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V. Enemies
VI. Pickups/Special Items
VII. Walkthrough
  1. Campaign One - Air Superiority
  2. Campaign Two - Scud Busters
  3. Campaign Three - Embassy City
  4. Campaign Four - Nuclear Storm
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Desert Strike Advance FAQ/Walkthrough.

Created by: Halo 54

VII. Walkthrough

Campaign Three: Embassy City

First Objective:
A group of six U.N. Inspectors on a fact-finding mission are being held captive in a hotel parking lot. Rescue them before they are attacked!

Start out this mission by flying towards the hotel parking lot. You should be able to find it easily with the help of your map screen, and once you get there, there is a ZSU and an Aphid carrying a rocket launcher. Eliminate both of these pests and then begin to pick up the inspectors. You could pick up six, but the best thing to do is pick up 5 and then head on towards the next objective.

Second Objective:
The madman plans to launch ICBM’s with biological weapons. Destroy this secret plant, then capture the lead biochemist. He knows the locations of the ICBM’s.

All you have to do here is destroy the buildings, capture the biochemists that escape, and get rid of all VDAs that patrol the area. If you only picked up 5 inspectors from the hotel parking lot, then you can use the last available space in the Apache to pick up a biochemist. Then, return these guys to the nearest Landing Zone. Since you didn't get fuel right away, it should be a good time now to pick up some before you fly back to the chemist buildings and take care of the rest of them. Just look on your map screen to see the flashing buildings, and go for those in particular.

Third Objective:
Destroy the ICBM silos before they launch their missiles. They are usually located in the desert hidden under sand dunes.

Since you found the biochemists, the locations of the ICBM's are now on the map screen, and all you have to do now is find them and destroy them. The only thing that holds you back is the fact that they are hidden, and might take a few minutes to find them in the sand dunes. Just keep searching with the machine gun until the explosion is gray, and then destroy the missile silo itself. It takes about 2 Heavy Missiles to do the job. After the first one, head down the beach and find the rest of the missile silos, using the same techniques to destroy them.

Fourth Objective:
Search and rescue at least two pilots who have been shot down over the Gulf.

This mission is pretty easy. Just locate any two of the pilots, take down the two Speedboats that are guarding the pilot's raft with Heavy Missiles and Hydras, and transport the pilots to safety.

Fifth Objective:
Destroy the power station to shut down the ambassador’s camp and the power grid that surrounds the embassy.

Even easier than the previous mission, all you have to do is locate the power station, eliminate three surrounding Rapiers, and destroy the power station itself.

Sixth objective:
The madman is known to be hiding on his yacht. But beware: he is holding 12 hostages as human shields. Rescue these hostages.

Find the yacht, and fly to it. When you get there, you will be greeted by a Speedboat and a Chopper who are firing at you. Return the favor by destroying them, and then go to work on the yacht. Once you blow a hole in the side and hostages start jumping out, the madman will escape. There will also be a couple Speedboats that attack from both sides, so be careful. Pick up at least 4 people now, and then return them to a Landing Zone. Return to the yacht and pick up the remaining amount needed to complete the mission (at least 10) and return them to an LZ.

Seventh Objective:
Capture the enemy ambassador hiding in his camp. He will give you access to the embassy security system. Then destroy all four command centers.

Find the camp and destroy the ZSU and the M48. Once you do this, you'll have the place to yourself. The command center that is to the northeast contains an M48, so be careful of it and remember to take it out during it's long reload. The southeastern command center contains the enemy ambassador, so be extra careful to not kill him. To complete this mission, destroy the other two command centers, and head towards the next objective.

Eighth Objective:
Rescue the 12 embassy officials held captive by enemy terrorists. Escort them by bus to the Navy SEALs camp in the south-east corner.

This mission is, by far, the hardest one yet. It is more frustrating than difficult because you have to constantly "babysit" the bus full of embassy officials to safety. Make sure you know where the fuel is located around you, and search the nearby buildings for more, because you will need it. To rescue the people, you'll have to destroy the Choppers that surround the area until the X appears next to the building, on the opposite side of the school bus. Land on this X, and your copilot will take the people from the building and load them onto the bus. Once you're ready to start escorting the bus, Destroy the wall in front of it. From now on, stay with the bus at all times (except when you have to get fuel, ammo, etc.) and destroy any nearby enemies. They will shoot at you...not the you only have to worry about evading and destroying the enemy, rather than trying to protect the bus itself. Just make sure if you're low on armor that you don't fly directly over the bus while being attacked, because if you get shot down, your helicopter will crash right into the bus, causing it to blow up. At certain points, you will need to blow up certain things that impede the bus's progress; this includes enemies, road blocks, vans, and security gates. Once you reach the final destination (the Navy SEALs camp, you have completed the last objective, so now you are free to fly back to the Frigate for yet another Mission Debriefing.

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