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I. Overview/General Information
II. Recent Updates
III. Controls
IV. Gametips

V. Enemies
VI. Pickups/Special Items
VII. Walkthrough
  1. Campaign One - Air Superiority
  2. Campaign Two - Scud Busters
  3. Campaign Three - Embassy City
  4. Campaign Four - Nuclear Storm
VIII. Passwords/Cheats
IX. Frequently Asked Questions
X. Credits

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Desert Strike Advance FAQ/Walkthrough.

Created by: Halo 54

IV. Gametips

After playing this game for a few weeks now, I’ve gathered a number of tips to use while playing this game. They aren’t in any specific order, as I listed them as I thought of them.

- When you return an MIA, POW, or an enemyy captive to a base, you will receive roughly 100 points of armor in return. Use this feature wisely, which means: don’t return them to the base if you have full armor unless you need to have the Apache empty. Otherwise, keep it full until you are low on armor.

- Use the map screen as much as possible. It is the best way to find out the most information about your surroundings, and if there are certain buildings that you want to find, use this screen to locate it.

- If you are being fired at from an unknowwn enemy, flee the area, but come back and flank the enemy that was firing at you. This way, you’ll have the upper hand.

- When you are trying to destroy specific buildings (power stations, radar dishes, airfields, etc.), make sure you scout the surrounding area for any hostiles, and destroy them, if any. Now, you should be able to complete your task without the interference of enemies.

- Only use Heavy Missiles when absolutely necessary (ZSU’s, Crotales, and other heavily armored vehicles). So, unless you are cautious about wasting fuel and don’t want to spend too much time firing at a certain building to destroy it, just stick to the guns and Hydras.

- If you are in a small town or other placce with lots of small buildings, destroy a lot of them to find fuel canisters, armor repair, ammo replacements, one-ups, and/or quick ladders. You will definitely benefit from this, especially if you are in need of any of the above.

- Only pick up fuel drums when you are at approximately 30% or lower. This way, you will waste less fuel and overall, make completing the missions easier, since you won’t really have to worry about not having any more fuel left.

- Just like the fuel, only pick up ammo crrates or armor repair kits when absolutely necessary. Example: You have 0 Heavy Missiles left, and 10 Hydras. This would be a good time to stock up on ammo. If you have less than 400 points of armor and you don’t have any MIA’s or POWs to transport (doing this will give you bonus armor points), then this is a good time to pick up an armor repair. You be the judge of when to use such pickups, but make the right decision as the fate of your mission may depend on it.

- For some reason, when you fly over the ssea, you don’t lose any fuel. Use this strange feature to your advantage if you are flying from one side of the map to the other to save a large quantity of fuel.

- Firing Hydras rapidly can be more effecttive than a couple Heavy Missiles, and also more efficient.

- Although the machine gun may appear to bbe hitting an object, make sure you look for the gray explosion and listen for the loud impact noise to be certain you are on target. Misses appear as yellow explosions and make only small gunfire noises. --[taken from instruction manual]-

- Your weapons inflict the following damagge:

Machine Gun- 3 points
Hydra Missiles- 25 points
Heavy Missiles- 100 points

Use the list above, along with the enemy charts in the next section, to figure out how many shots each enemy will take to destroy it. This way, when you encounter a certain enemy, you'll know what to hit them with and how many times to hit them.

- If you feel that it is better to be safe than dead, destroy any enemies when you are trying to complete an objective. Doing this will keep you from being shot at by an unknown enemy that is most likely off-screen, and therefore saving you from taking unneeded damage.

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