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Ed, Edd n Eddy: Jawbreakers FAQ/Walkthrough.

Written By: Janet Leung aka bunny12


Level 3:
The Woods, First Round
Use Eddy to jump up to the ledge on the right. Then jump across and go down. Go to the left across the platforms, and you will find a helmet. Now use Ed to headbutt the wall to the left of him. Now get Edd to pull the switch. Then, use Edd to go to the left and pull the other switch. Now get Eddy to get on one of the three moving platforms. To the right, there is another platform. Jump on it, and then climb up the spider web. Go to the right, and there will be the slingshot. Now get Edd onto the moving platforms and to the left you will see a spider on a spider web. Shoot him. Then jump onto the platform and go to the left, and you will see another spider. Shoot him too. Now go up and when you get all the way up. Then go to the far left and you will see a breakable wall. You need Ed to break the wall. Then get the book, and you will have cleared the stage.

Second Round
Get Eddy to walk left and jump up onto a platform. Then jump up and you will get the slingshot. Now shoot the goat. Get Edd to activate the switch. Now use Eddy to get onto the moving platform. This is kinda complicated. Stand on the left side of the moving platform and do a double jump. If you do it right, you will make it up the green platform. Then get the helmet. Now get Ed to knock down the wall. Then go up and then go to the left then down to activate the switch. Go left and use Ed to break the wall. Then go up, ride the platform, climb down both spiderwebs, and then use Ed to break the floor. Then, keep on going until you get to the arrow.

Third Round
Go up the Spider Web. Then, go to the right and go up. Walk across the green platform. You will get to a silver line going up to the right. Go up a couple steps, then press down and then A. Then go right, and then down to get the helmet. Then go back up to the green platform, go up to the left. Keep going left and you will see a slingshot. The rest of this round is pretty easy. You will eventually reach the arrow at the top right hand corner.

Fourth Round
Get Eddy to go all the way down, and on top of a stump, you will see the slingshot. Get it. Now get Edd to go to the right and jump over the gap. Now get Edd to stand at where the blue coins are. Press down and then A to fall onto a platform. Go right and jump on the moving platform. Jump to the platform on the right. You will see some birds. Try to shoot them. If you can't, get their attention and then run away to the left. Then, you just keep going till you reach a really long spider web leading up. Go up halfway, then jump to the right on a platform. Shoot all the birds,and then go to the right and jump off. You ought to land on a platform with a checkpoint on it. The rest is very simple, and you will eventually reach the arrow at the bottom.

Now you will have to return Nazz's black book. You kinda have to use your brain on this. First you climb up, then you jump to the right, then you jump up and climb down the spider web very quickly. Then, jump to the right and keep on walking into the wall and Nazz will jump down. Now you will go to the construction site and Johnny will be looking for Plank. Now you have to find Plank.

  Ed, Edd n Eddy: Jawbreakers

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