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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Walkthrough.

By Schlave

Walkthrough (8)

When you reach Hagrid's house, go out angain through the door on the left, into his garden. He's standing nearby the entrance, so go to him, and he'll brief you about the collection of the Mucus - you get the worms, Hermione and Hagrid extract the Mucus. Charm the

Flobberworms to Hagrid!
Hagrid gives you a flute, which you play by pressing the L button. You have to locate the Flobberworms (orange, tube like things) and make them follow you when you play the flute. When you get close enough they will follow you, so guide them back to Hagrid. But beware! The worms can fall into chasms, get poisoned by mushrooms, or eaten by Tentaculars, so watch out so you'll have to go back all the way to get the Flobberworm where you first found it again.

1. When you first start off, go straight and take the moving bridge across the chasm to the right. When you're at the other side, go left into the upper path, past the Tentacular. Now weave between the mushroom patches, being careful of the Doxies, and you should find a Flobberworm amongst the patches of mushrooms. Guide him carefully out and to the moving platform, then back to the other side to Hagrid.

2. Now go back on to the moving platform on the left, back to the other side. Proceed left and downwards and you should find another Flobberworm. Guide him back to the moving platform, back to the other side, to Hagrid.

3. Again, take the moving bridge on the right to the other side, and keep going north past the mushroom patches until you see a pressure plate and a bridge facing the wrong way. Step on the pressure plate, cross the bridge and follow the path through the bushes, dodging the Doxies and pushiung the Flipendo block, until you find the third worm. Charm him back through the path and back to Hagrid carefully.

4. For your fourth worm, take the moving bridge on the right again, and go forwards and right. There should be a gap in the bushes beside a Tentacular, so go through and knock out the blue gnomes wandering around. Go south and right a little, and you should see your fourth worm on a small brown wooden bridge. Align yourself carefully with the bridge, then charm the worm off the bridge. Go south a little more and press a pressure plate to turn around a bridge. Cross the bridge with your worm - it's a shortcut back to Hagrid.

5. Now take the small wooden bridge shortcut mentioned above, and go through the gap in the bushes to the right nearby. Weave through and avoid the mushroom patches and Doxies, and you will find the fifth worm. Charm the worm back to Hagrid using the shortcut.

6. Take the shortcut again, and go as north as you can until you find two moving platforms. Knock out any blue gnomes nearby, and cross the chasm by expertly interchanging platforms when they touch each other. Go forward and push the Flipendo block into the hole, cross it and go to the left through another gap in the bushes nearby. There's your last worm, so you know what to do. You'll have to be careful when crossing the chasm; sometimes the rhythm of the platforms are irregular and you'll find yourself losing the worm whenever you try to cross the platforms. Return the last worm to Hagrid.

Ohh yeah! Now it's time to sit back and let Hermione do the dirty work. She gives you a jar of Flobberworm Mucus, which you take. Now leave and go for Defence Against the Dark Arts class on Floor 3.

"You collected the Flobberworm Mucus! It's a treasure you don't want to hold on for too long!"

Go through the garden and return swiftly through the grounds to Hogwarts Castle.

Floor 3
At the top of the stairs, Ron tells you that someone called Nicolas Flamel and your principal, Dumbledore, were involved in something in a forbidden corridor. Anyway, follow him to Defence Against the Dark Arts class. Professor Quirrell teaches you Lumos, the light spell. After learning it, you will go into another room for the Lumos Challenge.

Lumos Challenge
You've learnt Lumos, now use it. Whenever you see yourself in this kind of dark place, cast Lumos to illuminate your surroundings.

1. Go right and through the only open door. Go downwards and right, and you should find a gargoyle on a pressure plate. Cast Flipendo on the gargoyle to make it move, then go through the open door to the north. Knock out the two gnomes and take the first Star. The bookshelf on the left contains a Jellybean.

2. Exit the room and go to the right, avoiding the gargoyle. Go through the doorway and to the right is an easy Golden Star.

3. Keep going right and downwards, knocking out the gnomes on your way, pushing the barrel away, entering a room on the left, and take the third Golden Star.

4. Push the pressure plate, exit the room, and go upwards to find another open doorway! Knock out the gnomes wandering around, grab the Golden Star and go down the ladder just behind the Star.

5. Woohoo, another dark room. Your major concern is the numerous enemies wandering around, so take care of those before lighting up the place. The small pot to the left contains a Jellybean. Go to the right, and you will see some gnomes wandering around three big claypots. Take out the gnomes and smash the pots, one of which yields a Star.

6. Now go alllll the way left until you see a blue gnome wandering around, as well as three pots. Take out the gnome and break the pot. One of them yields the last Star. Now exit by the door slightly the the north of where you found your last Star (I hope you've finished off all the gnomes in the area, otherwise the door won't open. Now go up the ladder in the room. When you emerge in another dark room, you'll see an open door to the left. Go through, and...

"You passed the Lumos Challenge! It was never something you took lightly!"

Outside, Quirrell awards you 20 House Points and you exit the room.

Upon exiting it, Ron tells you a shocker - one of the ingredients for Snape's Wiggenweld Potion, Wiggentree Bark, can only the found in Snape's storeroom! Well, if you press Select and look at the map, you'll see your objective, to "borrow" Wiggentree Bark from the dungeons. So, go there!

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