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II. Story
III. Controls
IV. Cheats
V. Kongo Jungle 1, 2, 3, 4
VI. Monkey Mine1, 2, 3, 4
VII. Vine Valley 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
VIII. Gorilla Glacier 1, 2, 3, 4
IX. Kremkroc Industries Inc. 1, 2, 3, 4
X. Chimp Caverns 1, 2, 3, 4
XI. Gang-plank Galleon
XII. Version History
XIII. Credits

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Donkey Kong Country GBA FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Mark "Shark463"


VII. Vine Valley

LEVEL: Temple Tempest

Animals - None
Enemies - Gnawty, Klap-Trap, Zinger
Bonus Levels - One
Animal Tokens - Rambi

- K -

Jump on a Gnawty, and launch yourself to the top of the Entrence, just like you did in Millstone Mayhem to get the Rambi Token. Jump on the Gnawtys, and jump onto the rope. Climb to the bottom to catch the K

- O -

Run to the right hit the Gnawty with the DK barrel. Run as the millstone chases you. Jump over the gap and jump up the slope and the millstone wont be able to chase you any more. Jump onto the swinging rope, and jump onto the next platform. Another millstone will chase you. Jump over the three Gnawtys and onto the swining rope and quickly jump up the slope to make it stuck. There is another millstone that will chase you right ahead. Jump over the three Gnawtys, onto the swinging rope. You should get the O as you are jumping onto the next rope.

- N -

Swing on the rope then jump off quickly, jump over the Gnawtys and jump on the rope and climb up and it will be stuck. Smash into the checkpoint barrel too. Jump down and use the DK barrel to get one of the three jumping Kritters. At the top there is a millstone. Jump on the rope and run fast. Climb at the top of the rope and let the millstone pass you. Jump over the two pits with Zingers in them. You will reach three ropes. The second one has a banana arrow pointing down. climb below the rope and enter the bonus level. There is one Klap-Trap, and every time you jump on him it will spit out one banana bunch, and it will get faster every time you hit it. Anyway, once you leave the bonus level, Jump down onto the weak area of the ground which will reveal the N.

- G -

There are two sets of three jumping Kritters. Jump over them and continue until you reach a wheel in the middle of the air. Jump on it and go to the other side and continue on. There is another millstone, except there is a tire behind it, and a platform above it. Get a head start. Run fast, through the gaps and the tire jumps, until you reach the red arrow sign. There is a millstone in the gap. Jump over it and run. Jump over the jumping Kritters. When you get to the ropes, he will drop. When the rope gets to the end, drop down below it to get in an automatic barrel which will shoot you back up into the G. Now jump off the rope and Exit.

BOSS: Bumble B Rumble

Hits Needed: 5

This is an annoying boss. When you hit her, it turns red, then comes back with a Zinger shield. You have to kill all the Zingers before you can damage her again.

First Phase: Five Zingers, All around her.
Second Phase: Five zingers, two in front of her, two behind her, one below her
Third Phase: Five Zingers, Three around her, Two outside the first bee circle
Fourth Phase: Five Zingers, All right in front of her in a straight line

After the fourth phase, just hit her one more time and she will be dead.

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