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1. Intro
2. Updates and Version History
3. Controls and Gameplay
4. Characters

   a. Godzilla
   b. King Ghidorah
   c. Rodan
   d. Mechagodzilla
   e. Mothra
   f. Megalon
   g. Mecha-King Ghidorah
5. Items
6. Modes

   a. Story
   b. Vs.
   c. Custom
   d. Options
7. Stages
8. Legal Stuff

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Godzilla Domination FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: RadoGoji

6. Modes

b. Vs.

If you've got friends (I HOPE you've got friends), then this mode is fun! You can either play with one game pak or multiple game paks.

-Single-Pak: Hook up your GBAs so that playyer 1 has the game in the GBA and the others... don't. After P1 finishes selecting the Vs. mode of play, then selects the mode of Single-Pak, then all the players should see Goji destroying a city. When he gets to the end, the game begins. To compensate for additional players not buying the game, the game will only feature the players as Goji in the Tokyo 2 stage. Have fun!

-Multi-Pak: This is for people who's friendds DID buy the game. When Multi-Pak is selected, a menu comes up just like Custom mode (see below). Each player can pick whichever monster they want (of course with the exception of Mecha-King Ghidorah and all other monsters not in the game). Also available are the stage select and team configurations. All spots not taken up with human players can be replaced with COM characters, whose levels can be tweaked a la Super Smash Bros.

c. Custom

This is the mode for the customizing types. This mode lets you set up just about every aspect of the battle. There will be four columns, one for each player slot, with P1 always active (which means, sadly, no watching the computer fight... sigh). In each column, there are several parts.

-Choosing Monsters: First off is the picturre of the selected monster. If the slot is closed, then a big X will appear, signifying the slot is inactive. Below the picture is the monster's name. Pushing left and right while highlighting the name will change the monster for that player. For P2 through P4, Pushing a direction on the dash where the name should be will activate the slot and allow you to choose a monster for that slot. If you push left while Godzilla is highlighted or right while Megalon is highlighted, the slot will be deactivated.

-Choosing COM levels: Underneath the monsteers name is another space. In P1's slot, it will say "Human" and can't be altered. In activated COM slots, the line will say "CPU" and then a number. This number can go from 1 to 9 and signifies the difficulty level (AI) of the character. This is a level gauge similar to that on Super Smash Bros.

-Choosing Teams: Underneath the "Human"/"CPPU" text is a blank space (or dash, whatever). Pressing left or right while highlighting this spot is how to set up teams. If you want two teams against each other, make sure that the monsters have the number of the team you wish them to be on is on. If you want 3 vs. 1, then put three characters on the same team and the remaining character on no team. The result will be the same. For three teams (which will only really work is a 2 vs. 1 vs. 1 match) Put two monsters on one team and leave the other two on no team. If this is undefined for all monsters, a Free for All match will occur.

-Choosing the Stage: If you push the cursorr up while highlighting the top of a column (i.e. where it says P1,P2,P3, or P4), you will go up to where it says "Tokyo 2". This is where you select out of the seven stages.

-All Done?: When you are done configuring tthe monsters and choosing a stage, press A to commence the battle.

  Godzilla Domination

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