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I. Overview/General Information
II. Recent Updates
III. Controls
IV. Gametips

V. Enemies
VI. Pickups/Special Items
VII. Walkthrough
  1. Campaign One - Air Superiority
  2. Campaign Two - Scud Busters
  3. Campaign Three - Embassy City
  4. Campaign Four - Nuclear Storm
VIII. Passwords/Cheats
IX. Frequently Asked Questions
X. Credits

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Desert Strike Advance FAQ/Walkthrough.

Created by: Halo 54

VII. Walkthrough

Campaign Two: Scud Busters

First Objective:
These enemy radars cover the towns and jails in this sector. Enemy defenses are strong with active radars.

Just like in the first campaign, you have to take out enemy radar sites.There are three this time, so let’s start out with the one that is farthest east. There will be two AAAs here, so destroy them, and then go for the radar. Next, go to the second radar site and watch out for the Rapier and the AAA here. You know what to do. One more radar site, and it is carefully guarded by two Rapiers. Good luck on this one.

Second Objective:
Three towns are under siege from enemy forces! Destroy the enemy. Then rescue at least 10 political prisoners from the jails and fly them to a landing zone.

The choice is yours as to which town to go to first, but whatever you pick, the same thing goes for each one. First, scout the town for any Rapiers and/or AAAs. Destroy those, and then find the jail and kill any ground troops while blowing a hole in the jail side. Once it’s blown, rescue any of the survivors and transport them to a safe Landing Zone. Now, repeat the same method for the other two jails. Not too hard yet, is it?

Third Objective:
Destroy the power station to stop chemical weapons production and to force the enemy to aim his weapons manually.

This one is simple. Find the power station, take out the infantry defenses, and blow the station up. Easy enough.

Fourth Objective:
The madman plans to arm his scuds with chemical weapons. Destroy this plant to prevent the use of chemical weapons.

Located in the far southeast corner, this chemical plant needs to be destroyed. Start with the usual sweeping up of any air defenses, and then go for the main chemical plant, and after this, destroy all the other chemical storage vats.

Fifth Objective:
Destroy the madman’s scud launchers hidden in this sector! To find the scuds, capture the scud commanders from their barracks.

You’ll need to find all the scud commanders if you want to find the scud launchers, and to do this, you’ll need to use your map. There are six commanders in total, and finding them along with all the scud launchers may take a bit of time (remember: time means fuel!). Just try to do this as quickly as possible, by destroying each of the commanders’ barracks, and capturing them. After you find each of them, a new dot will appear on the map. This dot refers to a scud launcher, which you’ll need to destroy. To take down a scud launcher without it firing it’s missile, you’ll need to be quick when you find it and blow it up. Hopefully, you can get it before it launches.

Sixth Objective:
Rescue 14 POW’s from the enemy prisoner of war camp. The M2 Bradley transport will accept the POW’s at the nearby landing zone.

This one can be a little tricky, but nonetheless manageable. You'll have to take down all the enemy defenses that surround the camp, and once this is completed, start blowing holes in the POW barracks. Be careful, after you destroy a barrack and you start to pick up the POWs, you will be attacked by a ZSU. Destroy it, and just remember this encounter after each time you destroy another housing. Once you get a full load, transport them to the nearest Landing Zone, and repeat this until you get at least 14 troops. After completing this task, return to the Frigate for another Mission Debriefing. s

  Desert Strike Advance

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