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I. Copyright
II. Story
III. Controls
IV. Cheats
V. Kongo Jungle 1, 2, 3, 4
VI. Monkey Mine1, 2, 3, 4
VII. Vine Valley 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
VIII. Gorilla Glacier 1, 2, 3, 4
IX. Kremkroc Industries Inc. 1, 2, 3, 4
X. Chimp Caverns 1, 2, 3, 4
XI. Gang-plank Galleon
XII. Version History
XIII. Credits

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Donkey Kong Country GBA FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Mark "Shark463"


V. Kongo Jungle

Funky's Fishing

GOAL: 20 Red Fish

This is pretty easy, but you can not catch anything but red fish or you will lose time! Time is critical on these levels. If you don't catch anything but red fish, you should easily get 25-30. You get one extra life and a Snapshot. If you do this more then once, you get one extra life and some bananas.

LEVEL: Barrel Cannon Canyon

Animals - None
Enemies - Kritter, Zinger
Bonus Levels - Two
Tokens - Enguarde, Rambi, Winky

- K -

Jump on the two Kritters, then jump in the barrel, and go up and land on the weak spot, revealing the K.

- O -

Go back to the start, then jump onto the cave you started in. Then jump into the automatic barrel that is up there. You will land on a tree with another barrel right above you. Jump in. Eventually you will land. Run to the right, jump over the jumping kritters in the pit. Then get in the barrels. youll have to time it good to make it. In the diagonal barrel you will be in the path of the O. Hit it

- N -

When you get to the last barrel, the one next to the wall, do not hit the barrel, go straight in and you will go into a bonus area. You will end up with a lot of vertical moving barrels, you have to shoot yourself through the barrels. You will get about 12 banana's, a DK barrel, and an extra life. When you get out of the bonus area you will end up right next to the checkpoint barrel. Smash it! Keep heading right, killing the Kritters along the way. When you reach a TNT barrel, go back to the left, between the first hump and the platform u dropped down from. throw it on the right side, it should open up a bonus area. You have 3 areas to shoot up from. An Enguarde token is on the left, an extra life in the middle, and a banana on the right. Head right until you reach a stationary barrel between two jumping Kritters. Jump into the barrel, into the automatic barrel, which will reveal the N.

- G -

Jump over the two Kritters and jump into the Automatic barrel. Most of these are two moving barrels and a Zinger in the middle. Timing is needed in this. After getting through, there are a few jumping Kritters. Keep going right until you get to the Exit cave, with a jumping Kritter guarding it. Don't go in just yet. Jump on top of the cave, then jump onto the first tree. You should see the G. Jump there and get the G. Now, you can go into the exit cave.

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Donkey Kong Country cheats

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