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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Walkthrough.

By Schlave

Walkthrough (11)

Floor 7
It's back to the Common Room, and Hermione congratulates you on finding the book. She then gives you a little information on Nicolas Flamel, and you wonder about the gigantic dog, Fluffy, in the dungeons.

The next morning, in the Great Hall, Ron tells you about the next Quidditch match against Ravenclaw. Then Draco comes over and insults Ron. Walk upwards and go left, opening a chest for a Chocolate Frog, and exiting the Great Hall to go to the bannered arena on the right on the Grounds.

Quidditch match aginst blue-robed Ravenclaw. What more can I say. After that, Hagrid meets you outside and serves you up your detention from Snape. So go across the Grounds to the garden on the left (there's an enclosure sealed off with mini-statues which withholds a Chocolate Frog. Use Avifors.). The gardens have changed a little, but it's still simple enough to get past. Find your way to the thorn bush blocking the entrance to Hagrid's hut, except that you're supposed to go to the portcullis on the left this time. Hagrid's waiting outside, and let's you into the...Forbidden Forest.

Find the Forbidden Forest Unicorn!
Well, as Hagrid said, follow the silver trails of blood. You won't spot any for quite a while, but just follow these steps first.

1. Go upwards and left across the bridge. Be careful - holes are formed, sealing off your exit.

2. Go upwards again and pick off a thorny bush to go through. You'll be in a large area with gnomes teeming around. Go to the left where four thorny bushes are together in a group. Blast your way through and go upwards and left through some mushroom patches, past some huge thorns and annoying Doxies.

3. You will reach another large area with a few golden gnomes and Doxies around. Lure the Doxies into the Tentacular's maul and knock out the gnomes. Proceed to the left past a pond and spiky snail to find a stationary platform and a stone on a pressure plate. Cast Avifors on the stone to free the pressure plate, and get onto the moving platform to the other side for a bag of Jellybeans.

4. Go back to the other side and go downwards until you see a Tentacular next to a pit filled with what looks like rock walls. Continue directly downwards until you see a thorn bush and some mushroom patches. Take out the thorn bush and proceed downwards and left.

5. Take the lower path past the Tentacular and keep going downwards until you see small clumps of large thorns. Now press on left and you'll eventually come upon some grains of silver - trails of unicorn blood! Ah, you're on the right track! Follow the trails to another entrance to another part of the Forest.

6. Press on left following the blood trails and past the troll. Keep following the blood trails until you come upon the unicorn lying dead on the grass...

As you reach the unicorn you see someone who looks like Quirrell without the turban marching toward the unicorn. He reaches the unicorn and drinks its blood. The illustration that follows after shows a centaur rescuing Harry from the cloaked person. After that, you end up in a place full of mushroom patches. Avoid the troll and save at the save point, then go downwards until you see a dirt area at the wall of trees. That means there is an invisible entrance into the grove of trees! Enter and although you can't see yourself, it's easy to find your way through. Keep going downwards and into groves of's self-explanatory, no need for a walkthrough here. After a few trips through groves of trees, you exit the Forbidden Forest from the right!

"You found the unicorn and escaped the Forbidden Forest! You're sorry it's dead but you feel you're close to solving the secret of the Sorcerer's Stone!"

Exit Hagrid's Hut and you'll find yourself in the Entrance with Ron and Hermione. Now you have to go to the Forbidden Corridor on Floor 3. On the way, there are a few Prefects, but not enough to stop you taking the direct routes to the stairs.

Floor 3
The Forbidden Corridor is on the bottom left of Floor 3. It's easy to find, so go through the open door.

1. Go along the corridor, avoiding the spikes and taking down the gnomes on the way (alternatively, you could lure them onto the spikes). When you see a giant mirror on the wall, cast Alohomora on it to open a secret door. Go through.

2. Move swiftly along the passageway and along the narrow path (cast Flipendo on the switch on the wall along the way, it will flip a bridge). At the end, collect the Chocolate Frog and the jellybean and go through the door and across the bridge. You will see a golden statue, so cast Wingardium Leviosa on it and guide it to a switch on the upper right, past a few spikes. Land it on the switch and go through another open door.

3. Now step carefully on the moving platforms to the other side and avoid falling through the numerous cracks in the floor. Dodge the tortoise which shoots fire at you (or make it fall through one of the cracks) and open the door behind the mirror with a well-aimed Alohomora charm. You'll find a Flipendo switch beyond the door, so flip it and go out again.

4. By flipping the switch, you have opened a door to the left. So carefully pick your way out the door to the left and through the new opened door. Exit is to the left.

Charming Fluffy
Whoa! You find Ron and Hermione waiting for you. Apparently they can't get past Fluffy (the huge dog in the dungeons you might have seen previously), but you suggest using music to calm it. If you need healing, smash the two pots nearby for jellybeans, then go to the right. To confront Fluffy, you need to play the flute (with the L Button. Remember the Flobberworms?) until the golden bar on the bottom right side of the screen fills up totally. That is when Fluffy falls asleep. But it's no easy task, you have to play and dodge Fluffy's maul at the same time. The flute is only effective when Fluffy is on the screen, and if at any time he manages to bite you, the bar empties again. When he's asleep, slip past him to the trapdoor all the way on the left.

"You slipped past Fluffy! Sleep, Fluffy, sleep! Good dog! Now on to find the Sorcerer's Stone!"

The Devil's Snare
Now you find you're in a place filled with vines. Save at the save point nearby, and don't panic when you see Hermione and Ron yelling for help. Take your time through the maze. Hermione says something about the Devil's Snare - the plant enemies in the maze you will encounter - liking the damp and the dark. That means you need to hurt it with the lighted fire beside it. To destroy the Devil's Snare, you will need to scatter the firepile by shooting Flipendo at it. The lighted sticks will fly everywhere and ignite the Devil's Snare, killing it. Watch out for the seeds it spits.

1. Go to the right and downwards, taking the first path to the left and pushing the barrel onto the pressure plate. Now go to the right, and upwards, where you'll see a Devil's Snare and a pressure plate on the other side of a chasm. Get across to the other side, destroy the Devil's Snare, and press the plate. Then get back to the other side.

2. Keep pressing on right until you find access to some moving bridges across a huge chasm. With extreme care, cross to the other side, dodging the Devil's Snare and grabbing a bag of Jellybeans. Now go downwards and to the right, press the pressure plate and go back to the other side.

3. Now continue downwards through the corridor and push the Flipendo block into the hole. Cross the Flipendo block (don't be scared if it vanishes) and go to the left, through a looooooonnnnggg corridor.

4. At the end of the corridor, press on leftwards and cast Alohomora on the mirror. Go through the door and upwards, taking out the blue gnomes on the way. At the end, kill off the Devil's Snare and cast Avifors on the stone to the left to free a pressure plate. A Jellybean is underneath another stone to the right.

5. Exit the door to the south and go left and upwards. By freeing the pressure plate in Step 4, you have enabled a moving platform. Go across, pushing the Flipendo blocks into the pits, and go all the way to way upwards until you find a pressure plate. Press it, and go downwards and to the right. Open the mirror by casting Alohomora on it, and go through.

6. Kill off the Devil's Snare and go across the bridge. You'll find Ron, Hermione and a Devil's Snare. Kill it off and Ron and Hermione will talk for a little before exiting through a door in the wall. Finished!

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