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II. Story
III. Controls
IV. Cheats
V. Kongo Jungle 1, 2, 3, 4
VI. Monkey Mine1, 2, 3, 4
VII. Vine Valley 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
VIII. Gorilla Glacier 1, 2, 3, 4
IX. Kremkroc Industries Inc. 1, 2, 3, 4
X. Chimp Caverns 1, 2, 3, 4
XI. Gang-plank Galleon
XII. Version History
XIII. Credits

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Donkey Kong Country GBA FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Mark "Shark463"


IX. Kremkroc Industries Inc.

LEVEL: Mine Cart Madness

Animals - None
Enemies - Gnawty, Krash, Zinger, Necky
Bonus Levels - Three
Animal Tokens - Enguarde, Rambi, Choice

- K -

Run right, and jump over the three Gnawtys. Jump into the mine cart. Jump over the Neckys. In an area where you have to jump over two Neckys, the K is in the middle.

- O -

Right after getting the K, and when the slope starts to go down, jump up and land on the rope. Climb up and jump into the cart. When there are a gap between the bananas jump and you will enter a bonus level. Once you leave you will drop into another mine cart. jump over the Necky, then jump into the next two Neckys to get the O.

- N -

Jump into the new mine cart, then jump over the Zinger, then you will have to jump over three gaps. Go up and smash into the checkpoint barrel, then go down and jump over the Neckys. Now there are a few more gaps, but on the third gap is the N. As soon as you get the N, jump into the new mine cart

- G -

Jump onto the wheel when you see it and you will enter a bonus level. You have to match three animal tokens to win that token. You will land on a tire. Jump into the mine cart. Jump in the middle of the Zingers, then jump onto the tire where a Zinger and the G is. Get the G then jump into the new mine cart. Jump onto two tires with a Zinger in the middle of them. Once the Zinger gets low, jump over and onto the next tire. then jump into the mine cart. Then jump onto another tire, then jump over three bees on the tracks. Folow the banana trail to the last mine cart. There is a bonus thing under the tracks. Jump off to the right just over half-way down the slope to land on the platform. Turn left and jump over the track, landing on the first bouncy tire. Bounce up to the next bouncy tire on the left, then the third. From the third tire, bounce up into the cannon barrel above to be shot up to a bonus level. In the bonus level, bounce on the moving tire to collect bananas. After exiting, go through the exit.

BOSS: Boss Dumb Drum

Hits Needed: 6

You know those barrels that spawn enemys, that have the poison sign on them? This is a huge version of it. He will throw out different enemys depending on how many times you have hit him. Use Diddy Kong as first, so that if you lose him, you still have Donkey to take out the tougher enemys. Here are the enemys it spits out. Pick up the TNT barrels to damage him.

One Hit: Two Kritters
Two Hits: Two Slippas
Three Hits: Two Klap-Traps
Four Hits: Two Klumps
Five Hits: Two Armys

After the Sixth time you hit him, he will explode. Five down, One to go!

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