you will be totally ignored and reported to your ISP. And I have ruined a lot of people this way!

* DON'T ASK personal questions. This seems obvious but you would be very surprised how many times people ask for my telephone number, address etc. You will be totally ignored. Full stop!

  Jurassic Park 3: Park Builder

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jurassic park builder 3

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