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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Walkthrough.

By Schlave

Friends and Foes

Throughout the adventure you will meet assorted enemies who will bar your way if you don't attempt to get rid of them with magic. Some foes also hinder, but not stop, your progress, and your duty is to find a way around them. Other foes can be stopped in their tracks with Flipendo jinxes.

However, the adventure also contains friends, who will help you on your way. They give you advice or teach you magic, or give you items, which can make your journey a helluva lot easier. Below is a list on who are your friends, and who are your foes.


A centaur who rescues you from *spoiler* Quirrell when he drinks the unicorn blood *spoiler* . Not very significant, though.

Hermione Granger
A pupil at Hogwarts, and later becomes a firm friend when you rescue her from the troll. Best and cleverest of the first-year pupils of Hogwarts. She teaches you the Alohomora spell.

Ronald Weasley
Another pupil at Hogwarts, and is your friend from the start. Mainly for direction giving, as well as giving some quick tips.

Rubeus Hagrid
A large "half-giant" and gamekeeper of Hogwarts. Lives in his hut in the gardens of Hogwarts grounds. Assists you in making the search for potion ingredients easier, and lets slip important information about the Sorcerer's Stone.

Teachers (Professor McGonagall, Quirrell etc.)
Teach you spells which are widely used in the game.

Eats those idiotic Doxies hanging around for you!


Blue Gnomes
Description : Little blue-coloured critters who wander around the gardens. When they spot you, they make straight for you and attempt to give you a nasty bite. Tougher, but in no way smarter.
Dispatch with : Two Flipendo jinxes.

Description : Little purple-coloured flying critters who hover in the air and fly slowly at you when they spot you. Immune to your Flipendo jinx.
Dispatch with : Use Flipendo to either push them back into a Tentacular, or simply walk around and lure them into the Tentacular maws.

Golden Gnomes
Description : Little golden-coloured critters who wander around the gardens. When they spot you, they make straight for you and attempt to give you a nasty bite.
Dispatch with : One Flipendo jinx.

Description : Pupils who discipline you. A threat when they patrol corridors.
Dispatch with : You can't kill them.

Spiked Snails
Description : Big golden snails which crawl about the floor leaving a slime trail behind. Their body and slime can hurt you.
Dispatch with : Three Flipendos on the snail itself.

Spiked Tortoise
Description : A tortoise-like enemy who crawls at a random manner and occasionally farts out a ball of fire in your direction.
Dispatch with : Three Flipendo blasts.

Description : People who teach you stuff. A threat when they patrol corridors.
Dispatch with : WHAT are you thinking?!

Description : A large, green monster with several tentacles with teeth and jaws on them. Go too near and...SNAP! One energy bolt.
Dispatch with : These can't be killed.

  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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