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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Walkthrough.

By Schlave

Spells and Enchantments

There are several spells you learn in this whole game, and you can cycle round them using the L button. They come in various uses (some quite entertaining) and can be used any time, including during class or in the castle. Which quite means you can aim it at anyone...including teachers (Why? Because they are there!), but don't go firing it off at them because they'll lop some House Points off you.

Learned from: Professor Quirrell Place learned: Defence Against the Dark Arts Class What it does: It pushes, repells and enables certain objects, particularly things with a handprint on them. It is also a basic attack spell, but certain creatures are immune to it.

Learned from: Hermione Place learned: Common Room What it does: Opens chests and doors with a lock on them. Also opens mirrors to reveal secret doors.

Learned from: Professor McGonagall Place learned: Tranfiguration Class What it does: Tranforms certain things into birds to release pressure plates and enable certain gadgets.

Learned from: Professor Quirrell Place learned: Defence Against the Dark Arts Class What it does: Lights up dark areas.

Wingardium Leviosa
Learned from: Professor Flitwick Place learned: Charms Class What it does: Makes certain objects rise and hover in the air. Press A to let them down again.


Quidditch is a sport played on broomstick. There are several members on each team (I've forgotten their role) but some of them are Beaters, which means they swat deadly balls at you called Bludgers.

Your controls change in a game of Quidditch:
A Button : Accelerate
B Button : Swoop and dodge a Bludger
Directional keys move your broom in the way you have set them. To adjust these settings, press Start, then select "Flying Controls".

Your objective, as a Seeker, is to seek out the golden ball with wings known as the Snitch. It is golden and has wings, and is a sonovabitch of catch. To catch it involves a few stages:

Stage 1: Keeping the Snitch nearby
At first, you must wait for the Snitch to be released, then follow it. You notice it has a golden ring around it? As you draw closer, the ring shrinks. You must touch the Snitch to go to Stage 2.

Stage 2: Chasing the Snitch
Now, the screen changes a little. You've got a golden bar at the bottom of the screen, and you're supposed to chase the Snitch and go through shiny rings it leaves behind. For every ring you go through, you accelerate, and the bar fills up a little. When it fills up totally and you're close enough to the Snitch...stage 3!

Stage 3: Catching the Snitch
Aha! The screen changes again. You don't have to control Harry, and your controls change again:

A Button :
Close your hand to grab the Snitch if in reach
B Button :
Close your hand to grab the Snitch if in reach

You'll see a bar in the middle of the screen, your hand on the left side and the Snitch sliding along the bar. The bar is slowly emptying of its blue zone - that means you've got limited time! When it's at your hand, press A or B to grab! Time it right, or you'll return to stage 1!

Grabbed it? Ta-da! You win! Congratulations, well done!

  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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