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Ed, Edd n Eddy: Jawbreakers FAQ/Walkthrough.

Written By: Janet Leung aka bunny12


Level 6:
The Trailer Park, First Round
On this level, you can use the Hypno-Disc Hat. The hat may not be displayed at first when you are using Eddy. If the hat is not already displayed, then press select to make the hat appear. Then, equip it and use it on dogs, birds, robots, chickens, and Victor the Goat. Use Eddy to go right till you get to two crates with the Jetpack inside it. Jump on top of the crates, then jump on the wire to to left and get the helmet. Now get Ed over here to break the platform, so he can get the Jetpack. If you want to use the Jetpack instead of the hat, then press select twice. Then, press down and then A to fall down. Now go to the right and break down all the walls. When you get to the chicken, use the hat. You don't have to worry about using up the hat. You can use the hat however many times you want because it will never run out. Go all the way right, and you will eventually get to the arrow in the bottom right hand corner.

Second Round
On this round, you will encounter many chickens. If you use the Hypno-Disc Hat on the chickens, Ed can walk right through them. Go all the way till you go down a slide, and you see a bunch of tires. Jump up to the very top, and wait for a laundry basket to come by. Get into it. The rest, I think you can figure out yourself. The arrow is at the top right hand corner.

Third Round
To get the helmet, get on the yellow car and jump on the ladder above the slime. Go right on the wire and go all the way up past the robots, and you will see the helmet. Then, go down and then right across the laundry baskets to the arrow on the bottom right hand corner.

Fourth Round
Now, use Eddy to get all the way to the trolley. Get Ed there too. Get across the slime and get to the checkpoint. Use Eddy to get on the tire to the left of the checkpoint. Jump to the top of the trailer. Then, press down and then A to fall down. While you are falling, before you hit the tire, hold on to A. You will bounce up really high. When you get to the highest point, do a flip and you will make it to the platform. Then, keep jumping up until you get the helmet. Now go down and hypnotize the goat and bounce past it. Get past all the dogs and everything and you will reach the end. The arrow is at the bottom right hand corner.

Now you fight the Kanker Sisters. Use Eddy to jump on the wall. Then, jump to the upper right and get the helmet. Go back down and get in the trolley. Use Ed to knock down the wall. Then, get him to push the trolley over to Edd. Now use Edd to get in the trolley. Now push everyone across the slime to the arrow. Now get everyone to jump out of the trolley and you will have won. Congratulations! You have now completed the game.

I hope you have enjoyed this faq. If you had any problems understanding any of this, please email me.

  Ed, Edd n Eddy: Jawbreakers

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