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II. Recent Updates
III. Controls
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V. Enemies
VI. Pickups/Special Items
VII. Walkthrough
  1. Campaign One - Air Superiority
  2. Campaign Two - Scud Busters
  3. Campaign Three - Embassy City
  4. Campaign Four - Nuclear Storm
VIII. Passwords/Cheats
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Desert Strike Advance FAQ/Walkthrough.

Created by: Halo 54

VII. Walkthrough

In this section, I’ll try to give an in-depth description of everything that is needed to succeed in each level. Although I may tell you what to do, it is up to you to actually execute each step. Be warned: this is not an easy game. Even when you know what to do, it is still quite hard to get it done. Just keep an open mind to any suggestions or tips that I give, and remember that you basically have to be lucky if you want to complete all the objectives. Furthermore, I’ll assume that after the first campaign, you’ll be familiar with all the basics and you’ll pretty much know what to do without me going into as much detail.

I’m not completely finished with this walkthrough as of right now, but I am updating it constantly.

Campaign One: Air Superiority

First Objective:
Destroy the early warning radar sites. When radar is active, the enemy weapons have increased range.

To begin, fly to the northeast. If you press the Start button, you’ll be able to see your position on the map. Look for the radar site, and fly towards it. When you get close to the radar dish, you will see a chain-linked fence. Surrounding the radar are two AAAs. Shoot two Hydras at each one to take them out, and then use your machine gun to destroy the radar. Locate the other radar dish, and repeat the same method to destroy the AAAs and the radar itself. If you're having trouble, just practice fighting an AAA and firing two quick Hydra Missiles as soon as you see it and are faced in its general direction. This will improve your ability to strike an enemy quickly and effectively.

Second Objective:
Destroy the power station to cut off the enemy command center and airfields. The enemy will be forces to aim his weapons manually.

Once you’ve destroyed both radar sites, head towards the power station. To the east and west of the power station are two AAAs, and to the southwest of it, there is a SAM launcher called a Rapier. To destroy a Rapier quickly and easily, fire one Heavy Missile at it. Now, you are free to take out the power station. Use whatever it takes to destroy it, and you’ll find a nice Armor Repair kit in the rubble after the building is blown up.

Third Objective:
Destroy all planes and buildings at the airfields to maintain air superiority for later missions.

Since there are two airfields, it is up to you to decide which one to go to first. I, myself, go to the one that is to the west. When you reach the airfield, circle around it, destroying all AAAs and Rapiers. The planes and buildings come last. After all the air defenses are taken out, start destroying the planes with your machine guns. After you destroy a certain amount of planes/buildings, a VDA jeep will ambush you from the south. Make sure you are aware of its presence, and fire a Heavy Missile at it. Once you’re done with this airfield, proceed to the second one and use the same strategies there.

Fourth Objective:
Destroy the enemy command and control centers. You must capture the commander to find out where the secret agent is being held.

Locate either of the two command centers and fly towards it. When you approach the center, you should be able to see guard towers along the perimeter. Make sure you take this out with two Hydras each, and then close in on the center, destroying and other enemies in your way. Now, since you’re all alone, you’re free to destroy this building however you want. Once it’s destroyed, grab the commander as he tries to run away. After this, you’ll have to go to the second command center to retrieve the other commander.

Fifth Objective:
Find and rescue the secret agent. He has the madman’s secret plans and maps.

When you find either of the commanders, you will now know the location of the secret agent. Proceed to fly towards it and when you are in the general vicinity of the agent on your map screen, you will see three small buildings. To be safe, destroy the AAA across the street from these buildings. Go for the building in between the other two, and destroy it. Once it’s gone, it should reveal an underground staircase. Stop near this staircase and you will automatically land and your copilot will run out of the helicopter. Now, you will have to use your map to locate all the MIA’s. If they are in danger, try to protect them and bring them to a Landing Zone. Finally, go back to the secret agent’s underground staircase, destroy the enemies outside, and pick up the copilot and secret agent (they should be waiting outside). Fly the agent to a Landing Zone, and then go back to the Frigate for Mission Debriefing. Good job completing Campaign One.

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