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V. Enemies
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VII. Walkthrough
  1. Campaign One - Air Superiority
  2. Campaign Two - Scud Busters
  3. Campaign Three - Embassy City
  4. Campaign Four - Nuclear Storm
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Desert Strike Advance FAQ/Walkthrough.

Created by: Halo 54

VII. Walkthrough

Campaign Four: Nuclear Storm

First Objective:
A team of 6 commandos hides in a bunker by the dunes. They need you to airlift them to the oil tanks. Destroy the ZSUs to avoid scorched earth.

To begin this level, you'll need to find the six commandos that are hiding underground. To find them, you'll need to fly to the coast, and go northwest along the sand dunes until you see an open underground staircase with a commando outside. Pick him up, and then get the other 5 guys that come up from underground. Now, get to any of the oil bases. Your mission is to destroy any ZSUs that are located near the oil bases, as they are trying to blow them up. Each of the bases will have at least one ZSU, while some have two. Just go to each one, find the ZSUs, and eliminate them.

Second Objective:
Stop the flow of oil spilling into the Gulf. Hit the tip of the pipe with a direct shot to close it shut. There are three spills to take care of.

You can go to each of the oil spills in any order...just as long as you take out the defenses (varying between each spill), and then use your machine gun to take out the end of the pipe leading into the Gulf. Repeat two more times on the two remaining pipes.

Third Objective:
Innocent civilians are being held in underground bomb shelters. Blast the shelters and defeat the enemy while rescuing at least 15 civilians.

There are 4 shelters in total. In case you didn’t see the fourth one, it’s located in the southeastern corner of the map. It’s pretty much hidden down there. Moving along.......the actual destroying of the shelters is easy, but taking out the defenses can be quite difficult. The fact that the ZSUs are partially buried in the sand makes them very dangerous, as it takes one Heavy Missile just to expose them! When you destroy the enemies surrounding the shelter, start firing your machine gun at the entrance to the shelter. You will know by the gray explosion if you are hitting your target. After a little while, it will explode and four civilians will come out in the open. Pick them all up and deliver them to Landing Zones, as necessary. Repeat three more times with the rest of the shelters, but remember: you can only safely kill one civilian before you go over the limit, so be careful and keep them alive!

Fourth Objective: The madman is hiding his nuclear bomb parts in garbage trucks. And he's holding civilians hostage in decoy trucks. Do not destroy these civilian garbage trucks!

This one can be a little tricky. The first thing you have to do is find the area where the garbage trucks are located. They are in the town area that is in the southeastern corner of the map. You should be able to find it no problem. The problem with this level is, you have to make an honest effort to try not to destroy the decoy garbage trucks. The only way to tell the difference between a target and a decoy is when you can see a truck from behind. If it has bombs in it, destroy it. If it has garbage in it, leave it alone. Easy enough? Sounds it, but you will only get to actually see the back of a truck on rare occasions, since you can't make it go a certain way. Sometimes you just have to destroy it without making sure it is carrying bombs. This is risky, but it may be worth it. You can also check to see if it was a decoy or a target by hitting the "R" button while on the map screen. This will tell you how many target trucks you've destroyed. But be careful: if you realize that you've destroyed a civilian truck, make sure you check every time after that. This is because you can only safely destroy one civilian truck without having to end the mission, so you want to try not to. Another hard part about this mission is the area that you are in. There are a lot of hostiles lingering around, so your best bet to staying alive is to mop up all their defenses first and foremost. Then you can get to the garbage trucks.

Fifth Objective:
Destroy the madman's nuke weapons plant and cooling towers. Capture his nuclear scientist before any bombs are built and shipped to the bomber plane.

The first thing you have to do in order to save yourself a lot of trouble is destroy the two radar sites. One is located south of the Nuclear Reactor, and the other is located to the northwest of it. You will be faced with roughly 7-8 Crotales (I'll have to check on that) on this mission, so your best advantage over these beasts is speed. When one fires a missile, it is easy to dodge because of its speed, but when two fire them, you have to high-tail it out of there. Just sneak around them and fire a couple Heavy Missiles at each of them, accompanied by Hydras. You may need to stock up on ammo during the middle of this mission, so find the closest spot to your current location where there is ammo. If you want to save some ammo, try stopping immediately on the opposite side of a building that you haven't destroyed yet. If there is a Crotale on the other side, it will most likely fire its missiles at the building near you, destroying it and saving you ammo.

Sixth Objective:
Destroy the power station which protects the madman's fortified presidential palace.

Take out the power station and its defenses. Has this mission gotten stale, or what?

Seventh Objective:
The madman is hiding in his presidential palace. Destroy the palace, then drop off your copilot to capture the madman. He'll lead you to the bomber.

The last tough mission of the game, this one has plenty of Crotales that definitely won't leave you begging for more, as even one of these monsters can pretty much own you. So, don't relax the dodging, since you'll need it more than ever for this part. Search all the surrounding buildings, since there is at least one that carries an extra life in the rubble. Just do your best to destroy all the Crotales. Also, you can use the same method as used in the Fifth Objective to serve as an additional source of firepower to take down the palace or other buildings. Once you destroy the palace, land on the X near the front door and watch as your copilot goes running out. If you check your status screen, you'll realize it was a trap and you'll have to complete the next mission...

Eighth Objective:
Destroy the madman's nuclear bomber plane. If it's allowed to take off, the weapons will be armed and the madman will begin World War III. Stop him now!!

This one is easy, except for the fact that you have to go through a lot of ammunition to take out the bomber. Once you reach it on the airstrip, immediately open fire and watch for the big explosion. When you see this, you'll know this is when the copilot comes out of the bomber, so be careful not to shoot him. When you pick him up, empty out your missiles like they're going out of style until you run out, in which case you can find a nearby ammo crate and use the same method. You will know when you destroy it, so when you do, return to the Frigate for the final Mission Debriefing and then watch the ending sequence.

If you've just beaten the game...then I have to congratulate you for your excellent work. Like I said earlier, this is not an easy game, and it takes time to perfect your abilities in it. Good job.

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