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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Walkthrough.

By Schlave

Walkthrough (1)

You start off here, with your new-found friend Ron(ald) Weasley. He tells you to go to the Defence Against the Dark Arts Class on Floor 3, and mentions something about a girl named Hermione. Now proceed forwards up the steps, but before you even reach the top, you are confronted by a snobbish Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, who insults the members of Gryffindor scathingly, before letting you past. Ignore him and just keep going forward through doors and up steps to higher Floors.

Floor 2
When you reach here, you see Peeves the poltergeist, who isn't really a danger (for now). He cackles mischievously and glides off. Now just ignore him and walk forwards and up the stairs to Floor 3.

Floor 3
Ron is at the top of the stairs which you have just come up from, so follow him to the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. In case you lose sight of him, the classroom is on the right side of the Floor, with an iron cauldron and 3 candles flanking it. Enter the classroom.

Inside, you will find a teacher, Professor Quirrell, who will teach you the Flipendo jinx, the very first spell you will learn. To learn it, repeat Quirrell's movements by tapping the respective direction keys to move your wand. You learn it by completing the first set of movements, but you get more House Points if you pull off the second and third set. When you finish, Quirrell will make you complete a challenge in another room, using your newly learned Flipendo jinx. Enter the room he has opened.

Flipendo Challenge
Now, you can use your B button to cast the Flipendo spell. You see that orange hand in the top right corner of the screen? That means that you are casting Flipendo now. When you learn more spells, you can cycle through each one by pressing the L button.

To complete the Challenge, you must grab 6 Golden Stars and escape alive. If you fall into a pit or lose all your stamina (5 Energy Bolts at the top left corner of the screen) you must start again. Scrolls are scattered around to give you tips on using the spell effectively.

1. Go forward and left to a dead end, where you will see a switch (in the shape of a shield) with a hand insignia on it. Cast the Flipendo jinx on the shield and it will flip a bridge around, allowing you to cross a chasm later. Now go back and right, and push the barrel away by casting Flipendo on it several times. When the way is clear, go forward and left to get your first Golden Star. Now keep going left.

2. When you see two golden coloured gnomes wandering around, don't panic, but aim a Flipendo jinx at them and knock them both out. Collect the second Golden Star from the room and go through the newly opened door.

3. Go forward and left to find the third Golden Star on a carpet.

4. After you get your third Golden Star, cast Flipendo on the several blocks with hand insignia on them in the correct direction. If you cast it right, they will shift and bridge up the chasms to allow to cross. You may have to double back to cast Flipendo on certain blocks which you can't reach at your current position. On the way, zap the gnome and get the Bertie Botts' Every Flavored Jellybeans on the way to restore Energy Bolts if needed. Grab the fourth Golden Star when the way is clear.

5. After crossing the chasms, you will come upon a bookcase. Go in front of it and press UP to search it. Ta-da! A jellybean. Do this for every other bookcase you find - you might be surprised! Grab the easy fifth Golden Star in the doorway.

6. In the next room, cast Flipendo on the small brown pots to get jellybeans and knock out the two gnomes wandering around the room with Flipendo as well. Get the last Golden Star on the carpet, and if you've got 6 Stars, the exit door will open. Now find your way to the exit carefully.

"You mastered the Flipendo Challenge! Your reputation will get a push now!"

Upon exiting the room, Quirrell will reward 20 House Points for Gryffindor, and shoo you off to your next class, Potions (Don't cast you newly learned spell on him, he would take off 5 House Points if you do.).

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