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1. Layin' down da LAW!
2. About JP3
3. The Main menus
4. Basic management tips
5. Contruction Tips
6. Advanced management tips
7. Dinosaur List + Locations  1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80, 81-100, 101-120, 121-140
8. FAQ and CODES
9. Contact me
10. Questions NOT to ask me please
11. Credits + Mutants List
12. The Final Farewell

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Jurassic Park 3: Park Builder FAQ/Walkthrough

By David Kamikaze

6. Advanced Management Tips

* Keep your entry fee and hotel fee level. 1000G is normally OK for the beginners.
* Keep dino enclosure security at max to avoid breakouts.
* Don't place dinos until you are making a profit.
* Dino rampages are not good news... boulders can protect people.
* Dying dinos are not good for business so keep them happy and healthy!
* Ocean animals die fast. So beware of that... they only live 2-3 months...
* Charge a lot for food. About 1/3 your hotel fee for REX Burger, 1/2 for the grill and cafe.
* Use my construction tips wisely. They are there to keep people happy and to make you money!
* Until you are making a good profit, do not place statues.
* Start advertising on the cheap. Work your way up. The most expensive advertising isn't 100% reliable anyway! Just coz it costs more, doesn't mean it's better value.
* ALWAYS have your restaurants upgraded to 5*. Hygiene costs, but it emptys walllets much faster!
* Keep tabs on your shop. If people can't find what they want it's not in it's line up, so build another shop and stock that item they want in.
* Shop items depend on what Dinos you have! So keep a good eye out... you never know when you might get an unexpected item!
* Never place carnivores together in the same enclosure, and do not place herbivores in with carnivores (makes sense when you think about it!)
* You can keep 3 herbivore dinos in the same enclosure, but be careful.
* Ancient bugs can go anywhere. They only feed on the dinos blood. They don't do much damage. So don't keep bugs in their own enclosure- it's a waste of money!
* Be wary of T-Rex's and Gigantosauruses. And keep their enclosures at max security.
* Same for raptors. Be careful. Max security tho doesn't always help... but they are deterred by small boulders! And never place long grass near a raptor pen. Otherwise you won't know they escaped until it's too late!
* Finally, when you do something right and there are no angry bubbles on people, SAVE! It's hard to keep the fickle public happy. When you do you are on a roll and should save in case something goes hideously wrong!

  Jurassic Park 3: Park Builder

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