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V. Kongo Jungle 1, 2, 3, 4
VI. Monkey Mine1, 2, 3, 4
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VIII. Gorilla Glacier 1, 2, 3, 4
IX. Kremkroc Industries Inc. 1, 2, 3, 4
X. Chimp Caverns 1, 2, 3, 4
XI. Gang-plank Galleon
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Donkey Kong Country GBA FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Mark "Shark463"


IX. Kremkroc Industries Inc.

LEVEL: Oil Drum Alley

Animals - Rambi
Enemies - Gnawty, Manky Kong, Kritter
Bonus Levels - Four
Animal Tokens - Winky

- K -

Jump up and kill the Gnawty, then jump onto the rope. Land on the silver square to reveal a TNT barrel. Break the first oil barrel in the ground to reveal a hole. drop in to get into a bonus level. Go in the very middle, and you will get one extra life. After leaving you need to kill the two Kritters. Get the DK barrel if you need it. Go down the slope and jump over the gap to collect the K

- O -

Use the tire to jump over the oil barrel. Run on top of the stairs, Jump from the top to land next to the tire to reveal the TNT barrel. Walk to the left and go into the bonus level. Okay, you need to do this right to get 101%. In this bonus game you need to get three SINGLE BANANAS. You will win a barrel. Do a small jump holding the barrels, to enter another bonus level. You have to spell out three words. If you get one word, you get one life, two words, three lifes, three words, six lives Continuing on, you will land on a tire. Use the tires to jump over the oil barrels. Then jump down, be careful not to land on any oil barrels though. A DK barrel should be revealed. Use it to kill the Kritter, then jump into the automatic barrel. A tire should be revealed. Push it right, avoiding the Kritters. Keep pushing it right until you see the O. Use the tire to get the O.

- N -

Smash into the checkpoint barrel. Run right until you see a gap. Drop down and land on Rambi. Jump up and get the Manky Kong. Jump over the gap and over the oil barrel. Get the Kritters, and the Manky Kong, and when you get to that oil barrel in the middle of the air, drop down and run into the right wall to reveal a bonus level. Shoot through the barrels, and get the N.

- G -

Wait until the flame on the oil barrel goes down. then jump on it and continue on, Do the same on the next one. If you need a DK barrel here is your chance to get one. Wait until the flame goes down, then jump onto the two oil barrels and kill the two Kritters. Walk on and jump on the oil barrel when the flame goes down and continue on. Go up the stairs and get the Manky Kong. Jump onto the two barrels and land on the tire. Do the same the next two times. When you get back on land, wait for the last oil barrel to quit flaming, then jump down onto the shadow to reveal the G. Walk right to exit.

LEVEL: Trick Track Trek

Animals - None
Enemies - Gnawty, Krusha, Klump, Klap-Trap, Kritter Necky, Mini-Necky, Manky Kong
Bonus Levels - Three
Animal Tokens - Winky

- K -

Run to the right and watch out for the Necky throwing rocks. Land on the pad, and ride it. Jump on the Necky and get the DK barrel if needed. After making afew turns, there will be the K with a necky throwing rocks on it. Hit it after it throws the second rock.

- O -

Jump onto the Neckys and continue riding. You will go down and jmup onto another Necky. Continue riding and ducking and jumping on the Neckys. Right after you approach a Mini-Necky and kill it, there are three Neckys flying, hit these and keep holding right and hopefully you will hit the O.

- N -

Watch out for the two Mini-Neckys spitting rocks, when you are going up. Jump on them while you are going down. At the end, when it stops, do a roll-jump into the bonus barrel. When you land, kill the Gnawty and hit the continue barrel. Land on the pad too. Watch out for the Gnawtys coming from the top of the screen and landing on the pad. After you pass the Zinger, before you go down, jump onto the high pad with the two Gnawtys on it, and jump into the bonus barrel. After landing on the pad again after the bonus barrel, watch out for the Gnawtys. After passing the area where you jumped to enter the bonus barrel, a Kritter and a Krusha will land on your pad. Jump on both of them. After a Klump lands on your pad, the N will be visible, its under a necky throwing rocks. Jump at the N after it throws the first rock.

- G -

Run to the right so the Klap-Trap will land behind you. The G is surrounded by a Zinger. Jump at it when it is out of the way. Watch out for the Manky Kong throwing barrels. Jump over the Zinger, then stay to the left for the Krusha to avoid you. When you reach the end, kill the Manky Kong with a cartwheel/roll, whichever you have. then drop down, there is a Winky token and a bonus barrel. Get the token if you want, then enter the bonus barrel. You will land right next to the exit.

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