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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Walkthrough.

By Schlave

Walkthrough (10)

Floor 7
Back at the Common Room, Ron talks to you for a little and you tell him about the Mirror of Erised.

The next Morning, you appear here, and Ron tells you that you have Potions class! So go to the Dungeons and to Potions Class on the left.

Yipee. Here's Snape, and he appears irritated that you made it with all ingredients after all! He tells you to mix the Potion, and the ladle starts to spin, so go up to the cauldron and you will get a vial of Wiggenweld Potion (at last!). Now Ron tells you that you have Charms class on Floor 2.

"You mixed the Wiggenweld Potion! Even Snape can't deny you've done well with your assignment."

Exit the Dungeons and go to Charms class on Floor 2.

Floor 2
Charms class is on the right - you can't miss it. Enter and you meet Professor Flitwick, a tiny, wizened wizard. Follow his wand movements and you will learn Wingardium Leviosa. Next, Flitwick gives you a challenge. Enter the room on the right.

Wingardium Leviosa Challenge
Once again, six golden stars. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on certain objects in the room and move them around with the Control Pad onto the pressure plates.

1. Go upwards past the numerous pressure plates to find a scroll, Golden Star and Flipendo switch in a corner. Flip the switch and get the Golden Star.

2. Now backtrack and you will find several gold statues have come out of nowhere. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on them and move them onto the pressure plates. When that is done, go down and left, through the passage, to find another Golden Star and an open door.

3. Through the door you will find a bridge facing the wrong way, as well as a statue and a pressure plate on the other side. Move the statue on to the plate, go across the bridge and get the third Golden Star.

4. You will now see three pressure plates and a Flipendo switch. Flip the switch and three objects will appear out of nowhere. Place them on the plates, proceed forward, and place another two objects on another two pressure plates. Decimate the two pots below for a bag of Jellybeans. Cross another bridge and get the Golden Star.

5. Simply go forward and get the Golden Star. Easy peasy!

6. Go down the ladder on the right and grab the last Golden Star. If you need it, a treasure chest containing a bag Jellybeans is in the room. Go back up the ladder and exit the now open door.

"You conquered the Wingardium Leviosa Challenge! This really lifts your spirits."

Outside the classroom, Ron tells you to go the match against Hufflepuff. You know where to go: the bannered place in the Grounds.

The bannered arena is on the right, so go there and start the match with the yellow-robed Hufflepuff Quidditch Team. You know what to do - grab the Snitch. When you win/lose, Hermione meets you outside and tells you to accompany her to find a book on Nicolas Flamel. Go to Floor 2. Watch out for the one or two prefects patrolling. F

Floor 2
The Library is on the left, and Hermione's waiting outside. Get into the open door!

Find the Book!
In the library are dozens upon dozens of bookshelves. They all yield nothing, and remember to cast Lumos to brighten the way.

1. Go upwards and you'll find a pressure plate in the corner. Remember its location, then keep going left until you find three statues blocking a door. Move two out of the way and use one to hold down the pressure plate you saw just now. Go into the unblocked door.

2. Go to the right, where you'll see a locked door. Remember its location, then go upwards across the bridge. Take a left when you see a two-way junction.

3. You'll see some books on a pressure plate. Use Avifors on the books and free the plate. Then go to the left and up along the corridor, and push the Flipendo block over the hole. Go over the block and proceed left, along the corridor and push another Flipendo block into a hole.

4. Keep going upwards along the passageway until you come to a dead end with a bookshelf. WAIT, that's no bookshelf, search it and it will slide away to reveal a door. Proceed until you find a barrel blocking your way.

5. Now proceed right alll the way and search the rightmost bookshelf. It will slide away - another secret door! Proceed upwards and right until you find another barrel blocking your way. Push it along the corridor and proceed downwards and to the left.

6. Now you see that a bridge you had previously crossed is now horizontal! Cross the bridge and keep going right until you see a bookshelf with a ladder next to it. Search it, and the Nicolas Flamel Book will pop out! Take it, and go all the way back right (not the lower path will portraits, but the upper path along the horizontal bridge) to the horizontal bridge.

7. Ah! There's a pile of books on a pressure plate which has mysteriously appeared! Well, cast Avifors on it and the bridge will flip! Now take the gigantic loop ALLLLLLLLL the way back across the bridge, to the locked door you found in Step 2. It's open! Go through!

"You found the Nicolas Flamel book! Maybe the tangled mystery of the Sorcerer's Stone will finally be revealed!"

After exiting, go all the way to the right, pushing the Flipendo block across the chasm, and moving a stone out of the way with Wingardium Leviosa. Out the door and...ARRGH! PROFESSOR SNAPE! Well, there's no other way out, and you get caught and get a detention. So make your way up to Floor 4 and use the bookshelf staircase way, otherwise Snape will take 24 House points away to let you use the main staircases.

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