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I. Copyright
II. Story
III. Controls
IV. Cheats
V. Kongo Jungle 1, 2, 3, 4
VI. Monkey Mine1, 2, 3, 4
VII. Vine Valley 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
VIII. Gorilla Glacier 1, 2, 3, 4
IX. Kremkroc Industries Inc. 1, 2, 3, 4
X. Chimp Caverns 1, 2, 3, 4
XI. Gang-plank Galleon
XII. Version History
XIII. Credits

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Donkey Kong Country GBA FAQ/Walkthrough.

By Mark "Shark463"


VII. Vine Valley

LEVEL: Croctopus Chase

Animals - Enguarde
Enemies - Chomps, Chomps Jr, Squidge, Croctopus
Bonus Levels - None
Animal Tokens - Winky, Enguarde

- K -

Swim to the right, then follow the bananas up, and you will encunter your first Croctopus. Keep swimming right and he will stop soon after. Get the DK barrel if needed. Swim up fast before the Croctopus gets you, then swim down and the Croctopus will stop. Swim to the right and another Croctopus will chase you. Quickly swim up and get the K.

- O -

Continue swimming up and go left the first chance you get. Croctopus will go to the right. Swim left, there is a DK barrel at the top if you need it. Swim left htere is a Croctopus. Swim up, then right, then up, then left. Swim at the very top and the Croctopus will pass you. Keep swimming into the automatic barrel. after you get done, swim right through the wall, then follow that and the O will be to the left.

- N -

Go back into the second automatic barrel, and continue on. There will be another Croctopus. youll have to swim a long way to get rid of this one. Just keep going up, and go right after going right, left, right, left, The croc will stop up there. Now smash into the continue barrel. There is another Croc right above the continue barrel. Swim up and get the DK barrel if you need it, since he will stop right below the DK barrel. There will be another Croctopus as you are heading up. But swim to the left. You will enter a secret room, with four banana bunches, and an Enguarde token. Head back up, and then swim to the right, watching out for the Chompy. Go down to the right another will chase you. But when you go up, let him pass you, then swim behind him and get the Winky token in the process. Once he swims to the top, go to the right and into the auto barrel. Swim to the left, watching out for the Chompys. Pass the croctopus and swim southwest, and he will stop. Watch out for the Chompys, but if you do get hit by one theres a DK barrel conviently placed ahead. You'll pass a Croctopus, so quickly swim up, and right, then up and the Croctopus will stop. The N is only a short swim up.

- G -

Swim up, then right, then left, and another Croctopus will chase you. Once you get to the top left, swim to the left to enter an area with Enguarde. Go back and swim to the right. A croctopus will be straight ahead. But since you got Enguarde, it will be much easier to get away. as soon as the first one stops, another will be chasing you. then once you turn right, go through the fish, grab the G and exit!

Candy's Dance Studio


* = Rock, don't do anything here
< = Left, hit the Left button
^ = Up, hit the Up button
> = Right, hit the Right button
v = Down, hit the down button
B = B, hit the B button
A = A, hit the A button
L = L, hit the L button
R = R, hit the R button

Gorilla Glacier Dance

*, *, L, *, R, *, ^, *, ^, L, L, *, L, *, R, R, *, R, *, *, <, *, >, *, ^, *, ^, ^, *, B, *, *, v, *, *, v, *, B, *, *, *, ^, *, ^, *, ^, *, >, *, <, *, ^, *, *, R, *, L, L, *, ^, *, *, A, *, *, *, A, *, *, ^, <, *, >, *, ^, ^, ^, *, *, ^, B, ^, *, *, R, *, L, L, *, *, *, ^, ^, ^, *, L, L, *, B, *, *, B, L, *, *, ^, <, *, >, *, ^, ^, ^, *, *, ^, L, L, *, ^, *, >, *, <, *, B

First time you beat it you get three lives and a snapshot, and you get three lives for every time after.

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