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I. Overview/General Information
II. Recent Updates
III. Controls
IV. Gametips

V. Enemies
VI. Pickups/Special Items
VII. Walkthrough
  1. Campaign One - Air Superiority
  2. Campaign Two - Scud Busters
  3. Campaign Three - Embassy City
  4. Campaign Four - Nuclear Storm
VIII. Passwords/Cheats
IX. Frequently Asked Questions
X. Credits

XI. Legal Info
XII. Contact Info

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Desert Strike Advance FAQ/Walkthrough.

Created by: Halo 54

VI. Pickups/Special Items

Here is where I’ll list each available pickup in the game. There are five of them altogether:

Fuel Drums:
Found in many parts of each campaign, the fuel drums are a much-needed item. You will often find yourself rushing to the nearest ones because you are low on fuel. Even though you may think otherwise, it is best to use your fuel ONLY when necessary. This means you should not pick up fuel cans unless you have around 30% or less. So, try to get the most out of your fuel supply by moving quickly and picking up fuel less often. The more efficient you are, the better off.

Ammo Crate:
Ammunition is something that you’ll burn through very quickly, and you’ll want to replace is as soon as possible. So, you have ammo crates to supply you with 1197 machine gun rounds, 38 Hydra Missiles, and 8 Heavy Missiles. Since you can’t carry more than this, whatever isn’t used to refill is wasted, so don’t pick these crates up unless you need them.

Armor Repair:
These armor kits are pretty rare, so take advantage of them if you find it. Just make sure you don’t use it if you have 400 or more of your armor left, because it would just be a waste.

Extra Lives:
Extremely rare, these crates are not found in many places, but are definitely worth it when you get one. Like the name says, it gives you an extra life. Pretty self-explanatory.

Quick Ladders:
These are also hard to come by (usually located in certain buildings), but are a pretty good item to have. The ladder drops down and comes back up much more quickly, therefore you spend less time and when it comes down to it, you are wasting less fuel.

MIA’s, POW’s, etc:
Any time you see a person who is not shooting at you, chances are that it’s someone you can pick up. This includes MIA’s, POW’s, enemy leaders, scientists, and other enemies that you may find. Dropping these guys off at Landing Zones will award you with 100 points of armor.

  Desert Strike Advance

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